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Ashes Series

What is the Ashes Series?

The Ashes Series is a cricket league tournament that happens every two years between Australia and England. The last Ashes tournament happened back in 2019 and it was amazing, this year we are hoping it will be even better so all of you sports-betting enthusiasts can enjoy it properly!

According to the information found online, the Ashes Series will begin on 22nd November and last till 14th January 2021.

Considering cricket is a very popular sport in India, we are expecting many people to follow the tournament and bet on their favorite team!

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bet on Ashes Series

History of the Ashes Series

Back in 1882, England traveled to Australia to have a four-match Test series in cricket. This resulted in a draw (2-2). After that, the battle continued as English and Australian cricketers really wanted to see the trophy within their own nations.

Since then, these two nations gather up every two years and they play cricket in order to earn over a five-Test series.

Back in the days, England used to dominate with eight series of wins in a row, which made Australia very determined to take over. Eventually, Australia managed to get their hands on the trophy, winning in their homeland back in 1892.

Australia kept on winning between 1934 to 1951. Still, in 1953, England managed to get the trophy back. In 1958. the trophy was won by Australia and it kept on changing hands in each Ashes tournament till 1986.

Of course, it would not have been interesting if Australia did not take the trophy in the 1990s and kept it for a long time, becoming the country with the longest winning streak of eight in the Ashes tournament.

To focus on some of the newer, memorable things. Back in 2019. there was a truly outstanding moment that English cricket fans will remember for a long time.

Ben Stokes managed to score 135 and did a 73 run 10th wicket partnership in order to win the thrilling Test right before the jubilant Headingley crowd!

Of course, just like in every other sport, cricket and Ashes tournament have their legend too. Sir Donald Bradman is considered to be one of the best players of all times and he has played 37 Ashes tests throughout his career.

This man has managed to add 5,000 Ashes runs to his name, he has the highest average ever seen in Ashes cricket and more 100s than any other player who has ever participated in the Ashes Series tournament.

How to bet on the Ashes Series in 2022?

When it comes to betting on the IPL or other sports, how, where and on what do we place them? Well, the first step is always finding ashes betting sites. After that, checking for any bonus offers they may have for you is also advised.

Once you have found your chosen site, navigate to their sports betting section and they will likely have a banner linking to the section of the site covering the Ashes.

If there is no such banner or link, go to the sports section of the site and find Cricket, the matches will be displayed there.

There are multiple kinds of bets that can be made over the course of the games, we will go through them now.

  • The series result – Overall winner at the end, a simple bet.
  • Regain/retain the Ashes – Will the current champion retain their place or will their rival take the cup from them.
  • Correct score – Bets placed on each match, predicting the final scores.
  • Player bets – Placed on individual players, achievements like a top player, top run-scorer, top wicket-taker, and so on.
  • Double chance bets – Placing a bet for a team to either win or draw, giving you an extra chance of winning should the teams draw.
  • Exotic bets – There are also chances for rare occurrences during each series, ties, exceptional high scores and so on that you can place bets upon with high returns.

Live betting for the Ashes Series

When games are in progress there are also options for live betting that become available. These can be placed while watching the games, often with changing odds as games progress and with some restriction on what bets can be placed.

For example, you cannot place bets on series results, who will retain the ashes, or any exotic bets during live betting for each game. However, these bets can be made outside of them for games that have not yet happened.

Bets such as score and overall winner are typical bets that can be placed live. There are higher chances for winning when placing bets as you watch, with the opportunity for you to see how the games are playing and individual players.

Yet, this is why the odds are constantly changing with live bets, odds rise and fall depending on the game’s progress and player performance.

You can of course win a lot of money with these lower odds by following each game and placing your bets wisely.

A key part of ashes live betting is keeping track of all the information available to you, if you are betting to win and not simply for the fun then you must keep track of all the information available.

A good mix of live and series bets will give you great winnings at the end of games if you manage to bet correctly.

Predictionsand tips for the upcoming Ashes Series

With the Series still a while away there are not yet any definitive predictions with the limited information available however experts have still weighed in their opinions.

With England’s loss in the previous series, they anticipate a strong attempt to reclaim the Ashes and leave winners.

While this will make some changes in their overall strategy they are considered a strong contender for winning the series this year.

However, it is still too early to say anything definitively and a lot may change as the year progresses and information becomes available.

Despite that, with their opening games being in the famous Gabba stadium, it will be a hard start for England. It also presents an opportunity to start strong by breaking Australia’s 33-year long undefeated record at this stadium.

If England does manage to win, it will set the team off with a strong chance of overall victory and may put the Australian team in a far worse position.

We also have some tips available for you to help with following the series and to help make your bets as accurate as possible.


  • Follow the performance of each player through the games, checking how each performs in their role and who is playing in each match.
  • Check weather conditions and the conditions on the playing field as these can favor either team.
  • Always consider home field advantage when considering a team to bet on.
  • During live betting, keep an eye on odds and place your bets when they are higher if you are confident in your bet.
  • Betting odds can be an accurate prediction of overall results as they are formed using all available information, however likely to win bets are rarely the most rewarding. Spread your bets across high and low-risk bets.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Yes, if you decide to bet on Fun88 or any of our recommended brands you can be sure all of your information will remain safe and secure at all times. Online betting has been quite popular these days, however, not all of the betting sites are worth giving a try. Only pick those that feature licenses and have proven to be a safe choice.

No, the original Ashes urn/trophy is not given to the players, it is at the museum at Lord’s Cricket Ground. The original urn/trophy is over 100 years old and too fragile to be given out to any of the teams today. The urn/trophy that is given to the players today is just a replica of the original one.

Sir Don Bradman, Jim Laker, Ian Botham, Richie Benaud, Glenn McGrath, Shane Warne, and WG Grace are some of the most famous and best cricketers who have played at the Ashes tournaments throughout the years.

When live betting in cricket, you will notice that test matches are much more exciting to watch, especially when it comes to the Ashes tournament. Live betting ensures you get engrossed in the game and understand it better than ever before. So yes, try out live betting at Fun88!

Back in 1880. Australia defeated the English team and the sets of stumps were burned and placed in an urn. This was done for the player who suffered an awful death that day and the urn is was a symbol of the ‘’death’’ of English cricket.


The Ashes tournament has been around for a long time and it will likely stay around for much longer. People enjoy watching it and there are more and more of those who also enjoy betting on it too.

Thanks to the technology today, you can bet on your favorite Ashes team in a matter of seconds and even participate in a live betting experience too.

If you are excited to see how will the tournament go this year and you want to try betting on your team, tap any of our recommended brands, discover what they have to offer you, and create an account today!