Want to enhance your winnings on accumulator bets? Get rewarded with up to 50% extra boosts by combining several bets in a single line bet.

Read this detailed guide to know how to place accumulator bets and apply Acca boost. Let’s start with checking some of the best IPL betting sites in India that offer Acca boost to enhance the winning payouts.

Best Acca Boost Offers & Bookmakers 2022

What is an Accumulator Bet?

An Accumulator bet is the combination of a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 14 or 15 more single-line bets. For a qualifying bet, a player needs to win all the selected bets. There can be two possibilities:

  1. If any of the selected bets lose in the accumulator, you won’t be eligible to claim your winnings.
  2. If you won, your initial stake is multiplied by the selected odds to calculate the final payout. 

As odds are different for different bets, there are better chances to get high winning payouts. Remember, players can opt to apply Acca boost only to the qualifying bets to enhance their potential winnings.

Different Types of Accumulator Bet

Different bookmaker sites have different requirements and criteria to place an accumulator bet. Usually, minimum selection starts from 2 to a maximum of 15 or maybe 20.

ACCA Type Number of Bets
Double 2
Treble 3
Four fold 4
Five fold 5
Six fold 6 and so on.

What is an Acca Boost?

Acca boost is the extra benefit on the accumulator bet that can increase your normal payouts up to 50%. Only pre-match bets with fixed odds are eligible for the accumulator. In other words, it is the profit percentage on the bonuses & offers featured by online bookmakers. The percentage of boost depends on the number of bet selections and the online bookmaker site. 

Some other Promotions that work with Acca Boost:

  • Bet Builder: This feature gives you the freedom to create a new selection of bets and ask the bookmaker to set the odds. 
  • Edit Acca: It allows you to revise your selections and make any changes until the match is going on. Ladbrokes edit Acca feature is the best example of this feature. 
  • Cash-out:  It gives you the option to withdraw your winnings depending on the odds at that particular time before the bet is closed.

How to apply Acca boost?

Trust us, there is no better way to get the extra rewards on your returns. Below are the  simple steps you need to follow to use Acca boost:

  1. Place an accumulator bet with 3 or more folds.
  2. The more the number of bets, the higher will be your winning amount.
  3. Check the percentage of ‘Extra Winnings’ at the bottom of the bet slip.
  4. Select the stake amount.
  5. Now, simply ‘Click on place Bet.’

Why do Bettors & Sportsbooks Like Accumulators?

  • Accumulator bet has the potential to return maximum payouts of 31:1; that means with an INR1000/- bet, you can earn INR 32,000/-
  • Whether you are losing or winning; bookmakers always earn profits keeping a part of your stake and profit.
  • The risk is higher but the payouts are even higher. ACCA Boost is the best opportunity for experienced bettors to place up to 15 fold bets in one go.
  • Acca allows you to place multiple bets in different sports including horse racing, football, basketball, tennis, cricket, and other 100+ sports.
  • With ACCA insurance, you can remove a losing leg and enhance your winning odds.

How Acca Boost is used in Sports Betting?

To begin with, a player needs to fulfill the wagering requirements. There should not be any losing leg in Acca for a qualifying bet. The percentage of boost depends on the number of selections. 

For example: 5 fold accca boost will top up your winning by 10% whereas 8 fold accumulator bet will increase your winning by 20%

Experts Tip:

  1. It’s better to read the terms & conditions before using the Acca boost. 
  2. Each sports betting market has different profit percentages. 
  3. If you want to cash out your winnings immediately, Acca boost gets null & void.

Check below the #3 best sports betting sites in India featuring the best Acca boost offers for extra winnings.

Great Sports Bonus!
100% up to 2500₹
Great Sports Bonus!
50% up to $50
Great Sports Bonus!
100% up to ₹20,000

Acca boost on Jeetplay

Minimum odds: 1.2 or greater
Sports: Football, ice hockey, basketball, handball, volleyball, American football, cricket or Esports.
Minimum bets 3
Minimum stake INR 3000/-
Maximum Profit: INR 2,50,000/-

Check below the extra winnings offered by Fun88 as per your number of bet selections:

Number of Folds Extra Winnings
3 3%
4 6%
5 10%
6 15%
7 20%
8 25%
9 30%
10 35%
11 40%
12+ 50%
JeetPlay Casino Logo
Betting App with high cricket
100% up to ₹70,000
Total number of games: 100+
Software provider: iSoftBet, Microgaming
Live Chat: yes, 24/7

Acca boost on LeoVegas

Minimum odds: 1.3+
Sports: Football, ice hockey, basketball, handball, volleyball, American football, cricket or Esports.
Minimum bets 3
Minimum stake INR 3000/-
Maximum Profit: INR 1,00,000/- five time each week

Take a look at the table below to check the extra winnings on number of selections:

Number of Selections Profit Boost
3 10%
4 15%
5 25%
6 35%
7 or more 50%
betway casino cta
Best Live betting Odds for Cricket
100% up to 2500₹
Products: Online Slots, Table Games, Video Poker etc
Minimum Deposit: Rs. 1000
Customer Support: LiveChat, E-Mail & Phone

Terms & Conditions of Acca Boost

  • Acca boost is applicable only for bettors above 18 years of age.
  • Only qualifying bets are eligible for enhanced winnings.
  • It can be combined with pre-match sports bets only.
  • Generally, the Acca  Boost comes with minimum odds of 1/5 (1.2).
  • Accumulator bets with 3 or plus folds are eligible for Acca boosts.
  • Single bets, system bets( Yankee, lucky15, etc.) with less than 3 folds are not eligible for Acca boost.
  • It can not be used for handicap bets/ partial win or refundable bets.
  • You can check the boost percentage & extra winnings in your bet slip.
  • Acca boosts are credited only after the bet settlement.


What is ACCA boost Paddy Power?

The accumulator with two or more bet selections. A player needs to win all the bets to make it a qualifying bet and claim the payouts. Paddy power helps you getting early payouts.

What is Ladbrokes ACCA boost?

With Ladbrokes Acca boost, allows you to track your accumulator, remove the losing bets, and cash out your winnings within 4 hours.

How does ACCA insurance work?

If a player’s accumulator is losing the winning payout due to a single losing leg; Paddy Power's Acca Insurance will refund a free bet worth your stake within 24 hours into your betting account.

What is the full cover bet?

This bet covers a minimum of 3 selections to the maximum depending on availability on the bookmaker site. Different selections have different names. For example
1. Trixie: 3 selection of bets:
2. Yankee: 4 selections:
3. Canadian: 5
4. Heinz: 6
5. Super Heinz: 7
6. Goliath: 8

What if I Cash Out of my accumulator?

Early cash outs will result in voiding all the extra winnings obtained through Acca boost. A player needs to wait until the Acca bet is settled.

What happens if the match is canceled?

The good news is you will still receive your winnings. The condition is you must have won all the remaining selections and fulfilled the Acca criteria. For example:

If you place a 6 fold bet at 15% and the match got canceled at 4 fold bet, you’ll get the respective payout of 5 or 10% as offered by the bookmakers.

Our Final Verdict on Acca Boost

In a nutshell, Acca Boost is the best opportunity for online bettors to win a significant amount of money with a small stake. The benefit is you can place up to 15 bets. Accumulators with enhanced odds are beneficial for both the bookmakers and players. Acca boost increases your bet value. But make sure to select all the bets with better odds to earn maximum benefits.