T20 cricket betting strategy- things to consider

T20 cricket betting strategy- things to consider

T20 is the 2nd most popular format in the cricket. The format has grown in the span of the last 10 years and IPL which is a sort of T20 cricket is celebrated as a festival in our country.

When it comes to betting, due to a fast-moving game and quick display of results, it is no wonder extremely popular among bettors.
But, there are certainly a few things to consider before placing a wager at stake.

Let’s discuss each of them in-depth.

Weather conditions 

Cricket is affected most by even a little change in weather conditions. The weather has a lot of influence on any outdoor sports but when it comes to cricket, it can be a game-changer. Weather affects the toughness of pitch, which decides the ball bounce, and the influence of dew may lead to some sharp swing in the ball.

Bettors must have a deep knowledge of these kinds of conditions. Decide your bet as per your team playing after weather change or before. It may be a good idea to check the weather forecast well in advance before you decide to place your wager.

 Head or Tail for your Team 

Winning toss is very important for your team because it gives them the freedom to choose bat or ball first. This freedom can be utilized to make a great decision against weather conditions and the toughness of pitch. Everyone knows batting becomes easy on the loose pitch, so the 2nd inning can be a true advantage for the batsman.
So toss must be in favor of your team.

Home advantage 

A big deciding factor is whether your team is playing on their home ground or not. In IPL, The Indian bowlers know what pace to maintain, how much swing is important, or what is the bouncing capability of the pitch. On the other hand, the batsman has a good idea of the ball’s speed and bounce they are about to tackle. This is why even some under-19 players dominate in the IPL.

Big Batsman 

Big batsman or great hitter pushes the match to a winning end. It doesn’t matter, they can’t hold up with the game for long, but what matters is they play a few balls hitting it out of the stadium. Hitters like Chris Gayle, ABD, and Hardik Pandya can be game-changer when the team needs a good score out of few balls left. Bettors should not decide the wager before the playing 11 is announced. 

Always be speculative and do a trend analysis 

It can be a good idea to perform a trend analysis before placing the bet. Generally, as a rule of thumb, the winners continue to win. You can check the past trends for five or six months and then take your decision accordingly

Hence the above strategies can help you in T20 matches. The right strategies and some amount of good luck can help you in any kind of betting.