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Bitcoin casinos are rapidly gaining popularity recently. More so, there are several advantages to playing at an online casino that accepts Bitcoins. One of such benefits is the games lobby that these casino sites tend to offer. Yet, choosing a Bitcoin casino can be challenging due to the different features and bonuses available. 

Fortunately, the casinos you’ll see on this blog are home to bonus seekers just like you. They have numerous incentives for playing casino games and betting on sports. In fact, you can get up to 30,000 rupees off your initial deposit, in addition to other amazing offers throughout your betting adventure. Access them from the list and learn more about the games and offers.. 

This article will explain how you can bet online using Bitcoins, the types of games and bonuses you’ll find in Bitcoin casinos. But as you sleeve up to read on, kindly consider our other recommended sites below. Some of them accept using bitcoin to wager.

Bitcoin bettting guide

Top Bitcoin Sports Betting Sites

How to bet online on Bitcoin casinos?

The process of betting with Bitcoin isn’t complicated. You only need to accomplish a few things right off the bat, and you will be good to wager. Here are the basic steps you should follow:

  • Step 1: create an account on a Bitcoin exchange like Coinbase, LocalBitcoins, etc. Most of these sites usually require your email address, password, and name. Link your bank account with the Bitcoin exchange so you can send cash in your local currency with ease. 
  • Step 2: choose and Register an account on your preferred Bitcoin Online Casino Site. Most sites require only you to provide your name, email address, password, and birth date. However, you must be of the set legal age to own a betting account.
  • Step 3: fund Your Bitcoin Account. Luckily, the process is similar across all Bitcoin operators. Afterward, you will get a unique Bitcoin address and should link it to your casino account.
  • Step 4: next, log into your gaming wallet and transfer funds to it. To achieve that, navigate to the Send/Request area in the Bitcoin account.
    Paste the address you copied from your casino account. Choose the amount in dollars, rupees, or Bitcoin equivalent you want to deposit and send. 
  • Step 5: another confirmation screen will come up. Proceed to confirm the money unless you experience an error in the details you displayed. Once the transaction is complete, check your casino account. You should see the funds almost instantly.
  • Step 6: choose a game and place a Bet. This step is easy if you have used a betting site before. Like traditional online casinos, you should select a game or sport you wish to play on the Bitcoin casino site and evaluate the odds or types of bets.
    Then, decide how much you want to stake and place a bet. From there, you will receive the necessary gaming tools such as cards or dice.

How to Deposit and Withdraw using Bitcoin at online betting sites

The depositing and withdrawing steps aren’t much of a hassle as some gamblers assume. Below is how to go about each of them:


  • Step 1: log into your Bitcoin Wallet from a cryptocurrency website like Coinbase, Copay, and buy funds from your financial institution. Some Bitcoin wallets also allow deposits via PayPal or other payment systems.
    Remember that the Bitcoin rate fluctuates, so ensure to check the rate you’ll get when purchasing.
  • Step 2: after getting funds in your Bitcoin wallet, you should deposit on the online casino and start playing. You only need to navigate to the casino’s deposit page and select the Bitcoin option as your payment method.
    You will get specific instructions on making the deposit successfully. Within a couple of minutes after approval of the transaction, you’ll see the money in your casino account.


  • Step 1: head to the withdrawal section on the casino platform. Enter the amount you want to cash out and choose Bitcoin as your payment channel. Confirm the withdrawal and wait for it to be processed.
    The waiting time will vary, depending on the online casino you use for the cash out. 
  • Step 2: after receiving the Bitcoin payment, you can use it to pay for goods or services online from websites that accept cryptocurrency or convert it into your country’s official currency and transfer it to your bank account.
    Thank heavens, you can change your Bitcoin to cash through exchanges like Coinbase and Localbitcoins.

Place live wagers using bitcoin

Bitcoins are not only cost-effective but also convenient for instant payments when betting online. You can control placing bets from your desktop. If you’re yet to try this realistic and safest betting experience, you’re sure missing out. 

Though it may seem difficult but is the easiest way to place live wagers using Cryptocurrency. You can easily purchase BTC at online exchanges. Whether it’s about sports betting or casino games; you can easily use BTC for gambling/ betting online. 

The process of placing live bets using Bitcoins is similar to when placing bets on other games. Fund your Bitcoin wallet, transfer to your account, and start placing bets. While not all Bitcoin casinos offer live dealer games, some Bitcoin casinos, like the ones featured in the Top, definitely do!

Bet using bitcoin on mobile phones

Most Bitcoin casinos work perfectly on mobile devices like Android phones, tablets, iPads, or iPhones. The best Bitcoin casino sites have seamless designs to respond and fit in smaller mobile screens. 

Thanks to the HTML5 coding system’s advancement, you can enjoy your Bitcoin gambling experience while on the go, making things more convenient and hassle-free. To sweeten the deal, some of the operators have mobile applications available for download from Google Play Store or Apple Store.

On the other hand, others lack mobile apps but can be accessed via mobile devices’ web browsers. That makes it easier to relish casino gaming rewards without downloading the app. 

However, while gaming via mobile, it is advisable to be cautious of the internet connections you use. Public and unprotected WIFI connections are risky and can easily expose your gaming account to hackers.

Tips to bet online using Bitcoin

There are several Bitcoin casinos around. Hence, we recommend doing thorough research on different operators before signing up. Here are some tips you should consider when looking out for a Bitcoin casino. 

  • Accessibility/Ease of use: an outstanding advantage of Bitcoin casinos is that payments are more straightforward and quicker. More so, gaming providers should optimize their website to ensure that new gamblers can easily navigate the sections. 
  • KYC verification: after registering a gaming account at a reputable site, you will be prompted to provide certain documentation to ease transactions. One of the requirements is the Know your Customer (KYC) that helps the site remember your identity when making deposits or withdrawals.
    Therefore, always check to see if there is such an option after signing up. 
  • Trust and reputation: recently launched casinos are generally not as reputable as older brands. But sometimes, there are exceptions, and a few newly established Bitcoin casino sites are already gaining ground despite their young beginnings.
    More so, read reviews from independent sources to determine whether you can trust the Bitcoin casino or not. 
  • Customer support: every regular player knows that it’s relieving to have issues addressed timely. Consequently, confirm the site you join has channels to reach the staff in case you encounter problems. Luckily, most Bitcoin casinos provide 24/7 customer support; hence you shouldn’t be worried. 
  • Security and safety: asides from implementing SSL encryption systems, Bitcoin operators keep your funds in cold wallets out of their website. That means your funds can hardly be stolen or accessed by hackers since they are not connected to the web unless you authorize withdrawals.

Benefits of betting online with bitcoin

If you’re used to transacting with conventional currencies on online betting sites, you probably wonder why you should consider using Bitcoin. Well, here are a few reasons to switch to Bitcoin:

  • Faster withdrawals and deposits: most payment methods, apart from Bitcoin, have third-party financial institutions involved, which often implies delayed transactions.
    But since Bitcoin is decentralized, everything is processed online, so as soon as an operator approves your withdrawal, the funds will appear in your wallet instantly. 
  • Security and privacy: the primary objective of cryptocurrencies is to enhance faster and more secure Internet transactions. Most payment methods may require your email address, security code, card number, and expiration date.
    Your sensitive data remains private with Bitcoin. You only need to send your Bitcoin wallet address, and you can receive or send funds. 
  • Payments are not rejected: unlike traditional methods, Bitcoin payments don’t experience transaction failures or frequent chargebacks. Since you don’t need a third-party authorization, you can effortlessly move your Bitcoin around without issues. 
  • Promotions and bonuses: another advantage of betting online with Bitcoin is the promotions and bonuses you’re eligible to receive.
    While most traditional casinos offer a 50 or 100 percent match-up bonus to a particular limit, it’s different when depositing with Bitcoin. Your first deposit can earn you other rewards besides the casino typical casino incentives. 
  • Lower transactions costs: most online casinos don’t charge for deposits, but withdrawals usually attract substantial fees due to the third-party involved when retrieving your winnings.
    However, there are no middlemen involved when transacting with Bitcoin, which implies low transaction fees.

On what games can you bet on using Bitcoin?

There is an extensive range of sports available to play with Bitcoin. Here are some of what you will find in the suggested casinos on the list:

Horse/Greyhound Racing

Horse/Greyhound Racing

This sport presents gamblers with another great earning alternative to football. But it’s not as popular as other sports betting events since many betting sites don’t offer the game. If you’re looking to bet on animal racing, you’ll find tournaments like Kentucky Derby, Breeder’s Cup.

Table Tennis

Table Tennis

This sport has fewer tournaments in a year, but the few available present gamblers with a huge opportunity to win big. The sport is dominated by stars like Roger Federer, Serena Williams, and Rafael Nadal. You can place bets in tournaments like the Australian Open, US Open, ATP Finals, and more.



This is a very easy to bet sport. You only need to do your research and bet based on your discoveries. There are favorite teams that almost always win whenever they play. Many Bitcoin sportsbooks offer betting chances in several cricket tournaments, including IPL, T20 BLAST, and PSL.



This is the most popular sport in the US and a few other countries. With Bitcoin, you can bet on sportsbooks that offer basketball tournaments & leagues, such as NBA, IBL, PBL & more.



Football is the world’s most popular sport with lots of betting options and odds. You can find several leagues to bet on, including EPL, BPL, La Liga, Champions League, and more.

Get Bitcoin betting bonuses

Bonuses from Bitcoin casinos come in several sizes and shapes. They fall into each of these categories:

  • Welcome bonus: this is the most common kind of Bitcoin casino bonus found on almost all sites. A Welcome Bonus is meant to lure players into a casino.
    Often introduced as Matched Deposit Bonuses, you can also get Welcome Bonuses in other forms. If it includes a Cashback, Free Spins, and Matched Deposit Bonus, operators name it Welcome Package Bonus.
  • VIP bonus: most reputable Bitcoin casinos promote Loyalty Schemes, also referred to as Loyalty Clubs or VIP Schemes. The bonuses encourage frequent play by offering players Loyalty Points each time they take chances on games like Roulette, play a card game, or spin the reels. You can then convert these points into a cashback or prize.
    However, some of them have several tiers, with higher deposits earning more prestigious rewards and a higher status. 
  • Deposit bonus: most Bitcoin casinos offer a bonus for making the first deposit. Some also reward you for a second, third, and fourth deposit. These bonuses attract a percentage (up to 100 percent) and a maximum amount (mostly 1 BTC). 
  • Free spins: this bonus gives you a certain number of spins to play a series of slots or specific slot machines. Casinos often add them to other perks to promote developers and slots.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrency with several available wallets, enabling flexible payouts. Its decentralized nature also enhances easy payments while betting at casinos.

Yes! Some people consider the fact that exchange rate fluctuations could result in the loss of their money. However, they don’t realize that if Bitcoin appreciates between the purchase and cash out time, they’ll make extra profits.

No! There are thousands of companies and sites that are beginning to accept Bitcoins as payment methods.

Yes. While several companies can accept your Bitcoin as a real currency, we understand that sometimes you may need to convert it to your country’s official currency to transfer it into savings or make other purchases. It’s as straightforward as it is to buy Bitcoins, and you can do this directly from your wallet.

Technically, Bitcoins are full units, but you can purchase them in tiny pieces for any amount. Many people assume Bitcoin looks like a good bar that can’t be divided. Imagine it as a bottle of sand, where one can buy the entire bottle or a portion of the sand.


We trust you now have a basic understanding of Bitcoin casinos and how to select the best options with great loyalties, complimentary spins, and bonuses. You can now play every game you always wanted on your preferred casino site with an excellent Bitcoin gaming experience.

Make sure you have a fantastic internet connection and a pc or smartphone to enjoy Bitcoin casino. If you still don’t know where to play, join one of the platforms reflected in this topic and start earning and receiving gifts today.

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