Betting promotions are the real deal when it comes to online gambling anywhere in the world. These, together with bonuses, are the reasons players love to play their games at casinos and why they prefer one casino to the other.

Promotions may, in truth, not be the sole reason players do real money gambling as there are other reasons such as the flexibility of the site, the registration process, pay-out and withdrawal methods, amongst others. Still, promotions do also play a huge part in their preferences.  

Some of the betting sites in India (like FUN88, which is a great site to play your games at) have some juicy promotions to be given to their customers. Either on a welcome bonus basis for new players or just exclusive promotions for old users. And all you have to do is sign-up.

In the next few paragraphs, you will be reading more about what are the betting promotions? You will also have a chance to read about live cricket betting and top cricket betting leagues. Are you excited to read? Then stay with us. 

Betting Promotions In India

What are betting promotions?

Betting promotions are the special freebies players get when they use online casino sites. Promotions are a very common thing at casinos, and they come in different ways.

Some casinos are more generous when it comes to promotions. Online betting is not a generally accepted activity to engage in India.

There are certain parts of the country where it may not be allowed, but regardless of this, online casinos in India have made a name for themselves by giving players some of the best betting promotions they can ever get. 

There are several terms and conditions surrounding betting promotions on each site; players need to check through them, follow them to be eligible.

This means that betting promotions vary according to sites; some of these casinos require an actual deposit for promotions to be activated, while some require only regular use of the site. 

The truth is most of them require a registration deposit. Another thing to note about promotions is the duration and time.

Some promotions are periodic, which means they are not always available. Some of them are daily picks, and everyday casino users stand a chance to access such promotions.

Some online casinos may even put a time constraint on the promotions; they may make a particular promotion available between 2 pm to 4 pm. It all depends.

Examples of promotions include but is not limited to: free bets, double bets, pick-ups, matched deposits, free bet offers, money back, sign up deposit offers, etc.

In the next subheading, you will see some types of promotions in detail.

Types of betting promotions in 2022

There are different types of betting promotions available in 2022. The following are some examples, what they mean and how they work.

Sign up deposit promotions: this promo is very common in casinos worldwide; it is always the first promotion offer players will get upon signing up on a site.

When players make their first deposit, the site may give them some amount of money as a promo to play with.

Free bets with no deposit. Usually, free bets are for old users, and they are periodic. A player may log into a casino and see free bets not requiring a deposit.

However, the condition for this may be that there is a fixed amount that is given, and there are certain bets you can use it for. Sometimes, table or slot games on a site may come with free bets no deposit. 

Acca insurance

Acca insurance is a very common betting promotion used in casinos. Acca gives you your money back on multiple bets.

If a player takes on multiple bets and one of the selected games on the accumulator losses, such a player will get their money back to make another bet for free. 

Matched deposit offers

A matched deposit is the promotions offer a player gets when they play with or deposit an amount of money on a site.

A matched deposit gives back the exact amount you deposited to play with. For example, a casino may offer a 100% matched bonus for ₹200. Which means the player is getting another ₹200 when you deposit the first. Matched deposit promotions are easy to understand.

Matched bonus free bets will offer you the exact amount you deposited with or offer you a double on some occasions for you to play with.

Moneyback promotions

A player gets a certain percentage of their stake back when they lose their bet. Money-back is a way of the betting site to say they understand why a player lost. Well, it is one of the rarest promotions you can ever find around. 

Enhanced odds

Enhanced odds are also a type of promotion that allows players to boast a particular market line. This is done in different ways, but new players get to enjoy the large dips of enhanced odds most of the time.

It is common to find enhanced odds side by side horseracing, football, and cricket betting.

Best Betting Sites In India And Their Promotions

We have looked into betting promotions and their types. How about checking out casinos in India with juicy promotions? Talking about betting sites in India, there are quite a lot of them, and they all give different promotions; however, the following are the best of them all. 

Fun88 Casino

Fun88 is another casino that is popular in India. The site has alternative domain accounts just for her Indian audience.

To play your games, especially for cricket betting promotions, all you need to do is log into the site and register. Take a look at some of the promotion offers by Fun88.

  • Free bet of ₹100 on sports betting.
  • 10% bonus of up to ₹30,000.
  • Special slot promotions (applicable for different slot games, varies).
  • Fun88 live casino promotion, 130% bonus closing to ₹3,500.
  • Promotion’s sportsbook, 200% first-time deposit bonus up to ₹7,500.

Click at Fun88 in our table to enjoy the best promotion now!

Betway casino

Betway is a very popular online betting site in India and a known site in many countries. It is one of the most used and visited sites.

One of the reasons for this is their cricket betting options. It also is known for its incredible live betting space for players who want to play with real people.

This is why we are recommending that you play all types of games at Betway Casino by logging in, and opening an account with them. Below are the promotions that can be found on Betway.

  • 100% match on first deposit.
  • Cut – 1 Boost, giving 20x of bets back.
  • Win boost, boosting multi-bet winnings up to 250%. 
  • IPL/EPL golden boot.

Head down to Betway to sign-up, using the affiliate link in the table we have left in this article, and you’ll be sure to be getting in the right site. 


22bet is an online casino that has been licensed to operate since 2007. It is peculiar to Indian players because although it is an international sports betting site, it accepts Indian rupees. 22bet is also generous with promotions. The site even offers cash promotions. Here is a look at some of the promotions offered.

  • Reload promotions on Friday.
  • First deposit bonus promotions.
  • Shop promotions where players get to buy things without cash.
  • Birthday promotions.
  • Money-back promotions in losing bets.
  • Accumulator bet boost.
  • Football mania lottery .

Have you made a decision yet and you think 22bet is the place for you? Then click 22bet on our top and go there to create and account, claim your welcome bonus and start playing!


LeoVegas has made a name for itself in India. An award-winning online sports betting site referred to as the king of mobile betting because of its friendly and clean betting experience.

It is one of the IPL betting sites in India. Players can stake on their cricket betting leagues in India at LeoVegas just easily. Here are some of the betting promotions offered on LeoVegas.

  • Win a trip promotion.
  • Leo Vegas cricket club, free bets bonus boosts.
  • Exclusive welcome offer, 2x ₹750 on ₹1,500 bets.
  • Weekly live sports offer.
  • Weekly accumulator profit boosts.
  • Friday free spins.
  • VIP program.
  • New game mode blast.

Indian players can place any IPL league bets on any of the casinos mentioned above; you can find top cricket leagues here and put in for any of them while expecting to get the best betting promotions in India.  

A lot of players look out for Indian premier leagues, and many casinos have included it on their site. Including live IPL betting is necessary because it is the most popular cricket game in the world.

Worthy of mentioning is the cricket betting leagues in India.

Finding cricket leagues in India

Finding cricket leagues on casinos is easy because it is one of the games players bet on in India. Although there are several cricket betting leagues in India, the Indian premier league tops them all as it is one of the most respected local leagues in the world.

Players use online casinos just to stake on their favourite leagues. Some fans of IPL will cancel out their day-to-day activities to watch an IPL match.

This points to how serious the IPL is. Many of the brands’ casinos we recommend offers cricket betting options in the casino, and it is a fantastic place to play your games. 

Here is the list of 2022 IPL betting cricket leagues  

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

There are various promotions on different casino sites. To get promotions, you have to check out the sites. There is usually an option labelled “promotions” on the site. Clicking on it will show you the available promotions. You can also start by checking out any of the casino mentioned here.

No, promotions are meant for every casino user. For example, Royal Panda has promotion offers for new users. It is called a welcome offer. After this are many other promotions available for regular users of the casino to verify you can play your games at Royal Panda.

Yes, you can. Promotions encompass a variety of games, and cricket is one of them.

Betting Promotions usually come with terms and conditions; it is advisable to read them before applying for promotions. This will inform you about the limitations of the promotions, what you need to qualify and how you can claim them. Casino’s have a bonus code that player can use to claim promos. Once you are within the legal age, you can claim your promos the same way you do your actual winnings.

Well it all depends. Some of the promotions are not hard to get while some requirements may seem a little big tricky. But not to worry, you can get any promotion offer regardless of the terms.


Betting promotions in India can make any player interested in using a lot of casino sites to access as much as possible because not only do many casinos have these promotional offers, but they are so enticing.

The promotions cover different games allowing players to be flexible with their choices. Betting sites in India are now much more common, thanks to the likes of the bookies adding flexibility to the game.

Players looking out for online bonuses and promotions can see them at any casino mentioned here. It is one thing to love playing games and another to find betting promotions worth it.

Make the best choice now with any of the brands that we talked here. Those are 100% betting sites open to Indian players, accepts rupees and even, have their site in Hindi.