BPL betting, also known as BPL T20 betting, is a top-rated cricket event based in Bangladesh. The league first saw the light of day in 2011, and the matches began in the following year.

Over the season, the BPL has grown tremendously, thus increasing its popularity in betting sites. Today, it is among the top cricket events in Bangladesh and has once been acclaimed as the world’s best cricket tournament.

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In this Guide to BPL betting, we want to take you around the Bangladesh Premier League types of bets and tips to help you win.

We will tell you about the teams and how you can bet on them while outlining the payment methods you should use. But again, we would like you to consider checking and enrolling at other bookies below to enjoy other cricket tournaments.

Online BPL betting sites

Bangladesh Premier League T20 IPL team – Overview

Bangladesh Premier League takes place in the T20 style. Natheless, the BPL competition occurs in November annually. The main aim of forming the Bangladesh Premier League was to replace the National Cricket league after its one-year suspension.

The first-ever ball bowled witnessed in the BPL was Barisal Burners against Sylhet Royals in 2012. During that season, matches were either played at Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium or the National Stadium. In the first season’s final, Dhaka Gladiators became the first winners of the league after winning against the Barisal Burners by eight wickets.

Although the league was suspended for two years in 2013 and 2014, it came out stronger and decided to run with no franchises. The current significant partner is a private commercial bank based in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Premier League

Various BPL betting options

Like any other cricket leagues, there are several types of bets that punters can make on Bangladesh Premier League matches.

To win your bets right, then you must have a know-how of the types of cricket bets that are available. Below are some of them:

Outright win

An absolute win is a popular, simple, and straightforward bet. It typically means placing a bet on the team that you trust will be crowned as the winner at the end of the season. 

Top batsman

Being one of the most trusted BPL cricket betting markets, you only need to bet on the batsman you believe will have the most runs in the game. Ideally, to place your bet right, you will have to research the best BPL batsmen.

Top bowler

As a standard bet in the cricket games, this bet is not exceptional to the BPL league. You place a wager on a bowler who you think will make the highest number of wickets in the two BPL games.

Player of the match

On this one, you should make predictions on the player you believe will be the best player in a BPL match.

Bet openly with the best BPL team

The Bangladesh Premier League has the best and most professional teams that score and win significantly. A brief look at the players and a few snippets of the squads below will help you out when placing your wagers.

Chattogram Challengers

Chattogram Challengers

Although the team has not won any game so far, there were in the runner-up position in 2013. The team’s current coach is Paul Nixon, while their captain is Mahmudullah. This team has the best all-rounders and is one of the most talented teams in the BPL league.

Cumilla Warriors

Cumilla Warriors

Cumilla Warriors has won two matches: in 2015 and 2019, making the team one of the best teams in the BPL league. Currently, the team’s couch is Ottis Gibson, while its captain is Soumya Sarkar. The squad is known for its stout defence tactics and top batsmen.

Dhaka Platoon

Dhaka Platoon

It is one of the most celebrated teams in the BPL league. It has led the championship thrice in 2012, 2013, and 2016. The team’s current coach and captain are Mohammad Salahuddin and Mashrafe Mortaza, respectively. Its strengths lie in having the best bowlers and batters.

Khulna Tigers

Khulna Tigers

Although they have not won any BPL match, they have managed to get to the playoffs three times. The team’s coach is James Foster, and the captain is Mushfiqur Rahim. The team’s strength lies in the hard-hitting batters and the wicket-keepers.

Rajshahi Royals

Rajshahi Royals

The team won the BPL championship once, in 2020. The current coach is Owais Shah, while the captain is Andre Rusell. Its main advantage lies in the sturdy batters and the best fast spinners.

Rangpur Rangers

Rangpur Rangers

Rangpur Rangers won the game once in 2017. Currently, its captain is Shane Watson, while the coach is Mark O’Donnell. Their major strength is the very strong bowlers they have.

Sylhet Thunder

Sylhet Thunder

This team has not won any game, but it has reached the playoffs once. The team’s coach is Herschelle Gibbs, and the captain is Andre Fletcher. Its strong point is the team has many excellent all-rounders.

Guide to place bets on BPL team

Notably, various BPL betting sites offer different betting markets for the league. The most famous market is predicting the match-winner in the various BPL matches.

If you want to wager on fascinating BPL games, different top-rated online sites such as Fun88 casino continue to offer great odds and deals for the BPL punters. Next is how you can place a bet:

  • Step 1: choose your preferred site that you want to place your bet. Ensure you choose a reliable and legit BPL betting site. Consider factors such as deposit options available, competitive odds, and bonuses offered. 
  • Step 2: open an account. Fill in the required credentials such as your full name, email, date of birth, etc.
  • Step 3: deposit money into the account. Depending on your site, tap on the button that either is written “deposit funds” or “my account” to make your deposits. Choose your preferred payment method and deposit your funds. 
  • Step 4: search for cricket, followed by BPL. Look out for BPL matches available and click on your preferred market. check out the odds and do a good analysis of the teams and players.
  • Step 5: place your best bets and stake with your ideal amount of money.
  • Step 6: after the game is over, you will receive a notification with your prize, assuming your prediction is right.

BPL betting – Tips, odds, and prediction

Using some tips can help you place decent bets. In the same breath, analyzing the odds and predictions is necessary to get you on the right track.

Below are a few tips, types of odds and predictions you should know before betting on the BPL:

Tips for BPL betting in India

  • Venue: the location of the BPL matches matters. Different arenas favor different aspects of the game. For example, a pitch may work to a bowler’s advantage, while another may favor the spins or batsmen.
  • Weather: the condition of the weather often affects the outcome of the game. Cloudy days can favor bowlers, while warm and clear days may be to the batsmen’s advantage.
  • Participants: an essential factor to look out for is the players present in that specific BPL match. The presence or absence of certain players in a particular game plays a huge role in a match outcome.

BPL betting odds

There are three common types of odds used in online cricket betting. They include fractional odds, decimal odds, and moneyline odds. All come into play to calculate the probability of winning but in sundry ways. Next is how they are represented:

Fractional odds

As the name suggests, these odds appear as fractions. So given an instance where you place 300 rupees on a BPL match wager with 4/1 odds, and you win the bet, the amount you earn into your account will be 1500 rupees. (wager × odds + wager)

Decimal odds

Decimal odds are also known as the European odds. These odds are easy to understand. To calculate your win, you simply multiply your wager with the given odds.

This means, if you placed 400 rupees on a BPL League wager with 2.0 odds and you win the bet, the amount you collect will be (wager × odd) 800 rupees.

Moneyline odds

Money odds are also known as the American odds. These odds have two classifications; the favorite and the underdogs.

The favorite has a negative sign before the odds number, while the underdogs have a positive sign before the odds number.

For both classifications, the odds number signifies the amount you would win when your bet wins. For instance, you place 400 rupees on the favorite wager with +400 odds, and you win the bet; this means your payout will be 800 rupees.

BPL predictions

To be honest, the upcoming season of the Bangladesh Premier League will be thrilling and exciting. It is anticipated that seven teams will be playing 46 matches.

The royals are expected to gun down another win in the upcoming season if they maintain their winning strike. Unfortunately for squads like the riders, they may not make it to this year’s finals.

Their squad enthusiasm tells it all. Still, it is wise to read sports news to find out each team’s preparedness before betting.

Previous matches won by BPL betting team

Below are stats of the performance of matches won in the Bangladesh Premier League since its inception in 2012.

  • 2012: the winner was the Dhaka Gladiators while the Barisal Burners were the runners-up. 
  • 2014: the winner was the Dhaka Gladiators while the Chittagong Kings were the runners-up. 
  • 2016: the winner was the Comilla Victorians while the Barisal Bulls were the runners-up. 
  • 2017: the winner was the Dhaka Gladiators, while the Rajshahi Royals were the runners-up.
  • 2018: the winner was the Rangpur Riders, while the Dhaka Gladiators were the runners-up.
  • 2019: the winner was Comilla Victorians, while the Dhaka Gladiators were the runners-up. 
  • 2020: the winner was Rajshahi Royals, while the Khulna Tigers were the runners-up.

Bangladesh Premier League live betting

Live bets are technically bets placed in an ongoing game. Odds in BPL live betting depend on the events happening in the match; thus, they keep changing now and then. Therefore, watch the BPL game as you place your live bets

That aside, one of the advantages of this kind of bet is the fact that you can place multiple bets during the game. For luck, the BPL live betting has many markets that a punter can place their wages.

Such markets may include runs scored per over, manner of dismissal, match winner, runs recorded by batsmen, among others.

The more a match is famous, the more the available live markets.

All the sites we recommend allow you to place live bets on BPL. But some go the extra mile to make your online betting experience even more enjoyable and fun.

So they also offer live streaming of some matches. Just place your bet and log in at match time and start enjoying.
Don’t you think it’s that easy? Then see for yourself! Go to the table of recommended betting sites, choose a bookmaker, register, deposit and start having fun and winning big!

BPL betting deposit options

Bangladesh Premier League has several deposit options that Indians can use. Nonetheless, you must consider choosing the best and easy-to-use channels right off.

The most crucial factor that you should consider is the most secure way to make your deposits. Below are some of the preeminent cash transaction options for BPL at Fun88.



Neteller is one of the most popular e-wallets that is widely used in most bookies. It guarantees safety, and opening an account is relatively easy.

The minimum amount of money you can deposit in most sites is 1,000 rupees, while the maximum deposit you can make is USD $50,000 or the equivalent in rupees for a single transaction.



Skrill is a safe method for depositing money on your betting site. It is a reliable brand on deposit option that has been used for close to a decade now. Deposits are made within minutes.

There is no minimum deposit amount stipulated, but the maximum deposit you can make is about 25 lakh rupees.



A Visa card is a suitable method for making BPL betting deposits. Yet, Indian VISA cards fail to approve transactions in rogue sites.

That makes it crucial to sign up at legit sites like Fun88. The good news is that Visa have no minimum limit, but the maximum deposit you can make is up to 35 lakh rupees.

Bank transfers

Bank transfers

More betting sites are now accepting online bank transfers. It is an easy and fast method to use that offers instant deposits.

Since more Indians have access to online banks, this is a more convenient way to make deposits. The best thing about this method is it does not have any deposit limits.



MasterCard is a straightforward, easy, safe, and cheap method to make your deposits. They instantly process your deposits with no delays.

Well, it doesn’t have any minimum depositing limit, but the maximum cash load you can make is 35 lakh rupees.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

With the increasing popularity of cricket betting in India, BPL attracts new punters every day. That is enough evidence the competition is massive.

Yes, you can, provided you are an adult. Online casinos like Fun88 offer live betting in diverse markets.

Seven teams participate in the Bangladesh Premier League. That is an essential factor to consider before you start BPL online betting.

The Bangladesh Premier League takes place annually in November and ends in January.

Shakib Al Hassan has held the history to date of being the most successful wicket-taker having 106 wickets.

Dhaka Dynamites has the most championship titles obtained in the Bangladesh Premier League (2012, 2013, and 2016).


BPL betting is popular in India and Asia at large. Placing bets on the Bangladesh Premier League is a lucrative venture for punters.

As you enjoy watching the game, why not enjoy earning money from the game too? You already have most of what you need to know about the Bangladesh Premier League.

What is left for you to do is find a reliable online BPL cricket betting site with multiple giveaways and start placing your wagers.

And we can help you with that too. Here are the best bookmakers for India listed on our blog.

Each and every one of them is focused on Indian punters. They accept Indian rupees, have wide cricket betting markets, especially the BPL, attractive odds and amazing bonuses.

And all that’s left for you, is to visit each site and then decide which one you like to sign up and start betting. Just keep in mind that we are not responsible for any decisions.

Also, we are not associated with any payment method. This just means that you should check for yourself that the deposit and withdrawal option you wish to use is still active.