The IPL, with all its thrilling tournaments, exciting matches, and formidable teams, is making online betting in India very popular. Daily, the pool of online bettors is getting wider as the numbers are getting higher. 

Now, as you bet on the IPL in 2022, one of the best things that can ever happen to you in the world of betting is the welcome bonus. It sounds funny, but it is the real deal, as it can put some cash into your account to bet with at first.

It is important to note that, as a new bettor, finding the sportsbook that offers the best welcome bonus is as important as putting a stake in a game. 

There are numerous online betting sites in India. As such, sieving out the best bookmarkers offering the best welcome bonus can be an overwhelming task.

Hence, this piece of write-up has been put together to help you know where to get amazing welcome bonuses in India.

For fantastic welcome bonusesyou only have to sing-up in any of the casinos from our recommendations, make a deposit sing a valid method, and the bonus will charge immediately in your account.

Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus, what does it mean? 

You may also refer to welcome bonus as “sign-up bonus” or “registration bonus”. It is a bonus type that sportsbooks often give to new players who join their betting sites. 

Once you sign-up or register to any site, the bonus you receive, which may be in the form of real cash or free spin, is what is called a welcome bonus

Why do you get a welcome bonus? 

There are several reasons why sportsbooks give sign-up offers and bonuses. Without mincing words, here are the major reasons why most bookmakers give out bonuses to new players who sign-up on their site; 

  • To thrill new players: most bookmarkers give welcome bonuses in India to appreciate new players for signing up on their bet site. 
  • Something to wager with: it is not every player who signs up on a betting site with the cash to wager at first. So, welcome bonuses, for instance, free bets, allow new players to stake with such bonus to make some winnings. 
  • To attract new players: every sportsbook intends to have as many players as possible. Therefore, providing sign-up offers is one way of attracting players to a betting site.
  • To gain popularity: for most bookmarkers, popularity is the soul of business; hence, they offer fantastic bonuses so that they can be widely known in the betting industry as the best bookmakers with the best bonus offerings.  

Types of welcome bonuses 

Different sportsbooks offer different types of sign-up bonuses. Here are some of the common types:

Deposit bonus

This type of bonus is quite popular among sportsbooks. Players are expected to deposit a fixed amount of money on the betting site to get this bonus.

Players love it because it increases their bankroll, making it possible to wager on more games, increasing the chance for a bigger win. 

How does deposit bonus work?

Bet sites that offer this type of bonus expect new players to make their first deposit. The deposit bonus is automatically added to the player’s account after the player funds his accounts. 

For example, if a betting site offers a 50% deposit bonus and a player funds his account with 100 rupees, he automatically gets 150 rupees in his account because 50% of 100 rupees is 50 rupees.  

The most common type of deposit bonus you will find around is 100%.  Get this type of bonus in each of the sportsbook that our experts recommend and start betting with the double or triple or your money!

No deposit bonus 

This is easy to understand from its name. It means that you do not require a deposit to get this bonus. Once signed up to the betting site, you instantly receive your ‘no deposit bonus. 

It is the least common bonus type in sports online betting because it can be easily abused. However, some online casino still gives it out to their new signee. 

Though it looks free and easy, withdrawing profits made from a ‘no deposit bonus may be subject to some bonus policies of the betting site, which may include email validation, the duration for the claim, and so on. 

Free bet welcome bonus

Just as the name implies, free bet help allows a player to place bets for free. That particular amount given to you by the betting site after you sign up is known as a free bet. 

For some bet sites, winnings made from free bets may be withdrawn freely, but players are expected to meet the wagering requirement for some others. If a player does not meet the wagering requirement, he will not be allowed to withdraw the winnings he has made. 

Where players are allowed to withdraw winnings made from free bet freely, the betting site gets to keep the initial free bet while only the profit is given to the player for free.

 Let’s give an example:

If after signing up to a site, you receive 100 rupees, and then you go ahead to stake on a cricket game with odd 2.0. 

Let’s assume the bet was successful, and you win 200 rupees. You get to keep your 100 rupees as profit while the sportsbook keeps its initial 100 rupees given to you as a free bet.

Best Sportsbooks with the best welcome bonus 

Whether you will be placing a bet on twenty IPL matches or the best cricket betting odds In India, these are some of the best sportsbooks offering the best welcome bonus: 


This exquisite sportsbook that has always maintained its reputation as one of the leading sportsbooks in India offers a 100% deposit bonus of up to 30,000 rupees.

From the golden IPL tournaments to the normal matches, there are varieties of cricket games you can cast your wager upon on the betting site.

Its web interface is user-friendly and easy to surf. It’s also compatible with all internet-enabled devices. 

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Another fantastic bookie on the block is betway which offers a 100% deposit bonus of up to 2,500 rupees as a welcome bonus.

Enjoy varieties of odds as you punt on cricket teams, sports, and tournaments available on the Betway bookie. The best par, is that you can create your account from your mobile device or a computer using our affiliate link, with only one click in the table of the best casino and sportsbook of India for this year. 


In 2022, this sportsbook gives you a deposit bonus of 1500 rupees if you make a deposit of 1,500 rupees which is a 100% bonus.

Take advantage of a betting site whose collection of odds is fantastic. Its bonus policies are quite favourable, and its service team is always on time.

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In India, this bookie offers a 100% deposit bonus of up to 10,000 rupees as a welcome bonus to its new player. Once signed up to the site, bettors are guaranteed a lifetime experience of remarkable odds on the game of cricket.

The site is simple to operate, has varieties of other sports markets that bettors can wager on. It’s also easy to navigate, and its compatibility is top-notch. 

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Spin Casino 

Offering a massive free bet of up to over 72,000 rupees upon sign up, this sportsbook is one place to be in 2022. Its offers on games are mouth-watering and irresistible.  

Also available for all of these sites are mobile apps where the best betting apps welcome bonus can be accessed on Spin casino.

Terms and conditions to claim a welcome bonus 

While welcome bonus sounds pleasing to the ears and exciting, it doesn’t come without terms and conditions that the player expects to conform to. Any violation of these bonus policies may lead to the cancellation of the bonus. 

It is important to point out that sportsbooks take their policies very seriously and often do not spare bettors who violate them.

Here are some conditions set by sportsbooks in India that you have to know so that you won’t forfeit your sign-up bonus. 

Fixed duration 

This bonus policy has to do with a particular duration of time, usually set in hours. The bookmarker often expects new players to claim their welcome bonus within a certain period, usually set at 72 hours. Bettors who violate this rule may forfeit the bonus or any winnings made initially. 

For instance, if you have up to 72 hours to claim your bonus, that means you have three days to claim it.

Three days is actually more than enough to claim any bonus you have, except you just want to take it for granted, which is not advisable to do as it may hinder your future chances of getting any other kind of bonus from the betting site. 

Wagering requirement 

To withdraw bonuses from some betting sites, bettors are required to meet the wagering requirements.

Here, a wagering requirement is simply a fixed amount of money expected to be paid into the player’s account for him to be able to claim his winnings and bonuses.

Without fulfilling the wagering requirement, bettors will not be permitted to make any kind of withdrawal from the betting site. 

Email validation 

A player is only qualified to claim a bonus on some betting site only after he has verified his email. Upon signing up to a site, some bet sites require that players validate their email to confirm their identity.

Failure to validate email may disallow bettors from claiming any kind of welcome that might be available on the betting site. 

Account verification  

Here, to be able to claim a bonus, the sportsbook expects the bettor or player to verify his account.

Before any kind of bonus is given, the sportsbook may require that an electronic means of identification which may be an electronic National ID card, driver’s license, or international passport is uploaded to the site.

This helps the site to confirm the identity of the player. After this is done, the player may now enjoy whatever bonus and benefits the betting site is offering.  

Two or more accounts 

If it is discovered that a player owns more than one account, all bonuses acquired, including the welcome bonus, may be forfeited.

Most sportsbooks warn against duplication of accounts or multiple accounts, and violation of this rule may lead to drastic consequences such as account suspension.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Fun88 is available to thrill you with the best sign-up offers. Enjoy punting on cricket games on the site. It promises to be exhilarating. Sign up now. 

Usually, a new player who is signing up or registering for the first time on a betting site is qualified for the sign-up bonus. 

No, old players or members who have signed up initially to a betting site do no qualify to get a welcome bonus as they would have gotten it at some point when they first registered to the betting site. 

You can get amazing sign-up bonuses from Spin casino, betway or Fun88

The major reason bet sites give their new players bonus is to attract other new players to place their bet on the site. This is one of the marketing strategies put in place by the sportsbook to woo bettors to their sites.

Yes, every betting site should have at least one type of sign-up bonus because if it doesn’t, the chances are that no player would wager on such sites as they would feel they have nothing to gain from the site. It is not advisable for a bet site not to have a welcome bonus of some sort.

Wrap up 

The first step to winning on the sportsbook is by claiming your welcome bonus. It’s a positive step towards greater and better wins in the future.

You should endeavour to claim your bonuses and not take them for granted. Again, there are bonus policies that must be obeyed so as not to forfeit your bonus. Ensure that all these are adhered to. 

For the best cricket betting experience, you only have to sign up to any of our recommended casinos. There, you will find great bonuses, excellent odds, wide variety of markets and so much more!