T20 Blast betting is arguably the game-changer in the online betting world. The competition is an English Twenty Twenty county cricket event and perhaps the oldest.

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T20 Blast Betting

Indian bookies for T20 Vitality Blast betting

What is T20 VITALITY Blast?

The league was established in 2003 by the English and Wales Cricket and was initially recommended for the English and Welsh exceptional countries. Today, the event has gained popularity, attracting more punters to make profits from T20 Blast betting.

Well, T20 Vitality Blast is a competition with 20 overs on each side. Typically, the event begins in July/ August and ends in September.

However, there were a few changes in last year’s T20 format. The league was partitioned into three groups, each comprising six teams.

Every county consisted of 10 group-stage games. The counties to progress in the quarter-finals were to be the two top counties in each group.

That was a very different criterion used as opposed to the formats in the previous years. Natheless, no changes were made to the point-scoring criterion.

The systems remained the same with two points for each win, one point for every draw, and no point for a loss.

Quick T20 Blast Cricket League rules

Most sports have rules tied to them, and for this case, the T20 Blast cricket sport is not exempted. The guidelines majorly aid in upholding the pace of the competition.

Below are some of the explicit and straightforward rules charted in any vitality T20 Blast Cricket games.

  • Only twenty overs are allowed per side.
  • There are field constraints in the first six overs. Two fielders are permitted outside the circle with more than two immobile fielders.
  • A “no-ball” means 2 runs – a batman is a cast-iron, a free hit after a no-ball.
  • Both sides have 80 minutes to complete their 20 overs, and 15 minutes are offered between rounds.
  • Run penalties are granted for every single over that is not bowled in the permitted time.
  • The following batsman has only 90 seconds once a wicket falls and gets to the crease.
  • Every bowler should not exceed the use of four overs.
  • Only a maximum of 5 fielders on the leg side is permissible. 
  • A team may be awarded five bonus runs when an umpire feels the opposition team is wasting time essentially.
  • There is a 75-minute time limit that means the bowling teams have to complete their 20 overs in 75 minutes.

Bet online on T20 Blast

Searching for a virtuous and unswerving online vitality T20 betting site can be arduous and time-consuming for any punter. Yet, below are some of the core aspects to ruminate on before opting for any betting site.


Always be on the lookout for sites offering bonuses and promotions. A reliable betting site should offer perks such as a welcome bonus, VIP bonus, promotional bonus, monthly bonus, match-deposit bonus, no-deposit bonus, etc. 

Wagering terms

Always be sure of what you are signing for regarding the incentive you take. Cogitate scrutinizing the wagering terms and requirements set regarding any offers and bonuses given to avoid glitches of failing to receive or withdraw winnings.


Well, at least you do not take part in illegal activities in the name of gambling. To circumvent this, gamble with betting sites with the required legal documents and abide by the law.

Several renowned licensing bodies to check out in betting sites serving the UK and Asia include the UK Gambling Commission, the Gibraltar Regulatory authority, the Malta gaming (MGA), etc.

Payment options

Look out for sites that accept several innumerable trusted payment options. Some of the most popular and reliable payment methods include debit cards, credit cards, and online bank transfers.

If you prefer e-wallets, you can consider Skrill, Neteller, ecoPayz, GPay, etc. The sites that we recommend and that you can create a free account by using our link, have a variety of options.

But the key thing here, in addition to being safe, fast and reliable, is that they support Indian rupees. This way, you’ll avoid currency exchange fees, and what’s more, you’ll be able to keep a better control of your money and earnings.

Place bets smartly on T20 BLAST League team

To bet nattily on the T20 Blast league teams, you must look into many aspects. Jumping off, you should analyze the players and the squads.

Fortuitously, we got you covered. Below are analyses of all T20 Blast league teams based on different physiognomies.



Gloucestershire is yet to check-in, in the championship record in the T20 Blast League. Still, all is not lost for the team.

At least they got to the quarter-finals in the 2019 season after losing only in 3 games. They also topped the points table in the Central group. The teams’ captain is Jack Taylor.

Leicestershire Foxes

Leicestershire Foxes

It is extolled as the most successful team in the league. Leicesters have won the competition thrice in 2004, 2006, and 2011.

Natheless, of late, fate has not been on their side. In the 2019 league, they tied in a knock-out match with the Outlaws.

Withal, the Outlaws proceeded for the semi-finals after they scored more runs in the powerplay. The foxes captain and coach are Colin Ackermann and respectively.



The team took up the history of winning the first-ever match of the T20 Blast League in 2003. The Surreys almost reaped the 2020 championship, but the Outlaws by 6 wickets unluckily defeated them. Their lead captain is Jade Dernbach.

Birmingham Bears

Birmingham Bears

The team was formerly known as Warwickshire. It won the T20 Blast league in 2014. Although things on their side have not been so good since then, they at least managed to be among the top three in the central group in the last season. The team’s captain is Will Rhodes.



It is one of the teams that has scooped the T20 Blast championship. Middlesex won the tournament in 2008. In the last season, the team was in the fifth position at the table. The team lost 7 out of the 10 matches frolicked—the team’s captain is Eoin Morgan.

Kent Spitfires

Kent Spitfires

Kent won the tournament in 2007. The team began their 2019 campaign on a high note, and at least they got to the quarter-final stage.

The team finished 3rd in the league after the Surreys conquered them by 54 runs. The team is under the stewardship of the able captain Sam Billings.

Lancashire Lightning

Lancashire Lightning

Things have not been that bad for the team; at least they secured a win in the tournament once in 2015. In the 2020 edition, the team got to the semi-finals against Notts Outlaws.

But the Outlaws knocked them out by 5 wickets. Lancashire is currently under the arm of captain Dane Vilas.

Derbyshire Falcons

Derbyshire Falcons

Although they have never made it to the finals for the first time in history, the team’s star rose in the 2019 season, where they at least managed to get to the semi-finals.

The team’s captain is Billy Godleman. The newly added players in the team include Matt Critchley, Wayne Madsen and Michael Cohen.

Nottinghamshire Outlaws

Nottinghamshire Outlaws

They remain to be the 2017 league’s champion. In 2019, the team lost to Worcestershire by one run. Nevertheless, they secured the league’s win in 2020 after beating Surrey by 6 wickets.

The outlaws’ main bowler, Jake ball, gained the highest wicket-taker title, with 19 wickets. The team’s captain is Dan Christian.

Durham Jets

Durham Jets

The team is yet to win any of the T20 leagues. However, at least it has been triumphant in most of its matches. The team’s captain is Nathan Rimmington. The team garnered 6th position in the last league.



The team has not managed to win the league again since 2005. Yet, the team has constantly appeared in the semi-finals. But in the last league, things didn’t go well on their side.

The team was in the fourth position in the Central group’s points table after winning only 4 matches out of the 10. The team is currently under the coach and the captain Lewis Gregory.

Sussex Sharks

Sussex Sharks

Champions in 2009, the Sharks finished 2nd in the South group. In the quarter-final stage, the team lost to Lancashire after they were defeated by 45 runs. Presently, the team’s captain is Luke Wright.

Worcestershire Rapids

Worcestershire Rapids

The rapids have not been that badly off, especially in the 2018 and 2019 leagues. The 2018 champions won under the Moeen Ali captaincy.

The team did not participate in the 2020 T20 blast league, leading them to garner the last spot. At the moment, Worcestershire’s captain is Ed Barnard.

Yorkshire Vikings

Yorkshire Vikings

Vikings is yet to gain the T20 Blast tournament title. The team has only achieved to step to the semi-finals once. Things did not get better for the Vikings in the 2020 T20 Blast league, as the team failed to get to the knock-out stage. The team’s captain is David Willey.



The team has relished some great feats in the league. This team, previously known as Hampshire Hawks, has appeared in the winning records twice in 2010 and 2012.

Well, things did not work well in the 2019 season. They reaped the last position. The team is under captain James Vince.

Northampton Steelbacks

Northampton Steelbacks

The steelbacks have won the league’s championship in 2013 and 2016. Luck seemed to be on their side in the 2019 season after completing in the second position.

That was after they lost to Gloucestershire by 7 wickets. The team’s captain is Josh Cobb.

Essex Eagles

Essex Eagles

The team won against Worcestershire in a thrilling match in 2019. Things are, however, seen to take a new turn in 2020 as the team is seen taking the fifth position in the south group rankings. The Eagles are under captain Simon Harmer.



It has not been a smooth time for the Glamorgan team, particularly in the last two seasons. In 2019, the team finished ninth in the points table after losing four matches.

Nothing got better in 2020 as the team took up the fifth position in the South group points rankings. The team’s captain is Chris Cooke.

T20 VITALITY Blast – Facts and winner records for past events

Vitality T20 Blast has enormously grown since its inception in 2003. Just like in any other sport, there exist winners and losers.

Correspondingly, various players have attained prodigious achievements and won numerous annals in the league.

Leicestershire is the most successful team in the league with 3 winnings in 2004,2006, and 2011. Herein are some of the major stats and records achieved in the T20 Blast events:

  • Gloucestershire scored 254/3 in 2011, recording the highest team total against Middlesex.
  • In July 2012, Northamptonshire and Gloucester recorded the lowest total by scoring just 54 amid them. 
  • In 2015, Brendon took the title for the highest individual score after attaining 158 scores.
  • Nick Knight from Warwickshire will forever remain in the T20 Blast history after scoring the first-ever six in the league.

T20 Blast League cricket winners and runner-up

It’s no doubt that the 2021 T20 Blast is going to be competitive. More so, it would be best if you armed yourself with the background of the winners in the last events. Below are how the teams performed in the previous finals: 

  • 2003: The winner was Surrey while the runner-up was Warwickshire
  • 2004: The winner was Leicester while the runner-up was Surrey
  • 2005: The Winner was Somerset while the runner-up was Lancashire
  • 2006: The winner was Leicestershire while the runner-up was Nottinghamshire.
  • 2007: The winner was Kent while the runner-up was Gloucestershire.
  • 2008: The winner was Middlesex while the runner-up was Kent.
  • 2009: The winner was Sussex while the runner-up was Somerset
  • 2010: The winner was Hampshire while the runner-up was Somerset
  • 2011: The winner was Leicestershire while the runner-up was Somerset.
  • 2012: The winner was Hampshire while the runner-up was Yorkshire.
  • 2013: The winner was Northamptonshire while the runner-up was Warwickshire.
  • 2014: The winner was Warwickshire while the runner-up was Lancashire.
  • 2015: The winner was Lancashire while the runner-up was Northamptonshire.
  • 2016: The winner was Northamptonshire while the runner-up was Durham
  • 2017: The winner was Nottinghamshire while the runner-up was Warwickshire
  • 2018: The winner was Worcestershire while the runner-up was Sussex.
  • 2019: The winner was Essex while the runner-up was Worcestershire.
  • 2020: The winner was Nottinghamshire while the runner-up was Surrey.

How much can you earn by betting online on T20 Blast?

Many betting sites such as Fun88 offer great deals for punters who want to place bets on the T20 Blast matches and make decent earnings.

With good odds analysis, T20 Blast betting markets offer very high rewards. Based on the teams’ previous performances, punters can make different predictions to increase their winning chances. 

For the 2021 T20 Blast event, Essex Eagles are expected to lead the league, thus favouring the Southern clubs this season. More expectations have been placed on the Somerset team after changes were made in their squad. 

One of the top teams in the tournament, Lancashire, is also expected to be hit by unavailable players, automatically altering its performance.

The stage will now be left for the other top teams, Nottinghamshire Outlaws and Sussex Sharks, to compete in the league’s finals. However, the amount of cash you can win will depend on the stake you bet and the match’s odds.

And in case you’d like to bet on this amazing cricket event, there are just a couple of things you need to do. The first is to create an account at any of the brands we recommend and make a deposit to claim the bonuses and free bets.
Second, choose the match, place your bet, and enjoy the event!

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

T20 Blast takes place in summer, and in most cases, begins in July.

The most common markets for T20 Blast betting are the top bowler, match-winner, top batsman, number of boundaries scored, etc. However, you can also place bets on other markets based on your preferences.

A T20 match lasts for 3 hours. Typically, both innings last for 90 minutes each and a 10 min break between the innings.

No, it is not. Betting on T20 Blast is very legal. Just make sure you are betting on a licensed site.

The most victorious team is Leicestershire, having won the league in 2004, 2006, and 2011.


This T20 Blast betting article offers clear, relevant, and convenient ways to warrant that you make the right decisions as you wager for the T20 Blast League.

Well, you now have the stats, betting peaks, and all requisite info about the T20 Blast betting, then what are you waiting for? Start wagering today at the best gambling site that offers excellent bonuses and promotions that we recommend you. 

Remember, though, that we are not responsible for your decisions or actions. Our mission is to inform, but we are not expert advice, nor are we associated with any payment method.

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