Some not so true sports betting facts



Some not so true sports betting facts

The craze for sports betting is increasing with time. Sports are not only a pleasurable spectacle but it has the potential to make you rich through sports betting. Sports betting give you the adrenaline rush that you had been longing for.

In the below article we will make you familiar with some of the existing sport’s myths:

No-one can win in the long term

This is a very common myth and is prevalent in all countries. There is this popular myth that bettors end up losing more money than they win. However, this is not true always and there had been reported instances where it was seen that the people ended up gaining more money than they lost.

Matches fixed by Bookie

This is a typical myth that is believed by many bettors. But the bookies do not have to fix any matches they can win a high amount even otherwise and they are dead against fixed matches.

A large bankroll increases your winning potential

this statement is a myth again. Making a profit with huge payroll can get difficult and staking a huge amount of money increases your risk. The right strategy is most important when it comes to winning a higher amount and does not depend on the bankroll that you possess.

Bookies know better than us

It is a common belief that bookies can forecast the future and even may have inside information that common people may not know of. However, this is a myth. Bookies are humans like us and can make mistakes like common people. Hence it may not be prudent to blindly rely on the judgement by bookies. Instead, you can rely on your lady luck, your game strategies and your game play.

Popular bets rarely win

This is an interesting myth which is spread as gossip by some cunning people to increase their revenues. Instead of popular bets, it is judicious to focus on patterns and choose the right game.


sports betting facts

You can never win on high-odds betting

This statement is a myth. The truth is that earning profits on high-odds is as difficult as in low-odds betting, however, through the right strategies it is possible to win on high-odds betting.

Online bookmakers can ban or limit you if you win

The bookies love the losers are hate the winners. It is believed that if you start winning constantly then the bookies set defined limits for you and can even ban the bettor with some lame excuses. This is a myth again. The reality is that the bookmakers cannot ban you but they can keep tabs on you. They can perform a background check on you to confirm your authenticity. If you are not cheating you need not worry at all and can win huge payout amounts.

It is easier to predict the total goals instead of the results of the match

This is a popular myth. It is believed that every bettor can lose due to a late goal. The truth is that if you are constantly betting on outsiders you have more chances of loss due to late goal.