Due to a solid following that has steadily grown over the past few years, Esports has now become one of the most popular betting markets in India. Countless betting sites are now offering esports events and you are guaranteed to find plenty of global tournaments and regional competitions to bet on.

If you’re new to esports betting, things might seem a bit complicated and difficult to master. This is definitely not the case because esports betting is as simple as betting on cricket and football.

In this article, we’ll be answering all your questions about the exciting world of esports betting. We’ll tell your how you can place your esports bets and most importantly which sites offer the best esports events.

Top 5 esports betting sites for Indians

What is esports betting and how to bet on esports?

The name esports refers to professional video game competitions. These competitions can occur between individuals or teams and they are often live streamed through services such as Youtube or Twitch

Esports betting is handled the same way as with other sports. Here are the quick few steps you should take to successfully place your bet.

  • Find a reputable Esports betting site and register your account.
  • Deposit your funds and claim the welcome bonus.
  • Go to the site’s sports section and look for esports.
  • Open the site’s esports section and select the tournament you want to bet on. For example, you can select the League of Legends World Championship.
  • You will see all the events available for that tournament. For example Team A vs Team B or John vs James. Go ahead and select the event you want to bet on.
  • Once you select the event, all the available betting outcomes will be shown. For instance, John to win or Team A to win. Select the outcome you want.
  • A bet slip will appear and you can type in how much you want to wager.
  • Confirm the details then click ‘submit’ or ‘Bet now’

How do we review and rank the best esports betting sites in India ?

With the number of esports betting sites in India growing everyday, it can be difficult to separate the good sites from the untrustworthy ones. Fortunately for you, our team has done thorough research to make sure the esports betting sites we recommend provide the absolute best services. With that said, here’s how we go about reviewing and ranking esports betting platforms.

Valid licensing and Regulation

All esports betting sites in India should be licensed and regulated. So the first thing we check is the bookmaker’s licensing information. If the esports betting site hasn’t provided any information regarding their licenses, we do not recommend it to our readers.

Are the odds good?

Odds play the most significant role in esports betting. With great odds, players can get higher payouts and at the end of the day we want our readers to win something decent. So we ensure all the esports betting sites we rank among the top have great odds.

Are there generous bonuses and promotions?

Esports betting sites offer numerous bonuses and promotions. However, some bonuses often come with unfair terms and high wagering requirements. That is why we always take a closer look at what the bookmaker’s bonus terms are. Any esports betting site that has wagering requirements of less than 50 times automatically gets a five star rating from us.

Is there live streaming?

Live streaming is extremely important in esports betting, so we always ensure the sites we rank among the top offer this feature. Players should also be allowed to place their bets during an esports match just as they would in a cricket or football match.

Top Esports betting sites accepting players from India

The esports betting platforms we recommend are the best in the Indian online gambling community. These sites not only accept Indian players but they also process deposits and withdrawals in Rupees. Also, we are aware that mobile gambling is popular In India, so we’ve made sure that these esports betting sites are compatible with mobile devices.

If you’re ready for some esports betting action, here are our top recommended sites that you should check out.

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Best ESports Markets to Bet On In India

Esports betting sites offer games that are categorized into Multiplayer online battle arena like Overwatch, First person shooters such as CS:GO and actual sports games like NBA and FIFA. Below we further explain how these games work.


Counter strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is a multiplayer first person shooter game that’s currently one of the best in the Indian esports betting community. The game follows terrorists and counter-terrorists as they battle one another in different exciting settings.


Defense of The Ancients (DOTA 2) is also a popular esports betting option. It’s a multiplayer online battle arena game that has two teams which are given separate lands to defend. Each member of the team also controls a character known as a hero.


If you’re looking for unpredictable environments in the esports betting world, Overwatch is the game for you. In this game, there are two teams of six where each team member gets to select a character that has unique abilities. Teams have to work together to complete the given objective in a limited period of time.

League of Legends

If you ever find League of Legends being offered by your favourite esports betting sites, try betting on it. You’ll enjoy that rare excitement that comes from player versus player combat where each player controls a character that has unique abilities.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six

Esports betting is given an extra adrenaline shot with this online tactical shooter game. Rainbow six offers heavy action environments such as rescuing hostages and defusing bombs and players can choose between being an attacker or defender.

Starcraft II

When science fiction and real-time strategy are combined, a wonderful game called Starcraft II is created. This game is one of the best graphically designed games in the esports betting market and it follows a character called Jim Raynor as he leads a revolution against the tyrannical Terran Dominion.

Other ESports Games

There are other impressive tittles in the esports betting world that you’ll enjoy watching and betting on. Here are our top favourites. 

Call of Duty

Call of Duty is a first-person shooter game that was released in 2003. It was initially set in World War II but has evolved over the years to include outer space, futuristic worlds and the Cold War. In this game, players can compete individually or in teams. 


Diablo is an action-role game that is set in a dark fantasy world. This game features characters such as humans, angels and demons and the story focuses on the conflict between the humans and demons. Diablo is also centrality focused on searching for weapons and the random generation of maps. 

Heroes of the storm

Heroes of the storm is a bit different from other games you’ll find in esports betting. This is because of its crossover nature which allows characters from different video games to be added to one general game.

Popular ESports Tournaments And Leagues

Esports betting would not be as popular if there weren’t any exciting tournaments and leagues. There are emotional International leagues you can watch as well as small competitions that are equally as dramatic. Still, here are the major ones you’ll always find being offered by esports betting sites in India.

League of Legends World Championship

It is safe to say that the League of Legends World Championship is the biggest tournament in the esports betting world. Back in 2019, over 90 million people watched the finals of this tournament and every year teams compete for a trophy and a multi-million dollar prize.

The International (Dota 2)

The international is an annual esports tournament held for Dota 2. This tournament has the largest prize in the esports betting community which is currently over 3 billion Rupees. It consists of 20 teams from across the world including Southeast Asia and North America.

CSGO Major Championships

The CSGO Major Championships have been an important part of esports betting since 2013. Only 24 teams are currently allowed to participate in this tournament and they are randomly selected to face off against one another. Also, no two teams play twice unless its’ absolutely necessary and if a team loses three matches, it’s eliminated.

Esports Live Betting

Live esports betting allows you to place your bets during a match. If this sounds like something you would want to try, here are a few things you’ll likely encounter.

  • In live esports betting, you’ll see odds fluctuate faster than when placing traditional bets.
  • The tournaments and leagues offered in live esports betting are just as many as those available for traditional betting.
  • Live esports betting is often accompanied with free live streaming.
  • Live esports betting is also functional on mobile. Meaning you’ll be able to place your bets regardless of your location.

Expert’s Favorite ESports Betting Site In India

Winning ESports Betting Tips for Indian players

Betting on video games may sound exciting. However, remember that any gambling comes with risk, so you need to use some few tips and strategies to ensure you don’t experience huge losses. With that said, here are the top esports betting tips that you should always use.

Do your research

The esports betting world is massive so always do your research. Research the every team’s performance and also check out if there are any members missing.

If you’re a beginner, we recommend joining at least two esports betting sites and focusing one game. As your skills become better, you can then start betting on other games.

Try live betting

Live esports betting gives you the advantage of seeing the game unfold and placing your bets at the same time. In doing this, you’ll be able to notice any shifts and make the right decision. To get superb action, we recommend finding esports betting sites that also offer live streaming.

Keep track of your bets

It’s easy to get carried away when betting on esports, so always write down all your bets even the losing ones. If you forget, you can simply log into your account and check your esports betting history. Esports betting sites always provide players with a comprehensive betting history that will help you make better decisions in the future.

Top 3 esports betting sites in India with best odds

We mentioned earlier that odds are the most important thing in esports betting. This is still true because at the end of the day, you can do thorough research and find the best events, but if the odds are terrible, you won’t win large payouts.

Luckily for you, there are numerous esports betting sites in India that offer great odds and we have listed them below.

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Esports betting bonuses

Finding a good esports betting bonus isn’t easy. However, bonuses and promotions make it easier to win so if you find one with fair terms, claim it and begin betting immediately.

Some of the most common esports betting bonuses include:

Deposit bonuses

As the name suggests, you must first deposit funds to your esports betting account before claiming a deposit bonus. A welcome bonus is the most popular type of deposit bonus. However, esports betting sites also offer reload bonuses which are basically meant for players who regularly deposit.

No deposit bonuses

You don’t need to deposit any funds to unlock a no deposit bonus. This bonus often comes in the form of free bets but you’ll also find some esports betting sites offering free cash. No deposit bonuses are rare to find and many of them carry high wagering requirements, so always read the terms and conditions before claiming them.


Esports betting is tricky so it’s always great to have a cashback that will act as a safety net. In a cashback, the bookmaker will return a small percentage of your losses for a certain day or week. For instance, if you bet and lose ₹700, you might receive ₹100 back.

Safest payment methods to bet on esports sites for Indians

As an Indian player, you have plenty of ways of depositing and withdrawing funds from esports betting sites. Below we take a closer look at the top three banking options you can comfortably use.


With Paytm, you’ll have a smooth esports betting experience that will consist of instant deposits and state-of-the-art security. This payment services was launched in 2010 and you can currently use it to make free digital payments to all esports betting sites in India.


PhonePe is another popular banking option in India. Through this ewallet you can make free UPI transfers to your favourite esports betting sites and the deposit will be processed immediately. This payment service is also available in over 10 Indian languages.

Debit/Credit Cards

Debit and credit card payments are accepted by almost all esports betting sites in India. However, keep in mind that not all Indian banks allow gambling transactions and you will also be charged a small fee when your funds are being processed.

On the other side of the coin, using cards for esports betting is safe and you’ll be able to move your funds without giving your bookmaker your bank account details.


Esports are professional video game competitions that are held between individual players or teams.

The most popular esports in India include CS:GO, League of Legends, Overwatch, StarCraft and Dota2.

There are several popular esports tournaments and they include the League of Legends World Championship, the CS:GO Major Championships and Dota2’s International. The Evolution Championship Series is also popular among Indian players.

Betting on esports is just as tricky as betting on other sports. So do thorough research and keep track of everything happening in the esports community.

Esports may be popular in India. However, not all betting sites offer these events. If you’re looking for the best esports markets, simply visit our recommended sites.

Generally speaking, esports events have good odds. Still, it’s always good to compare what bookmakers are offering. Doing this might help you find better odds and hopefully larger payouts.


Perhaps you enjoy betting on cricket or playing casino games and you’re looking for something new and fresh. Well, look no further because esports betting sites are now here and we are sure you’ll enjoy betting on these dramatic events.

As previously mentioned, esports betting is easy to learn and understand. Still, this doesn’t mean that you’ll win when you place your first bet. There are other factors that affect your winning opportunities such as odds and live betting. So please place your wagers responsibly and always keep a record of all your bets. Do this and you will gradually become a master in esports betting.