Cricket Craze In Different Country

Whether its 5-day test match, One day or T-20 league cricket has always been a well-known sport around the world. People go crazy cheering their country and always want their country to win and be the champion in each format.

This is not the end, Nowadays another craze of betting on cricket has begun. You can make handsome amount of money just by spending sometime on cricket betting, all you have to do is just guess which side will win? , Or you can play on your favorite team or player and also you can change your mind looking at the team members, opposition, team strategy or the toss.

Whenever some headlines with regards to cricket pops up in a news channel you might also find headlines about betting on cricket. Each person will have different approach before they bet. It’s easy to say how to bet but twist is who to bet on? There are various segments like match winner, runs per session, batsmen scoring, runs in an over and so on. Important is you should have the knowledge about the team or player you are betting on. Sometimes a toss, weather conditions and pitch also plays an important role in any game of cricket.


In one day format teams get time to build strategy and work on it, but in T-20 the only strategy works is hit boundaries as soon the game begins till the end to set the challenging total. IPL has changed the era of betting, a six on a ball, a wicket or 2-3 fours changes the prediction of a person. One should look at all the possibilities before predicting the winner. It is tough to predict cricket betting coupons – who to bet on but the only thing helps is experience, and experience comes from knowledge. So get the knowledge about the team, players and all other possible. Then only an individual gets ready to take risk and get involved in the cobweb of betting on cricket.


cricket craze

Only knowledge may not be sufficient one should get practical experience or awareness about betting on cricket. Looking at the stats, past performance, playing XI, pitch characteristics and team rankings helps the person to take the decision of match winner. One should have different approach for each format of cricket. Some cricket teams perform well in test format and some perform better in one day or T-20. Betting becomes more excited in one day and T-20 format of cricket, it gains more excitement when one inning got over with a good total and opposition has to chase the same performing better than the other team. Sometimes team batting first gets all out without setting up a meaningful target because of good performance by the opposition bowlers which leads to ups and downs in the betting market, some people change their mind and some still hopes that their team will perform better than the opposition and win the match. Power-play in one day and T-20 matches also plays an important role in each game, it doesn’t allow more than 2-3 fielders to be outside 30 yard circle which helps batsmen to score boundaries easily. Performance in power-play overs helps the person to increase or decrease the betting amount.