It is impossible to talk about the Indian Premier League without making mention of the Chennai Super Kings. The team has, in the last decade, made a solid name for itself in the game of cricket, thereby putting India in the news for good. Their relatively consistent pattern has thus made them a good team to place a bet on, and if that is something you’re interested in, then you can Click Here to place your bets on FUN88 Casino

However, if you are still not certain what this team is onto, then you may want to see more on their winning streak dating back to the creation of the team. 

Chennai Super Kings

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History of the Chennai Super Kings

Chennai Super Kings, also fondly called CSK, was formally launched in 2008 as an Indian-based cricket team. The auction of players kicked off later that same year, and that was when the team acquired Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who was the most expensive player the team had at the time. Dhoni was then appointed as the team’s coach, and that hasn’t changed in the last 12 years. 

Having signed some of the best players in Indian cricket, CSK went on to win the Indian Premier League title in 2010, and they repeated the same feat the year after. Their winning streak was cut short when the team was suspended in 2015 when the owners were accused of getting their hands stained in a betting issue. It was in this same year that the team’s first vice-captain, Suresh Raina, left. Suresh had been one of the team’s greatest asset with the highest number of runs caps to his name. This ban lasted until 2017, and when they made a comeback the following year, they did it big. The team clinched the IPL title for the third time, making them a force to contend with.

The team is easily recognized by their blue and yellow colors but most especially by their worth. As of last year, CSK was said to be the second most valuable franchise in the Indian Premier League, being valued for an average of $104 million.

Overview of Chennai Super Kings

The team has xxx players signed under its name, and most of these players have been on the team for a really long time. MS Dhoni himself has been on the team since its creation, which perhaps explains their winning pattern. Here, we take a look at all xxx players, their roles on the team, and their style of play to help you further understand why they would make a great team to place your first FUN88 bet on. 

Name of player Nationality Role Batting Style Bowling Style
MS Dhoni Indian Batsman Right-handed Right-arm medium
Shane Watson Australian Batsman Right-handed Right-arm fast-medium
Dwayne Bravo Trinidad All-rounder Right-handed Right-arm medium
Harbhajan Singh Indian Spinner Right-handed Off break
Ambati Rayudu Indian Batsman Right-handed Right-arm off-break
Imran Tahir Indian Spinner Right-handed Right-arm leg spin
Faf du Plessis South African Batsman Right-handed Right-arm leg break
M Vijay Indian Batsman Right-handed Right-arm off-break
Sam Curran English All-rounder Left-handed Left-arm medium-fast
Mitchell Santner New Zealand All-rounder Left-handed Slow Left-arm orthodox
Monu Singh Indian All-rounder Right-handed Right-arm medium
N Jagadeesan (wk) Indian Batsman Right-handed
Ruturaj Gaikwad Indian Batsman Right-handed Right-arm off-break
Lungi Ngidi South African Fast Bowler Right-handed Right-arm fast
Deepak Chahar Indian Fast Bowler Right-handed Right-arm medium
Kedar Jadhav Indian All-rounder Right-handed Right-arm off-break
KM Asif Indian Fast Bowler Right-handed Right-arm medium
Ravindra Jadeja Indian All-rounder Left-handed Slow Left-arm orthodox
Piyush Chawla Indian Spinner Left-handed Right-arm leg break
Josh Hazlewood Australian Fast Bowler Left-handed Right-arm fast-medium
Shardul Thakur Indian Fast Bowler Right-handed Right-arm medium
Ravisrinivasan Sai Indian Spinner Left-handed Slow left-arm orthodox
Karn Sharma Indian Spinner Left-handed Leg break googly

Quick Tips To Bet On CSK Team

Everyone knows that betting is a game of chance, but with proper analysis and strategy, the chances of winning could be relatively higher. Here are some betting tips that may favor the odds when placing your money on IPL betting.

  • CSK understands that winning every game is now critical for them following their recent streak of losses. This should propel the team to be more strategic and determined going forward, thus making their probability of winning a tad higher.
  • The team’s all-rounder, Sam Curran, fared remarkably well in a large percentage of their matches, especially the T20 World Cup, and with a good plan, CSK may hold on to victory again.
  • The Kings won their last match against the Sunrisers Hyderabad, and this could serve as a good sign.
  • Lately, the support from the other all-rounders on the field has been relatively low, and their attitude towards the upcoming matches would determine if things stay this way or improve.
  • One factor that could positively Impact CSK’s game is the slowing down of the pitches. If this is maintained, then the team would have higher chances of winning more games this year.

Chennai Super Kings (CSK) Past Performance

We’ve already stated that CSK has a record of winning most of its matches, but at this point, we would quickly expand on these wins and when they happened. There would, however, be a two-year gap in the records not because they lost all the matches in that season but because of the ban, the team received in 2015.

Year of winning Matches Won
2010 Champions League Twenty20
2010 Indian Premier League
2011 Indian Premier League
2014 Champions League Twenty20
2018 Indian Premier League

It took the team over a hundred matches to win these titles. Some years had them cruising quite smoothly to victory, and others had them barely making it to the finals, but we would be settling on their victories today.

Year Number of matches played Wins Win percentage (%)
2008 16 9 56.25
2009 15 8 53.33
2010 16 9 56.25
2011 16 11 68.75
2012 19 10 52.63
2012 18 12 66.67
2014 16 10 62.5
2015 17 10 58.82
2018 16 11 68.75
2019 17 10 58.82
2020 14 6 42.85
Total 180 106 58.88

In 2009 and 2012, the team had one abandoned match each.
From the records, it is almost apparent what the team’s strengths and losses are. This information should further assist you in placing a bet on the team. If for any reason, you still doubt betting on the CSK team, then you may want to pay attention to the next section.

Why Choose CSK Team To Bet On?

Besides the fact that the team has the highest winning streak in the IPL, there are a couple of other reasons why the team would make a good choice for a FUN88 bet. We have outlined a few of them right here. 

  • One obvious reason is the fact that the team’s coach, MS Dhoni, is the best when it comes to Indian cricket. He has been able to keep a record that is yet unmatched, therefore making CSK a very worthy choice for betting.
  • With the recent developments in the T20 IPL, such as the slowing down of pitches, CSK may just be the perfect choice for your coins.
  • The team has managed to make a fairly good comeback following their losses earlier this year, and from all indications, they don’t look like they would be backing down anytime soon.
  • A good number of their opponents have not been able to match their level of skill in years. The only contenders that look like threats are Mumbai Indians and Delhi Capitals, but they aren’t in any way out of CSK’s league.

What to Avoid Before Placing Bet Online on CSK

There is no rigid pattern when it comes to online cricket betting, and as much as everything is left to chance, there are a few factors that could save you heartache when betting on a team like CSK.

  • One big mistake you should avoid making is nurturing the idea that the audience’s favorite would win. A team could be a favorite because of a winning streak, but sports betting is always a game of chance, and anything could happen at any time. Players could make mistakes, coaches could make unexpected changes to the lineup, and the best players could get injured. You could do yourself a favor study the game plan than rely on audience polls.
  • Do not hurriedly place a bet without knowing the players that would be on the pitch. Sometimes, a player may get substituted or not be able to play due to injury, and this could affect the overall performance of the team during a game. It would help to check out the formation of players before each game as this would assist you in making informed decisions.
  • Another factor to avoid is betting with emotions on the line. CSK has made a name for itself in the IPL, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t spring up surprises on you at any time. You should, therefore, not solely depend on your trust or admiration for MS Dhoni or Sam Curran when placing an online bet on the Kings.
  • Seeing your team win a match, you placed a bet on could be exciting, but you may want to give it a break. Teams win, and teams lose, and if your favorite team loses multiple times in a row, you may be left broke. So, study the teams, their strategy, and their recent games before putting your money on the line.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The team was bought as a franchise for a sum of $91 million by Indian Cements, and they had to transfer the franchise later in 2014 to Chennai Super Kings Ltd.

MS Dhoni, unarguably. The CSK coach has led the team to eight finals at the IPL and three IPL titles. Additionally, he has won 104 of the 174 matches he has played with the team. No other coach in the IPL has been able to beat that.

The team received a two-year ban when Gurunath and Kundra—two of their top officials—were said to have been involved in a betting case.

If sports gods were chosen by their records, then this would no doubt be MS Dhoni.

CSK faced the Mumbai Indians at the opening of the IPL 2020, and MS Dhoni took his spot on the field as a batsman. He would be playing with the team in the rest of their matches at the IPL 2020.

For some strange reason, a couple of people have their money on Delhi Capitals, but nobody can say for sure who would be taking home the title in 2020

Not yet. The CSK coach has confirmed that he would be playing with the team come IPL 2021.

If the team wins the three matches ahead of them by a wide margin, then they would be able to make it to the playoffs.


Having seen the history, present, and future predictions for the Super Kings, you should now be able to make informed decisions when placing your FUN88 bet on the IPL games. 2020 hasn’t been particularly nice to the team, but the team has the power to turn all that they’ve been through in this season to their favor. 

Whatever happens this season amongst the IPL teams would make history in the world of Indian cricket concerning all the hurdles everyone had to face this year, and any team that succeeds in holding the title would forever see it as a bragging right. The Mumbai players look like they came to win, and so does the Delhi team. Chennai is somewhere in the middle of the scale, but it wouldn’t be so much of a surprise if they make it to the finals and even win the league.