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Have you ever heard that the best Neteller betting sites in India are among the safest options for KKR bettingIf so, you’ve probably come here to find out what a Neteller casino is and why it’s one of the best options for online gambling. And here, you’re going to find all the answers to all those questions you ask yourself.

We’ll tell you all about Neteller India, what Neteller casino bonuses you can get, how to deposit and withdraw, the advantages and disadvantages of using it, and the alternatives to Neteller at MuchBetter betting sites

Let’s begin! But first, pick and sign-up at any of the betting sites that accept Neteller from the list below!

Bet using Neteller at an online casino

What is Neteller and how do I sign up for it?

Neteller is a Canadian company that offers financial services through its e-wallet. Although it can be used to pay for any e-commerce, today, it is one of the most popular payment methods for online betting in existence.

A brief background about Neteller 

Neteller was founded in Canada in 1999 as an electronic financial services company to facilitate transactions for users around the world.

Its concern from the beginning was focused on 100% secure and encrypted transactions, which is why its technology is compared to banking security. 

It currently operates in more than 200 countries, including India, and supports more than 30 currencies such as Canadian dollars, rupees, euros and pounds.

Steps to create a Neteller account from India

You already know what Neteller is, but to use this option at the best Neteller betting sites in India, you need to create an e-wallet account. So, we’ll walk you through the steps: 

  1. Go to the official Neteller website, locate and click on the option “Join for free”.
  2. Write your name and surname. Select India as the country of residence and rupees as the transaction currency. Enter your email address and create a strong password.
  3. Read the terms of use and then, if you agree, click the “Register” button.
  4. Now, go to your inbox, look for the confirmation email from Neteller, open it and click on the confirmation link. 

As you can see, creating a Neteller account is like counting 1, 2, 3.

Steps to verify your Neteller account

It is one thing to have a Neteller account created, but it is quite another to verify it to be able to use it comfortably at any Neteller casino

Although you can use it without verification, this process will take less than 2 minutes and you will be able to increase your limits, as well as improve the security of your account and have access to other benefits. How is the process?

  1. Log in to Neteller and open your account by logging in.
  2. Go to the verification panel. 
  3. Upload an identity document such as PAN card, passport or driving license. Make sure the document is legible and the photo is unedited. 
  4. Also upload a document proving where you live. This can be a utility bill in your name or a bank statement. 

In case you don’t want to upload both documents, you can do the verification through Facebook, and you will only have to give Neteller permission to access all your Facebook details and the verification process will be automatic.

Once the documents are uploaded, the verification process is often instantaneous and you’ll receive a notification confirming the success of the process. Your account is now ready for use at casinos accepting Neteller in India.

Steps to fund your Neteller account

Once your account has been created and verified, there is one more step you need to take before you can bet at the best Neteller online casinos. And that of course is to deposit. 

To begin with, the methods by which you can fund your Neteller wallet include:

  • Bank transfer. Either with UPI or regular wire transfer.
  • Visa or MasterCard.
  • Bitcoin or bitcoin cash. 
  • Connecting it to a Skrill wallet.

Now, the process to deposit is as follows:

  1. Log in to the Neteller app or website.
  2. Go to “Fund your account”.
  3. Select the method as well as the amount to deposit and enter the requested details. 
  4. Confirm the transaction and you’re done. In less than 5 minutes the deposit should appear in your wallet balance. 

How to use Neteller for gambling in India?

Now the key moment has come: Neteller betting! To begin with, the first thing to do is to look for casinos accepting Neteller in India

Of course, it can’t be just any site that has this payment option. They have to be safe, reliable, legitimate sites that accept rupees and of course, players from India.

To make it easier for you to find the best Neteller betting sites in India, we have provided you with our list.

Once you have the site in mind, you will need to register using your real details, deposit using Neteller and then go on to place bets on your favourite games and sports. 

But, so online Neteller betting is in the casino? Yes! The only thing is, you will use Neteller to fund your casino account and you will also be able to claim the Neteller casino bonus for using this method.

Neteller deposits: how to do it?

Now that you know, we will explain step by step how to deposit at a Neteller casino with this method:

  1. Register on the site if you haven’t already done so, or log in with your credentials.
  2. Go to the site’s banking and then click on “deposits”.
  3. Select “Neteller bettingas your deposit option and enter the amount to deposit.
  4. Click next and wait for a new window to open. There you will need to log in to Neteller and confirm the transaction.
  5. When you do so, if everything has worked correctly, you will be returned to the casino and you will get a confirmation message. 
  6. Wait a few minutes and you will see your deposit loaded into your account ready to use.

Neteller withdrawals: considerations and steps

When you play and win money at any Neteller casino, it is normal to want to withdraw your winnings using the same method. 

And luckily for you, this is possible and very easy. Many casinos take as default withdrawal method, the same one you used to deposit. So how does the process work?

  • Log in with your credentials on the gambling site. 
  • Go to banking and select “withdrawals”.
  • Check the amount available for withdrawal from your balance and enter what you wish to withdraw. 
  • Verify that your Neteller account details are correct and click the confirm button. You will only have to wait the estimated time for the money to be credited to your Neteller account. 

What if Neteller is not your default withdrawal method? If you already have another method, you should contact customer support to change it.

 And, if there is no method defined, in the withdrawal option, you will be able to choose Neteller as your withdrawal method.

Extra things to consider when withdrawing money via Neteller at an online gambling site

We want to give you a few extra tips on the withdrawal process that you should keep in mind when withdrawing at any Neteller or MuchBetter betting sites:

  • You must always verify your identity at the casino by filling out the KYC form and submitting a photo of your PAN Card and statement to confirm your home address.
  • The estimated time for the withdrawal to be credited to your Neteller account can take anywhere from 2 hours to 3 working days. It all depends on the casino and the processor they use.
  • Most online gambling sites do not charge extra fees for sending you the money. But if you are withdrawing from Neteller to your bank account, there may be extra fees.

Neteller fees

Although Neteller betting is popular and widely used on MuchBetter betting sites, you should take into consideration that it is not free. 

In this sense, we have to tell you that depositing at the betting site using Neteller is free. 

In contrast, funding your Neteller account with any method costs 2.5% of what you deposit. For example, if you deposit 10,000 rupees, you will have to pay a fee of 250 rupees. 

In the same vein, although withdrawals are theoretically free, some online casinos charge extra fees depending on the amount you withdraw.

Also, if you withdraw from your Neteller account to your bank account, there is an extra fee ranging from 2.5% to 7%.

Pros and cons of using Neteller

We want you to have all the information about Neteller. And that means letting you know both sides of the coin.


  • Neteller is a method that is available at almost any online casino for both deposits and withdrawals. 
  • Deposits with Neteller are free at online gambling sites.
  • Neteller is a safe and fast method that credits deposits in seconds. 
  • You can access Neteller’s VIP program which gives rewards for using this option for online payments.
  • Indian rupees supported.


  • There are extra fees for funding the account and for withdrawing money from the Neteller account to the bank account. 
  • Deposit and withdrawal limits can be low at online casinos. 
  • Some Visa and MasterCard rupee cards cannot be used to fund the Neteller account.

Alternative payment methods for using at Indian online casinos

So far you have learnt all about gambling at the best Neteller betting sites in India. But in case this method still doesn’t convince you, here are some popular and safe alternatives you could use:

  • Paytm. It may be the most popular wallet across India. Payments and withdrawals are fast and secure. It is also a local method that can be used at physical and electronic merchants.
  • GPay. Also known as Google Pay, it is a payment gateway that allows you to securely connect your banking with the casino to make payments and withdrawals expressly.
  • UPI. This may be the best payment system out there, allowing you to connect multiple bank accounts in a single application and letting you make deposit and withdrawal transactions instantly, securely and at a very low cost. Some Indian casinos use it to provide greater convenience to their users.  
  • MuchBetter. This wallet is almost as popular as Neteller, because believe it or not, it is one of the first e-wallets designed for iGaming. And that’s why you may find that many MuchBetter betting sites offer attractive rewards and promotions.
  • Skrill. Skrill casino betting sites are another alternative option to Neteller. Skrill is an e-wallet that allows you to transact securely and quickly on many online sites. The best thing is that it can be funded with Neteller, Visa, MasterCard, cryptocurrencies, Paysafecard and other options.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It depends on the site, but in most cases, you will be able to claim bonuses when depositing with Neteller.

It is a programme that rewards user loyalty. It is based on the number of transactions and the amount of money you have moved. What does the programme offer? Privileges such as higher transaction limits, lower fees, virtual or physical MasterCard cards associated with the e-wallet and bonus rewards.

Yes, they do! Neteller mobile casinos are convenient and allow you to deposit from the Neteller app to your mobile casino account regardless of whether you have an Android, iPhone or iPad.

It really depends on your preference. Both are good options and have small features that differentiate them. For example, Neteller has the VIP programme, but Skrill has lower fees.

Nothing may happen, or the operator may block the transaction and the deposit will not go through as your identity is not verified.


You now know the best Neteller betting sites in India. And you also know everything you need to know about Neteller for gambling. 

Now it’s time for you to process the information and set up an account today to start playing and enjoying the benefits! 

Just keep in mind that we are not associated with the method, so it may not be available at the moment. That means you should register and go to the casino’s banking to make sure the method is still working.

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