The Indian Premier League (IPL) has been in existence since 2008. The competition involves Twenty20 (T20) cricket teams from major cities in India. Luckily, the games’ popularity has been growing over the years and enjoys a huge following worldwide.

Indians can watch the games on television or attend the matches in their respective venues. Alternatively, there is the live stream option present in Fun88. Here, fans can watch and wager on the games in real-time using a computer or a phone. In the same degree, they get up to 60,000 rupees as the welcome token after creating a gaming account. The site again offers other promotional giveaways and cricket competitions besides the Indian Premier League. Ideally, the freebies are crucial to help in placing wagers even without real cash. Click here to check depth Fun88 casino review.

Right now, we want to loop you into everything you need to know about the Indian Premier League. In this article, you will learn how to bet, wagering tips, the best teams you can wager on, and so much more. But before we get to that part, there are other gaming brands below you can use to bet on sports or casino games. Sign up with any of them to get a welcome bonus.

IPL Betting Sites Of The Month

IPL Betting Guide – How to bet on IPL?

Jumping off, betting on IPL requires you to know the teams, the odds, and the different types of tweaks to win a bet. But first, you need to open a sportsbook account. Fun88 is a decent platform to sign up faster and start to bet. To register at the site, click on the join now or sign up button on its homepage. From there, you should enter your details in the registration form. That will include name, contact number, email, gender, and age. 

Then, you will receive a notification to verify your account. Afterward, locate your gaming cashier on the site and choose your preferred banking method. Now, deposit cash to get the welcome bonus and proceed to place your bet on the IPL. 

Betting will be bound to your analysis and knowledge on the teams. Again, it will depend on the odds and the money you want to stake. Ideally, odds represent the probability of an outcome in a match. But again, your bets will have odds-on and/or odds-against chances. Either way, the most important thing is for them to have value for money. We will discuss the odds later to help you make informed decisions in IPL betting.

How To Choose The Right IPL Betting Site?

How you bet on IPL and the site you use dictates how successful you can be. More so, choosing the right platform to bet on means you will get a bunch of benefits. Here are aspects you should check to affirm you utilize a nifty brand:


Wagering in a sportsbook with rupees makes gaming breezy. It means you don’t have to worry about converting your cash to foreign currencies. And being that the Indian law prohibits the exchange of money to other currencies, you should ensure the site you pick to wager on IPL accepts depositing and withdrawing cash in the rupee currency.

Banking options

An excellent betting site should support multiple banking channels. Currently, the most reliable methods you can transact money in and out of a gaming account are the wire bank transfer, digital wallets, and credit and debit cards. If a platform lacks these options, you should look for an alternative. That said, we will discuss each of the banking options later in this article. 


A lucrative sportsbook should offer reasonable odds to bettors. And although the odds in some matches tend to be unworthy, they should have leeway to make profits. Otherwise, never choose a site whose odds on the IPL don’t present value for money. 


The good thing about IPL betting is you can wager with bonus cash. The meaty part is you should receive a welcome bonus after signing up and depositing funds on the site you pick. In the same breath, the platform ought to offer you other giveaways from time to time. If the brand lacks freebies, you will never be able to wager risk-free. Therefore, affirm the sportsbook you intend to use gives you more than one bonus. 


You probably know the importance of following the IPL matches after betting. Well, that being crucial, the site you choose should offer you an excellent betting interface. The pages should load faster without overlapping. Still, there should be the live streaming feature to allow you to follow the matches, assuming you bet on live events. 


When you deposit cash in a gaming site, it is obvious that you expect your money will be safe. Unfortunately, not all betting platforms have nifty mechanisms to safeguard funds and gamers; credentials. As a result, chances are that funds get lost or information leaked. To be on the safe side, the site you pick should at least have SSL features and possibly the KYC (Know Your Customer) framework to prove customers’ identity before logging in.

Which Are The Top 3 Best IPL Betting Sites In Our Opinion

IPL is underway, and the matches are thrilling. As it is, you can wager on your favorite team and possibly win a handsome reward. Below are three ideal sites you can use to bet:

IPL betting sites - FUN88


The site has licenses from the Isle Man Gaming Supervision Commission and the UK Gambling Commission. It supports in-play betting and pre-match betting, and you can stream live games. The platform accepts Indian players and allows wagering with the rupee currency. The site’s gaming interface provides an exciting and action-filled betting experience in the same breath, thanks to the lucrative odds present. The welcome bonus goes up to 30,000 rupees for new gamers. Fun88 offers other games such as slots, roulette, blackjack, poker, baccarat, and roulette. Click here to play at Fun88 now!



The site is best known for its top-notch in-play framework and security features. it again offers self-exclusion to gamers seeking to take a break from betting. The welcome bonus for sports betting goes up to 2,500 rupees. Additionally, the platform has a mobile gaming app that works on Android, Windows, and iOS phones. Customer support is available via email, live chat, and phone call. There is also a loyalty club with wagering points for betting regularly. The minimum permissible deposit on the site is 200 rupees. Place your bet at Betway today!

Spin Casino

Spin Casino

The site is globally known and has licenses from the Kahnawake Gaming Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority. Its welcome bonus goes up to 100,000 rupees. However, gamers get it in three phases after depositing cash. The least amount of money a gamer can deposit is 750 rupees while withdrawing up to 750,000 rupees. Luckily, depositing money is free, and transactions are processed faster than in loads of other gaming platforms. Tap here to play at Spin Casino!

Deposit Methods For IPL Betting Sites

Credit and debit cards: This method requires you to have a MasterCard or VISA. From there, you should provide its details to the gaming site you want to use to wager. Importantly, you should ensure the card has cash before linking it to your account.

E-wallets: These methods are also known as digital wallets and involve using online payment methods. First, you should create an account in one of the service providers and then link it to your gaming account. Then, deposit cash into the e-wallet and transfer it to your gaming cashier. Some of the popular e-wallets you can use while in India include Skrill, Neteller, Paysafe, ecoPayz, MuchBetter, among others. 

Wire bank transfer: This method involves transferring cash from your bank account to the gaming cashier. Here, you should authorize your banking provider to credit some money to your gaming account. The process is fast, especially when making deposits.

IPL Betting Odds – How They Work?

Betting on the IPL will demand you know the odds. Notably, they can be in decimal or fraction form. For example, if you see an odd of 4.0, it simply represents 3/1. Let’s look at how the odds work below:

Odds-on chances 

Odds-on chances are always less than 2.0. Ideally, the shorter the team’s odds, the higher it is likely to win, but the reward for a correct prediction is small. 

Odds-against chances

Odds-against are always greater than 2.0. Basically, the bigger the odd, the less it is likely to win, but the prize is enormous.

Highly Recommended Bookmaker Site With The Best IPL Betting Odds


Fun88 supports making payments in s number of channels. You can use NET banking, wire bank transfer, MasterCard, VISA, G Play, ECObanq, STICPAY, Astro Play, and ecoPayz. The site has a dedicated gaming mobile app, usable in Android and iOS. Gamers get a 25% discount for depositing at least 500 rupees to bet on sports. They again get up to 8,000 rupees weekly as cashback on losses. Still, they get 500 rupees for betting on sports after signing up. 

Fun88 allows a minimum deposit of 2000 rupees on sports to get the welcome bonus. The wagering requirements on bonuses demand you wager at least 15 times and last for 30 days, after which they expire. Luckily, winnings from free bets and bonuses are withdrawable after meeting the Playthrough terms. The site offers IPL bettors a chance to become CROREPATI to win 1000 rupees worth of free bets and the latest iPhone after depositing and betting with 1000 rupees. 

On the other hand, the site has trained staff to answer gamers’ questions. It uses top-of-the-range encryption technology to safeguard gamers’ credentials. Additionally, you can contact the help desk at Fun88 at any time of the day or night or visit the FAQ section. The platform also offers updates on sports to help gamers make informed decisions. Its casino games category has popular gameplays from renowned online casino providers in the gaming industry such as Evolution Gaming, Playtech, and Microgaming. Start betting at Fun88 here!

IPL Predictions

IPL has a variety of predictions you can make. The odds vary, and so do the possible rewards. Here are some of the betting predictions in the competition:

  • Total Runs: This prediction’s objective is to foretell the side that will get the most significant number of run-outs in the match.
  • Total Fours/Sixes: This bet requires you to predict whether the number of fours or sixes by a team will be over or under the threshold. 
  • Top Bowler: This bet aims at foretelling which bowler will take the greatest number of wickets in a match.
  • Top Batsman: This prediction is based on predicting which batter will score the most runs in a game or one half of the match. 
  • Total Wickets: This wager requires you to predict the total number of wickets a bowler will make in a match.
  • Batsman Matches: In this bet, you should predict between two batsmen, which the one who scores the most runs wins. 
  • Highest 1st 15 Overs: This bet requires you to foretell the team that will get the highest fifteen overs after compiling the scores. 
  • Series Scores: This prediction is based on betting on the number of matches you think a team will win in the competition. 
  • Man of the Match: This prediction is based on foretelling the player who will get the top honor at the end of the match.

Top 4 IPL Teams That Have High Chances To Win 2021 IPL

Initially, IPL teams played each other home-and-away. But when the League expanded to 10 clubs in 2011, the format changed. Some teams currently play a single match while the top four clubs contest three playoff matches after finishing top in the knockout stage. Again, one losing team gets a second chance to redeem itself and advance to the finals. Below are our best four teams having high chances to win in 2021:

Mumbai Indians (MI)

Mumbai Indians (MI) team has one of the strongest and best-balanced squads in the IPL competition this season. The team has won the tournament four times. It again has a confident captain and a tremendous batting strength. Its bowling lineup makes the team’s fan base huge, despite losing the first game. As it is, the team is likely to make out of the playoffs and perform exemplary well

Delhi Capitals

Delhi Capitals has started the competition by winning its first two matches. The squad is in good shape, and the injured players have ready replacements. That boosts the team’s chances of performing well in this year’s competition and possibly winning the title.

Royal Challengers Bangalore

One of the reasons the Royal Challengers Bangalore might perform well this season is the coming back of most of its best players. The team has recorded an improvement in its performance compared to the previous season. So far, the club won 7 out of the 14 played matches. If it picks the right players, chances are it will make out of the playoffs.

Kolkata Knight Riders

Kolkata Knight Riders has been one of the most exciting teams in the IPL this season. The squad boasts one of the best batsmen in the competition. Another impressive thing about the team is that it does not depend on one player to win, making it stand above the rest.

What Are The Betting Options Available In IPL Betting?

The betting market in IPL has numerous predictions you can make. You can wager on season-long bets or/ and ahead bets. Below are some of the most popular types of bets you can:

Outright pick

The outright prediction is an ahead bet. It demands you wager before the IPL starts. The best part is that bettors get updates on the competition as it progresses. But again, the odds change depending on the teams’ performances.

Coin toss

The coin toss is a season-long bet. It demands you to predict which captain will win the toss once a match starts. Surprisingly, this bet requires no analysis or skill to wager. 

Match result

The match result is the most popular type of prediction in the IPL. It requires you to foretell the winner in a game. Luckily, you can wager pre-match or in-play. If you go with pre-match, you should stake before the game commences. If you opt for in-play, you can bet when the match is in session. But again, either way, the odds constantly change after each wicket, boundary, etc. 

Top run-scorer and wicket-taker

The prediction is on the batsman or the bowlers. The odds are available before the IPL starts and keep changing throughout the tournament. A decent way to wager on this bet to stake at the beginning of the competition and back batsmen who play for high scoring teams.

Live betting 

Live betting is predicting ongoing matches. It has multiple odds that change as the game progresses. One of the top-most factors you should know when staking on live bets is that you should watch the game or follow it through live streaming. That way, you will know when and why the odds change before wagering.

Winning IPL Betting Tips 2021

Most bettors in IPL have their betting strategies. But wait. What can increase your chances of making profits in the long run? Below are betting tips you can use to win in the 2021 IPL competition:


Being disciplined when betting is a crucial element you cannot overlook to win in the IPL. Ideally, it is what dictates if you are in control of your predictions or not. A decent way to be disciplined in your bets is you avoid chasing losses. You should again bet with a purpose, which in this case is making profits. In the same vein, don’t wager on a team just because you like it. Instead, bet based on the stats and with a clear-headed approach. 


It is believed that IPL teams perform better at home than away, thanks to their knowledge of the home field. Another factor contributing to the success is the fans’ support for the club. Therefore, if a team is playing home, you should consider wagering in its favor. However, you can also support away clubs assuming they are known to score a lot of runs. 

Bankroll management 

Winning IPL bets requires you to manage your bankroll effectively. In other words, knowing how much you will stake in every match plays a huge role in determining your success. Importantly, you should not put all your money into one game. Also, don’t wager more than you are willing to lose. A decent way to manage your funds is you set limits on bets and stick to them.

Playing condition and form of team

The conditions of the playing ground can significantly affect the outcomes. For instance, a wicket might spin more times on certain days than others. On the other side, dew often affects the performance of teams. If a side is fielding second, chances are that it will be disadvantaged due to the challenges of holding the ball on moist ground. More so, you should back the team chasing if the field is likely to have dew. 

Similarly, check the physical and mental condition of the players. If they have been losing their previous matches, chances are they will panic in the coming game and still lose. Still, if some have injuries, that means the team is in bad shape to win. 

Analyze the teams

Notably, every team you wager on ought to make you some profits at the end of the day. Therefore, do some background checks on the teams’ past matches before betting. Similarly, study the betting odds to see if they are adding any value to your stake. If the rewards are less than the risks, look for an alternative. But if the chances are decent and the odds reasonable, proceed to wager.

What Are The Terms And Conditions To Bet On IPL?

Every online cricket betting offers different terms and conditions to bet on IPL. That being the case, let’s look at some of the guidelines you will follow when betting:

  • A betting site has the right to cancel, amend, or reclaim any promotional giveaway at its discretions.
  • Players can only get the welcome bonus once. 
  • Promotional giveaways cannot be used in conjunction with other freebies. 
  • Bettors will be disqualified for promotions or burned from the site for using multiple accounts.
  • Draw and canceled bets don’t count towards rollover requirements. 
  • Bets must have an odd of above 1.6 to contribute to the wagering requirements. 
  • Winnings can be forfeited if the Playthrough requirements aren’t met. 
  • Winnings will be forfeited if you wager without meeting the set minimum age limit. 
  • Giveaways have a time limit to be claimed else they will be forfeited.
  • In-play bets can not be changed after staking.

Frequently Asked Questions

The competition occurred between March 29th and May 24th, every year but the dates can change if challenges arise.

Yes. You will win but for you to withdraw, you must meet the wagering requirements.

No. The odds vary slightly. You should scour to see where you will wager with lucrative odds.

No. Match-fixing is illegal and you can be prosecuted for it.

No. You can wager on other competitions such as the T20 Blast, BBL, CPL T20, among others.

The Mumbai Indians and the Delhi Capitals have better chances since they have won 9 and 8 games.


The Indian Premier League is a high-profile T20 franchise competition in the cricket calendar. You can bet on it today and win jaw-dropping cash. But importantly, you should separate the wheat from the chuff by studying the games’ stats. Afterward, betting on the teams will become second nature. Currently, IPL matches are underway, and the odds are impressive. What is left for you to make profits is you bet on the best-performing teams. But first, you need a betting account in a sportsbook like Fun88. So, sign up now and deposit some cash to enjoy the promotions.