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A Detailed Guide On Cricket Betting Odds

‘Cricket odds’ is the term you’ll often see on every bookmaker site. It is the measure/ possibility of an event that is likely to happen in the next outcome.

Odds are basically the comparison that increases your winning chances and helps make the right betting predictions. Not to forget, your winning payout also depends on the selection of your odds.

Mathematically, it is defined as the ratio of the number of events that support the outcome to the events that don’t.  Or

  • Betting odds = Probability of winning

                           Probability of losing 

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How Do Cricket Betting Odds Works?

This section will start with understanding the simple formula to calculate the profit on your amount staked. Look!

  • Profit  = (Stake X Betting Odd) – Stake

Let’s assume you have staked INR 200/-  bet on India with odds of 2.0 against Newzealand in the test match.

  • Your Profit = (200 X 2.0) – (200)

                   = 400-200

                   = 200

This means you will get a profit of INR 200 on an INR 200/- bet if India beats  Newzealand. Isn’t it simple?

Now moving to the next step, how to calculate your payout using Cricket betting odds?

Generally, the online IPL betting sites also offer the odds calculator that automatically does the work for you. But if such is not the case, you can use the formula. Let’s see!

As we discussed earlier, Betting odds are the ratio of the probability of winning to the probability of losing. Now we’ll tell you how to calculate both these factors:

  • P(Winning)= A/A+B
  • P (Losing)=  B/A=B

Different Types Of Cricket Betting Odds

There are three distinct types of cricket betting odds available at most of the betting platforms in India. Let’s discuss them in detail!

  • Fractional odds (British odds).
  • Decimal odds ( European Odds)
  • American odds (Moneyline).

#1. American Odds

Primarily used in America, Moneyline odds can either be positive (+) or negative (-). And are always preceded by these signs.

Positive Moneyline odds represent the total amount a bettor can win for every $100 staked. Thus if you’re on an online betting site and see a +250 odds, it simply means that a bettor would receive $250 in total for every $100 staked.

On the other hand, the negative Moneyline odds represent the amount of money one needs to stake to receive a $100 profit. So if one came across odds of -150, this simply means that one needs to wager $150 to receive a $100 profit, thus $250 in total returns.

American odds
Fractional odds

#2. Fractional Odds

Such odds are represented with a slash (/) or sometimes a hyphen (-) symbol. They are widely used in the UK and Asian countries by bookmakers. In a nutshell, fractional odds are the ratio of the Profit to the initial bet.

For Example, 6/1 fractional odds states that for every $1 staked, you’ll win $6 in addition to your original stake of  $1 bet summing up to $7 in total.

Remember, if the fraction is higher on the right side, it indicates you need to wager more to win the bet.

#3. Decimal Odds

The decimal odds are pretty easy to understand and work with. For decimal odds, the original number represents the amount a bettor wins for every $1 wagered. In comparison, the decimal number stands for the total payout. 

  • Profit = Stake X Odds

The total amount staked is already included in the payout. So if you come across odds like 3.5, it simply means that for every $1 staked, you stand to recover $3.5.

Hence, the total payout is calculated by multiplying the amount staked by the odds number. For these odds, the higher the total payout lower the risk.

Fractional odds

Why Are Cricket Odds Important?

The winning amount that will be credited to your account depends on the type of odds selected. Not every online bookie needs to offer the same cricket or IPL betting odds. 

Odds may vary depending on various factors like country, sport, and whether you are placing pre-match or live bets. Read to know how odds make a difference in identifying the best cricket bets?

  • Insider information:  High or low cricket betting odds reveal a lot about the probability of winning or losing. Betting odds gives you all the stats & data required to make timely, concise, and informed decisions when betting. 
  • Improves Winning Chances: Once you have started understanding the concept of betting odds, you are definite to win most of the time. Thus maximizing your profit and payouts.
  • Low risk: if you know the odds format and how do they work. The risk of losing money reduces automatically. In short, betting odds are the key to your success.

What to not forget? Odds are generally fixed in pre-match bets, so it’s an excellent opportunity for beginners to earn money as the risk is low. Whereas in live betting, odds keep on fluctuating, and the risk of losing money is high.

Where to find the best cricket odds?

You need to understand that IPL betting sites in India won’t give away all the profit to you. The bettors are their source of income. Whenever you lose or win, they are the ones who are always getting something.

These betting platforms won’t earn a profit if they offer the exact odds to you. So, the best option to find the value odds is to window shop at different online bookies. 

Join, compare the odds and place the bets at the site featuring high-value odds at the lowest prices. This is the most effective & proven technique used by professional punters.

How To Find The Best Odds Using Mobile Apps?

Download the mobile apps to find the favorable odds and place bets instantly. All the betting sites you’ll find on this page have their mobile app available for Android and iOS users. 

We have self-tested & experienced the mobile app experience. So, you can expect:

You can download the cricket betting apps either from the google play store or the APP store. Another way is to visit the official site & install the apk version of the app.

What Is Cricket Satta Rates?

Some of you might have read the ‘cricket rates’ term on various betting sites. So what does this actually mean? 

Don’t get confused! Cricket rates is just the Indian term used to refer to cricket betting odds. Satta is slang that means placing bets in the Hindi language. Everything shared on this page relates to cricket Satta rates. 

Get the highest cricket Satta rates registering on any of our top 5 betting sites!

Betting Exchanges- Our Reviews On It

As the name indicates, betting exchange allows the bettors to place bets against each other rather than the bookmaker itself.  A bettor can ask the other fellow users if they are ready to take the risk. In a way, you are using the cricket betting odds of another bettor. This unique feature is available only on a few of the bookmaker sites in India.

What’s The Main Purpose Of The Betting Exchange?

The motive is to help bettors place the lay bets. That means they can bet on a team that is likely to lose, but another bettor has placed the bet on the same team to win.

So, basically, all the punters are betting against each other. With such features, online bookmakers are the ones who are always at a profit. No matter, you lose or win.


We suggest you bet on the man of the match,  Top team batsman, Top team bowler, Runs in 1st inning for high-value odds.

Create multiple accounts on different betting platforms. Check and compare the odds features and choose accordingly. Many a time same odds at high prices on one site are available at lower prices on the other betting site.

It’s the Moneyline odds that reveal the current performance of the cricket team. +ve sign indicates the underdog team. In contrast, the -ve sign indicates the favored team.

Firstly you get to bet against your fellow bettors online who are ready to take the risk.

Secondly, you get higher payouts. As the bookmakers have to offer you the higher odds in betting exchange.

It’s simple! High odds mean more chances of winning and hence more payouts. That’s the reason we recommend joining betting platforms that offer high odds.


Reading this best cricket betting odds guide in detail would have cleared all your doubts by now. High-value odds are the key to placing safe & successful bets. 

You’ll only find the top 5 cricket betting sites with the best odds. The reason is more choices create more confusion. 

Trust us, all these betting platforms are secure and licensed by top gaming authorities like UKGC, MGA, Curacao, etc.  Besides just competitive odds, they also feature live streaming options, mobile apps & a wide range of cricket betting markets.

So, Stop waiting and start placing pre-match/in-play cricket bets with the best odds at any of our recommended sites.