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MasterCard casinos are a rather common thing in India, it is the payment method accepted by every online casino and to make it even better, it is also one of the most secure ones too!

In order to help you understand how MasterCard functions, we have done the research. We will present you with all the information you want to know.

If you have never played at an online casino using MasterCard as a payment method, then give it a try! If you still don’t have that safe and reliable platform for betting and winning real money that you dream of, then use the ones we will leave you in our top.

If you are quite clueless on how to make deposits using Mastercard. Or you simply want to know what is the history behind the MasterCard payment method, continue reading!


What Is MasterCard And Why Is It So Popular?

You have most likely seen the MasterCard logo many times before, there is even a high chance you have been in contact with it too due to its popularity in India. Considering the popularity of Mastercard, it is certainly one of the rare payment methods that are widely available in all online casinos in India.

MasterCard is a global and reliable payment service that currently features some of the best safety infrastructures in the entire industry. It has an enormous presence in all of the aspects possible, including the online gambling industry. With MasterCard, people can make easy deposits and withdrawals without any worries at all.

Today, MasterCard has over 800 million credit card users around the world and is used in over 201 countries worldwide. Seeing how many people actually use it on a daily basis, MasterCard is certainly a great choice for everyone who is all about safety and trustworthiness.

What Is MasterCard

The history of MasterCard

The history of MasterCard is actually quite interesting. Did you know MasterCard was created in the 60s by the American banks who wanted to ally against the well-known VISA? This alliance back in 1966. launched the worldwide-known Interbank card that is also known as MasterCharge.

The reason for creating this card was to be competitive and provide a better payment method than VISA was at the time. In 1979. the name MasterCard was first heard of, and since then, we have been hearing about it more and more.

As years went by, the popularity of MasterCard has been on a rapid rise. In 2002. MasterCard was already quite successful. They managed to go through the acquisition process and bought EuroPay. To make it even better for MasterCard, in 2014. Apple actually represented MasterCard as their main partner in the future for mobile wallets.

Today, we can see the MasterCard logo pretty much everywhere, online shopping stores, gambling websites, local stores, and more! The headquarters of MasterCard can be found in New York. And in case you had no idea, the CEO of MasterCard is actually an Indian-American businessman better known as Ajaypal Singh Banga!

How to set-up your MasterCard casino account?

Now that you know all of the important things about MasterCard, its popularity, and history, you are most likely curious how to set it up so you can use it next time you are about to gamble.

The first thing you obviously have to do is register on the main website of MasterCard. Today, there are plenty (over 20,000) online financial institutes and high street institutes that will be able to provide you with MasterCard services. As an Indian citizen, you can open an account under MasterCard through the Bank of India, HSBBC, and ICICI Bank as well as many others.

Of course, if you do not really feel like going to a bank to do it, you can easily make a request for it online. Usually, the process of getting the card will take around 10, up to 15 days.

Your card will always arrive at your current address and then you can finally make your first deposit at the casino of your choice. Although at this point, we recommend that you use this year’s best betting platforms, which you will find in our lists.

Why are they so good? They offer the security a player needs and are backed by international bodies such as the Malta Gaming Authority.

How to make deposits at online casinos using MasterCard?

Now that you finally have your MasterCard with you, you can go ahead and make your first deposit. Remember that transferring money through MasterCard will always result in a fee, so make sure to inform yourself about these before you make a deposit.

While these fees are not something extraordinary, they can make a difference to some people. The fees usually go between 2% and 3%. However, it depends on the amount you are depositing as well as the casino you have chosen.

In order to deposit rupee funds to your MasterCard casino, you need to select that as the payment option in the list of payment methods of the casino you want to play on.

Another thing to remember is that whenever you join a casino, you will be granted a deposit bonus or free spins after your first deposit. Make sure to check the wagering requirements for these as they can improve your gambling experience and also save up plenty of money too.

Always read the terms and conditions of the casino you play at to know all the opportunities that will be open to you when you play. Some casinos have loyalty programs, others have really extraordinary welcome bonuses. Get this and other bonuses with the casinos on our list. Try your luck and win real money with them.

How to make withdrawals using MasterCard?

Withdrawals with MasterCard work much the same as deposits, return to your account wallet and select the withdrawal option. From there you can select MasterCard as your choice and enter any needed details, this will immediately transfer the money from your account and to your bank.

However, there can be some issues in India with direct transfers between your bank and any casino due to some unclear laws. This is easy to avoid, still by using any of the popular E-wallet services that are available, and you can still use your card to transfer between your bank and E-wallet.

Here at T20 IPL India, we have mentioned renowned betting sites that may accept MasterCard as a deposit method but not have it available for withdrawals. Again you can work around this using any E-wallet you feel suits your needs, and this service can be used in multiple places, making payment easier.

Finally, if you are making withdrawals using your MasterCard, there may also be an additional service fee of between 2% to 3% again. Along with a potential delay before the money arrives in your account of between 48 to 72 hours, so keep this in mind when choosing your withdrawal service.

Advantages and disadvantages of using MasterCard at online casinos in India

With MasterCard being one of the most popular payment services, they have to offer a high standard of service. Of course, to remain popular MasterCard has to keep its service as secure as possible. This means they have some of the highest quality security out there.

So what are some of the main advantages and disadvantages of using MasterCard as your payment service at online casinos? Below we will go through both sides and hopefully give you a clearer picture to help you make your decision.


  • MasterCard is a widely accepted payment method, with most casinos around the world offering them as a payment option.
  • Often higher payment limits for deposits and withdrawals when compared to other kinds of payment methods such as E-wallets.
  • MasterCard is a simple payment method only requiring your card details, with payments being made instantly. Withdrawals are often instant too, though they can take longer.
  • High standards of security are amongst the best in the industry, along with excellent customer support available at all times.


  • Not all casinos will offer you the ability to withdraw using MasterCard, which can be inconvenient if this is your only payment method. If this is the case you will have to set up an additional service.
  • Additional fees can be applied to your payments.
  • Information is passed to casinos when you make a payment, even if it is small amounts of info, it is still required unlike when using E-wallet services.
  • Getting a MasterCard card can take quite some time. This means it can take up to two weeks or more in extreme cases. Which is a lot more time than setting up many online payment services or using direct transfers.

Now that you have learned all there is about MasterCard as a payment method, we must inform you that everything you have read in this article is nowhere related to us at all.

The information found in this article was first found on the internet and anything that was written here can change. We suggest you to check out the terms and conditions of each payment method you want to use and always double-check everything before you make a decision.

Note: you can always contact customer service and ask any questions you might have, they will happily answer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

There are plenty of MasterCard alternatives, however, VISA is one of the most popular ones. VISA provides its users with nearly the same experience when it comes to online payments and security.

That entirely depends on you as an individual. Some people prefer e-wallets due to faster money transactions, and some people prefer MasterCard since it is convenient and a very reliable choice.

Maestro and MasterCard are similar, however, they are not the same. MasterCard is a credit card that is a service of the business, while Maestro is a regular debit card. Maestro is owned by MasterCard and is also a part of their offered service, but it is not the same banking service.

MasterCard also offers prepaid cards. These are used by people who want to make deposits but have no bank account. Of course, to use these prepaid MasterCard cards, you will still need to make a MasterCard account anyway.

Usually, credit card owners have more protection than debit card owners. This would mean that if you ever end up losing your card and you do not know what to do, you will be allowed to declare it got stolen. If you ever lose your credit card, you are always able to cancel all of the payments that are unauthorized.


Knowing MasterCard has been around for decades, it is certainly one of the best payment methods you can possibly choose from. Of course, if you would rather not use MasterCard, there are always different payment methods such as e-wallets i.e GooglePay, Paytm, PayPal that you could use.

If you are happy with MasterCard and are ready to make your first deposit, you should not miss the opportunity to gamble at one of the casinos listed in this topic! MasterCard is a safe and reliable payment method that is the main option for many Indian gamblers out there, check it out!

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