Some not so true sports betting facts

Some not so true sports betting facts

The craze for sports betting is increasing with time. Sports are not only a pleasurable spectacle but it has the potential to make you rich through sports betting. Sports betting give you the adrenaline rush that you had been longing for.

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In the below article we will make you familiar with some of the existing sport’s myths:

No-one can win in the long term

This is a very common myth and is prevalent in all countries. There is this popular myth that bettors end up losing more money than they win. However, this is not true always and there had been reported instances where it was seen that the people ended up gaining more money than they lost.

Matches fixed by Bookie

This is a typical myth that is believed by many bettors. But the bookies do not have to fix any matches they can win a high amount even otherwise and they are dead against fixed matches.

A large bankroll increases your winning potential

this statement is a myth again. Making a profit with huge payroll can get difficult and staking a huge amount of money increases your risk. The right strategy is most important when it comes to winning a higher amount and does not depend on the bankroll that you possess.

Bookies know better than us

It is a common belief that bookies can forecast the future and even may have inside information that common people may not know of. However, this is a myth. Bookies are humans like us and can make mistakes like common people. Hence it may not be prudent to blindly rely on the judgement by bookies. Instead, you can rely on your lady luck, your game strategies and your gameplay.

Popular bets rarely win

This is an interesting myth which is spread as gossip by some cunning people to increase their revenues. Instead of popular bets, it is judicious to focus on patterns and choose the right game.

sports betting facts

You can never win on high-odds betting

This statement is a myth. The truth is that earning profits on high-odds is as difficult as in low-odds betting, however, through the right strategies it is possible to win on high-odds betting.

Online bookmakers can ban or limit you if you win

The bookies love the losers are hate the winners. It is believed that if you start winning constantly then the bookies set defined limits for you and can even ban the bettor with some lame excuses. This is a myth again. The reality is that the bookmakers cannot ban you but they can keep tabs on you. They can perform a background check on you to confirm your authenticity. If you are not cheating you need not worry at all and can win huge payout amounts.

It is easier to predict the total goals instead of the results of the match

This is a popular myth. It is believed that every bettor can lose due to a late goal. The truth is that if you are constantly betting on outsiders you have more chances of loss due to late goal.

Some facts about pro-kabaddi league betting

Some facts about pro-kabaddi league betting

Aside from cricket, kabaddi is one of the most mainstream sports in India. Home to the best kabaddi group of all, the Pro Kabaddi League, the game offers a lot of activity for fans and punters. 

The developing fame of kabaddi has brought about the group extending with four additional groups from last season. Viewed by a large number of Indian fans, kabaddi is a famous game to wager on in Asia. 

India has been the leading group in the Kabaddi world, ruling nearly every global competition and winning all the World Kabaddi Cups until now. Because of the developing ubiquity of the game, the World Kabaddi League (WKL) was framed and is formally the primary overall circle-style Kabaddi group throughout the entire existence of the game. It is presently known as the Global Kabaddi League (GKL), with six groups in India’s real life. There is additionally the 12-group Pro Kabaddi League (PKL). 

This implies Kabaddi betting is on offer at your preferred right cash sportsbook. Bet on the top Pro Kabaddi League and Global Kabaddi League coordinates all through the season at the best web-based betting destinations in India, where you can get chances on matches, fates, player props, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. 

Kabaddi is a physical game that started in India, and for a long time, it was just mainstream in the Asian sub-mainland. The game has developed in prevalence throughout the years and is played in various nations, in this manner consolidating different Indian styles, for example, Punjabi, Sanjeevani, Amar, and Gamine.

Some premium sites where you can place your bet for pro kabaddi league

  • Betway
  • Bodog
  • Royal India
  • Bet365
  • LeoVegas

Interesting Kabaddi League betting tips 

Bet India’s group is included top experts and betting veterans who know the estimation of good bettors. Because of our accommodating aides, you can get familiar with the top betting tips and forecasts for the PKL and make instructed expectations that will enable you to win. 

Yet, don’t stress over it in case you’re a novice. Our specialists’ feelings are consistently on-point, which is to state their forecasts are on-point also. 

The free PKL betting tips are reasonable for amateurs and experienced punters. All the data has been improved for your benefit, so you won’t experience difficulty perceiving bettors of genuine worth. 

Pro-Kabaddi Betting

Step by step instructions to wager on the Pro Kabaddi League 

Betting on the Pro Kabaddi League is entirely energizing. Indian fans can appreciate all the activity since the class is situated in India while additionally having a lot of betting markets available to them. 

As the top proficient kabaddi group on the planet, the PKL is packed with significant kabaddi stars. Star power is one of the principal factors that make the PKL so energizing and appealing for kabaddi fans. 

Since kabaddi is an original game that is absent all around the globe like football, you can without much of a stretch, discover chances of extraordinary worth. 

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Michael Jordon relationship to sports betting

Michael Jordon relationship to sports betting

Sports betting is the most popular sort of gambling within the world. It is not the primary thing that the majorities of people believe once you mention gambling, but let’s check out some numbers. We remember when the thought of sports betting made people feel uncomfortable. This might surprise you, counting on your age, but it was not that way back. People would associate sports betting with very negative connotations. Anyone who backs sports was considered a degenerate.

In this below article we will know about the famous bettor Michael Jordon and his relationship to sports betting.

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The Famous Player Michael Jordon

Michael Jordan is one of the foremost famous athletes of our time. With 11 full seasons on the Chicago Bulls, he cemented his place within the sporting hall of fame and has become a living legend. But his activities off the court (more specifically within the realm of sports betting) are even as impressive.

If you check out any list of celebrity gamblers, Michael Jordan is going to be within the top five – not only for his love of betting, except for the crazy amounts he is won and lost. Let us take a glance at the sporting icon’s infamous betting record.

First, Jordan claimed it had been a commercial loan, but under oath, he admitted that it had been a payment for on gambling losses for one weekend. Then, four months later Jordan stunned the planet by suddenly retiring from basketball.

Sports Betting

Michael Jordan first retired in 1993 due to gambling (Jordan later returned to basketball after a stint with professional baseball). Jordan was notoriously competitive, and his desire to win in the least costs was not limited to the court. It is no secret that Jordan likes to gamble, with card games and golf being his preferred wagering activities.

The former San Diego field house manager Richard Esquinas was inspired by his royal Airness as most folks were, except for many various reasons, as he talked about Jordan’s gambling problem in his best-selling book, stating that the best player in basketball history owed him almost 1.3 million dollars after 10 days of golfing together, although MJ finishes up having to pay slightly below 1 million, after refusing to try to so, Esquinas had to settle with “just” 300 thousand dollars.

Influence of marketing on sports betting

Influence of marketing on sports betting

There are several ways to enjoy the niche of sports apart from placing a bet. Sports betting have been developing within the world alongside the event of sports. In many countries, it is almost impossible to imagine a particular sports event that bookmakers have not determined the chances. Some countries have decided to ban betting entirely as sports betting has become so present and powerful in those countries. Over the years, many stories about people losing all their belongings because they were not ready to stop betting have gone mainstream which was when folk finally realize the results and scope of sports betting. Sports betting were always in the hype and the correct marketing strategies influences the bettors and instigate their betting spirit to a great extent. Sports fans are increasingly exposed to commercial massages about sports betting leading to an increase in sports betting.

Sports Betting

Research recommends that youngsters are the objective market for sports wagering and organizations make a lot of profit out of their interest. With the help of advertising and special methodologies used sports betting has become both fun and an interesting way of earning quick cash. Further, some youngsters have announced they feel focused on and besieged by sports wagering publicizing. 

While numerous investigations have investigated the individual factors that may prompt and limit unsafe betting, there is as yet constrained information about the more extensive scope of variables that may add to betting mischief. There are critical guidelines to forestall the showcasing of certain types of betting however nearly restricted guidelines identifying with the promoting of more up to date types of internet betting, for example, sports wagering. There is a requirement for better data about how advertising systems might be molding wagering mentalities and practices and the scope of approach. Showcasing research additionally exhibits how sponsors may try to create after existing social images, practices, and settings, with a point of implanting their item inside these practices and making new subcultures and personalities related to that item. Scientists have mostly recorded this procedure comparable to sports wagering publicizing. They have broken down the degree to which betting industry advertising looks to adjust sports wagering with the socially esteemed parts of being an avid supporter—including support for the group, rush and winning.

Sports Betting

Promotional strategies are successfully employed by the organizations for influencing betting. Sports betting advertising influences bettors to a great extent. Hence organizers prefer spending a lot of money on promotional and advertisements. For effective marketing and promotional events the cultural symbols, behavior, and demographics are taken into consideration. The endorsement by sports codes also has a significant influence on betting.

This exploration proposes that advertising assumes a solid job in the standardization of betting in sports. This can expand the dangers and ensuing damages related to these items. Administrators must start to consider the social slack between a developing betting scene, which supports advanced promoting methodologies, and compelling arrangements and practices which mean to lessen the betting damage. 

Currently, sports betting have got more closely aligned with sports fans worldwide

T20 cricket betting strategy- things to consider

T20 cricket betting strategy- things to consider

T20 is the 2nd most popular format in the cricket. The format has grown in the span of the last 10 years and IPL which is a sort of T20 cricket is celebrated as a festival in our country.

When it comes to betting, due to a fast-moving game and quick display of results, it is no wonder extremely popular among bettors.
But, there are certainly a few things to consider before placing a wager at stake.

Let’s discuss each of them in-depth.

Weather conditions 

Cricket is affected most by even a little change in weather conditions. The weather has a lot of influence on any outdoor sports but when it comes to cricket, it can be a game-changer. Weather affects the toughness of pitch, which decides the ball bounce, and the influence of dew may lead to some sharp swing in the ball.

Bettors must have a deep knowledge of these kinds of conditions. Decide your bet as per your team playing after weather change or before. It may be a good idea to check the weather forecast well in advance before you decide to place your wager.

 Head or Tail for your Team 

Winning toss is very important for your team because it gives them the freedom to choose bat or ball first. This freedom can be utilized to make a great decision against weather conditions and the toughness of pitch. Everyone knows batting becomes easy on the loose pitch, so the 2nd inning can be a true advantage for the batsman.
So toss must be in favor of your team.

Home advantage 

A big deciding factor is whether your team is playing on their home ground or not. In IPL, The Indian bowlers know what pace to maintain, how much swing is important, or what is the bouncing capability of the pitch. On the other hand, the batsman has a good idea of the ball’s speed and bounce they are about to tackle. This is why even some under-19 players dominate in the IPL.

Big Batsman 

Big batsman or great hitter pushes the match to a winning end. It doesn’t matter, they can’t hold up with the game for long, but what matters is they play a few balls hitting it out of the stadium. Hitters like Chris Gayle, ABD, and Hardik Pandya can be game-changer when the team needs a good score out of few balls left. Bettors should not decide the wager before the playing 11 is announced. 

Always be speculative and do a trend analysis 

It can be a good idea to perform a trend analysis before placing the bet. Generally, as a rule of thumb, the winners continue to win. You can check the past trends for five or six months and then take your decision accordingly

Hence the above strategies can help you in T20 matches. The right strategies and some amount of good luck can help you in any kind of betting.

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How to bet on ODI cricket


How to bet on ODI cricket

There are two ways of betting during a match. The primary one is to back the result of the match, where a bookie bets money on his team. The opposite one is predicated on the result of six-overs. Within the six-over betting, bets are placed on what percentage runs are often scored by a team during a limited period.

ODI stands for at some point International. It is a kind of limited-overs cricket. Matches are between two teams and are completed in at some point.

The toss is simply as important in ODI because it is in Test matches and it absolutely must be factored into your wagers. That is because some teams are better at setting a target and defending than others. Or some teams who are hopeless during a chase.


This is far and away the foremost common sort of cricket betting. The target is to properly identify which of two teams will prevail in a private match, like a 1 Day International (ODI) or one game within a Series Challenge or Tournament. The chances are weighted so that the payout for a winning favorite is going to be at but even money, while a winning underdog can pay greater than 1-to-1. Note that Match Betting markets are typically declared void if the official result’s a Tied Match. Bets on such markets could also be deemed void unless 20 overs are completed. 

Whereas ODI and T20 cricket is still treated as smaller cousins to check cricket by many within the UK, colored clothing and white-ball cricket is extremely much the preference amongst spectators, players, and tv broadcasters in Asia and therefore the Middle-East.

First of all, there is the ICC Champions Trophy; secondly there is the ICC Cricket World Cup. Cricket betting tips for these two events are widely available online, as many punters like to back the Cricket World Cup especially.

You will notice there are differences from one rule to subsequent. Just like the weather – in some cases weather will impact the choice to honor or void bets, while in others it makes no difference in the least.

Because of the ‘one day’ deadline, matches are more aggressive (although not nearly as aggressive as Twenty20 (T20) matches). The main target is on getting runs, so batting teams often use power plays and other aggressive tactics.

To urge the foremost out of your bet, it is important to know where the foremost profitable opportunities lie. The trick is to bet tactfully, and with the subsequent cricket betting recommendations on hand to assist you out, your chances of creating a return are going to be far greater. Before you recognize it, you will be ready to check out betting tips and know exactly what to place your money on!


How to bet on hockey

How to bet on hockey

Betting on the NHL may be a good way to feature excitement to the sport and obtain more out of this season. But deciding the mechanics of the way to be a successful bettor can often be complicated and confusing, so we have put together this easy guide covering all the NHL betting tips you would like to achieve success.

When it involves money line betting, you would like just need the team you decide on to win the sport straight up, no matter the margin. In money line wagering, you usually have a favorite and an underdog. The simplest part about depending on hockey is that the market is softer than it is for other sports like the NFL, college football, or the NBA.

Closing Line Value: To bet sports at a knowledgeable level, you would like an incredible amount of discipline. That is very true in hockey, a game during which such a lot luck and random events determine the result. You would possibly be ready to correctly predict which team will control the puck the foremost, take the foremost shots on goal, or maybe play with the foremost focus and intensity.

Have an enormous Bankroll: If you are looking to win large enough to form a living depending on hockey, you will need a very large bankroll. That is because you should not risk quite 5% of your bankroll on anybody wager in hockey (due to the volatility and randomness of  hockey betting, as explained above), and it is recommended that nearly all of your bets be within the range of 1%-2% of your betting bankroll. 

Hockey Rules: All betting shops and online bookmakers follow their house guidelines, but the principles listed below are widely considered industry standards

— All hockey games must complete a minimum of 55 minutes to possess action

— Winners losers are determined by the ultimate score, which incorporates overtime and shootouts.

— If a game ends in overtime tied and goes to a shootout, the winner of the shootout is going to be credited with one extra goal. Shootout goals scored are not added to the team’s total.

— If a game is suspended before the minimum time (55 minutes) has been reached, then all bets are refunded.

— If a game is suspended after the minimum time (55 minutes) has been reached, the score when the sport is stopped is employed because the final betting results.

Grand Salami: The Grand Salami may be a unique Over/Under bet in pro hockey that is tied into all games for a specific day. Odds makers create variety every day supported the amount of games available and you will wager on ‘over’ or ‘under’ the Grand Salami total. The entire is about by adding up all listed ‘over/under’ odds for every game thereon particular day. The Grand Salami will have no action if any game is suspended or canceled before the period of three twenty-minute periods. Also, no matter the number of goals scored during the shootout portion of the overtime, the ultimate scored recorded for the sport will give the winning team another goal than its opponent supported the score at the top of the period.

Most famous cricket betting controversies

cricket betting controversies

Though cricket is supposed to be a gentleman’s game, every few years controversy explodes over the sport of cricket. Sometimes the survival of a match has been called into question but the gentleman’s game has been able to maintain its sustainability.

Lets discuss some of the most talked-about controversies that have shaped the history of cricket.

Hansie Cronje Match Fixing

In 2000, the legendary South African cricketer was caught for match-fixing. Allegedly, the South African skipper had accepted a $15,000 bribe for himself and offered two of his teammates to underperform in exchange for cash. The Indian cops caught Cronje in recorded conversations with an Indian betting syndicate bookie.

As the investigation by the T20 IPL India went further more participants were uncovered and included India’s then captain Mohammad Azharuddin.

2018 Sri Lanka cricket pitch tampering scandal

In 2018, a news channel findings showed possible patch tampering During the home test matches involving Srilanka and Australia. The news channel claimed that through pitch tampering, the match-fixers have achieved desired results.

Pakistan Spot-Fixing Scandal

In August 2010, in a test match between England and Pakistan, a bookmaker named Mazhar Majeed decided to fix a portion of the test series. He convinced three players of Pakistan and took them by his side to perform the deed- Salman Butt, Mohammad Amir, and Mohammed Asif. He decided to fix specific events of the match to place wagers in those predecided events. As per the plan, the final test of the series witnessed Mohammad Amir bowled three straight no-balls. The detectives of Scotland yard then put the alleged people under investigation and trial happened in an English court

Marlon Samuels’ Match Fixing

In 2008, Marlon Samuels, a Jamaican cricketer who used to play for west indies was accused of passing on technical information to bookies about the upcoming matches. The cops released evidence of a conversation between the two men however, whether he received compensation or not was not clear. The international cricket council imposed a ban of two years.

IPL Spot-Fixing Scandal

The famous Indian premier was rocked in 2013 when the cops discovered evidence of spot-fixing throughout the tournament. On further investigation three players of Rajasthan royals Sreesanth, Ankeet Chavan, and Ajit Chandila and eleven bookies were assumed to be a part of a huge organized crime syndicate. They were arrested. 

The Board of Control initiated an investigation report that was compiled by Ravi Sawani, the chief of the anti-corruption unit. It was decided that Sreesanth and Chavan received lifetime bans from the sport while Amit Singh, another Royals player, was handed a lesser five-year ban.

Terrorist Attack in Pakistan

There are some days when you’d long for the standard match-fixing scandal. In March of 2009, at the Gaddafi stadium of Lahore was scheduled to hold a test match between the Pakistan and Sri Lankan national teams.

However, the match had to be canceled even before both teams reached the pitch.

The Sri Lankan team’s bus was on the way to the stadium when in an unfortunate turn of events, the bus was attacked by masked terrorists. Two civilians and 6 security officers were killed became victim to the attack

Three Srilankan player-Mahela Jayawardene, Kumar Sangakkara, Ajantha Mendis, Thilan Samaraweera, and Tharanga Paravitarana had minor injuries. The entire world of cricket was greatly shaken.

Tips to win online cricket betting

Tips to win online cricket betting

With the popularity of the sports of cricket, cricket betting has  also become a huge hit in the online  gaming industry, but most  of the  users are not aware of the correct ways to bet. So if you are an amateur and totally new to the concept of cricket betting we will be helping you some of the important tips. 

Tips  on how to bet safely

Though it can be very tempting to make easy money through online betting, but one must be   careful while betting so that they don’t lose their money by betting on unauthorized illegal gambling sites because still there are many  countries and sites which don’t support online gambling and betting. It is advisable that the first time user don’t stake more than 5% of their deposited money on a single bet.

Another winning tip is that the bettor should bet only in those games that they are fully  familiar with. For instance, The player should not  place  any  bet on the sports of cricket if he is not aware of the terms and technique used in  cricket and how the game is played. Similarly,  it is not a wise thing to bet if you  don’t have any knowledge about the history of the team on which you are placing your bet on.

betting on cricket

It is quite a common thing to lose money in online betting so one  should  be wise enough not to invest  an amount that the user can’t afford to lose. To save oneself from losing large  amount of money in bet. One should set a budget and stick to it no matter how tempting it would  be to  invest large bet amount ,the user must  be strictly disciplined not to fall prey to temptations that invites for large  bets. For example, if you have kept aside $30  as a betting  amount, you should refrain from overspending.

Before placing any bet on your favorite team it is a commendable step to go around and search for the best bookies that would  be of great help to  the bettor.

It is not a good thing to chase loses. IT is quite a common practice to feel the urge to chase a lose in order to reduce the amount of money that you are going to lose which is not a advisable thing to follow in betting as the player would  lose more money than he had decided to  invest. To protect oneself from unnecessary loss of money one should understand that it is OK if sometimes we lose money in betting.

Weather conditions also play a vital role in cricket betting so before placing  any bet update yourself with the present weather forecast. For example the bettor must be aware whether it is windy, sunny or rainy so that you can predict the future of your chosen team upon which you are going to bet.

In the above article we have thrown light on some of the winning tips that is going to prove of great help to the players who are willing to  involve in cricket betting


Disadvantages of life as a professional sports bettor

Disadvantages of professional sports bettor

Unfortunately, sports betting is not all about thrill and positives. There are certain downsides and risks which have to be admitted. Let us discuss the not so bright side of sports betting for a living.

An uncertain source of income

Sports betting can make huge money, however, the earning can never be guaranteed. As a professional sports gambler, you won’t be able to rely on a paycheck which is certain at the end of every month in case of a regular job. Your income will vary depending on the results and you can even generate negative income which means loss. This arises the need to have some savings. Hence, a large bankroll coupled with some savings for living expenses makes it clear that one needs a significant amount of starting capital before considering taking up betting as a full-time job.

Too much Betting can lead to gambling addiction

T20 IPL India experts says that At times, betting can be even more addictive than drugs. Many people lose their life’s earning in betting and yet they can’t get away with the temptation to play more, and this type of addictiveness can be fatal for your livelihood.

Placing Wagers Can Get Difficult

Placing wagers is perhaps one of the biggest hindrance faced by a sports bettor

Bookmakers operate commercially and hence are out to make money. If you continue to make money from your betting, then you can expect to start seeing your accounts being closed. If not anything, you will be limited in terms of how much you can stake per wager

You Need A Large Bankroll

You need a huge amount of money to rely on sports betting as a sole source of income. It needs to be a reliable source so that you can place wagers at the stakes that will provide you with the income you want, and also it might have to withstand a long losing streak.

Irrespective of your betting skills, you cannot win every bet. Even if the number of wins is more than the number of times you lose, there is still going to be occasions when you will not get the desired results. If your bankroll isn’t capable to withstand a bad losing streak, your sports betting fantasies will be cut short.

As evident, betting on sports for a living has some drawbacks. you would have to navigate risky seas, soak in some serious research each day to succeed. You need to have a really strong rein on your emotions. Now that you are aware of the disadvantages it is up to you to decide whether you think sports betting is the right option for you or not.