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Google Pay is an online transaction wallet from the world’s largest search engine, Google. The wallet is viable to make online payments and sending or receiving money. Initially, the platform was designed for Android devices, but it now supports Windows desktop and iOS devices. Like any other digital payment mode, Google Pay is secure, simple, and convenient.  

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Google Pay casinos and betting sites

How to bet online in India using Google Pay?

We know you love betting on your favorites sports, and there is no better way to enhance your experience than using Google Pay in India to make transactions. To help you save time and the hassle of GPay deposits, below are the steps you should follow: 

  • Step 1: Search for Google Pay online and create an account. You can achieve that via the Website interface or by downloading the app from Google Play Store. The best part is you only need an email address. We will discuss how to create a GPay account later in this writing. 
  • Step 2: Deposit cash into the Google account from your bank account or financial provider. 
  • Step 3:  After that, log into your gaming account. Click on the cashier section, followed by deposit. 
  • Step 4: Enter the amount you wish to deposit and choose the currency you want to use. Fill in the other details that your gaming site may request, and submit the transaction. After a few minutes, you will receive cash into your gaming account. However, ensure the deposit is above the minimum limit set by bookies. 
  • Step 5: Head back to the homepage of your gaming account. Search for sport. If you choose cricket betting, you will see numerous competitions such as T20 IPL India, BBL, and PSL. Select the one you want to wager on, and you will be furnished with the matches. 
  • Step 6: Pick the match you want to bet on. You can also bet on specific players or scores you think can win you a reward. Next, enter the amount you wish to stake and confirm the process. Now, wait for the outcome to collect a prize possibly.

India’s best bookmakers that accept GPay to bet online

Google Pay has become one of the best platforms for payments at your favorite betting casinos in India. The e-wallet makes it easy to make speedy transactions.

However, to enjoy the excellent features of Google Pay betting sites, you must use reputable betting sites like FUN88. Below are a few things you should check:


A legit online casino should have licenses from well-known gaming authorities such as the UK Gambling Commission or Malta Gaming Authority. Note that this is just one of the many reputable organizations that oversee betting activities in the world.

Customer Support

If you have any issue or question when betting, a customer support team should always be available to answer your queries and solve the problems. The main assistance channels you should look for include email and Live Chat.


The most fantastic thing about betting at a bookmaker is the incentives you will receive. For example, our suggested casinos, you can get a 200% discount on your first deposit. Additionally, you will enjoy boosted odds for different games to help you increase your reward.

Those are aspects you shouldn’t overlook. In addition, you will enjoy higher odds for different games that will help you increase your reward. These are aspects that you should not overlook. Enjoy all of them by clicking on the recommended betting platforms in this topic.

Set Up a Google Pay account to bet online

Jumping off, you must have an active phone number and bank account to set up a Google Pay account effortlessly. Below are the steps you should follow to open and use the e-wallet: 

  • Step 1: Open the Google Play Store on your phone, download the Google Pay app and install it. After installing the app, grant all the necessary permissions. However, it’s worth noting that the app will only work with Android devices using Lollipop 5.0 OS and above. 
  • Step 2: Open the app and select your preferred language to proceed with the sign-up process. Next, add your phone number. Note, you should enter the phone number linked to your bank account.
  • Step 3: Log into your Gmail Account to link the app. However, if you have already logged in to your Google Gmail account, Google Pay will automatically redirect you to confirm the address. Again, it would be best if you create an account if you don’t have one.  
  • Step 4: You will receive a verification code on your phone number to verify the email address’s ownership. The verification process usually takes around 2-4 minutes. 
  • Step 5: Next, you need to open the app and enter your name to link your bank account to the app. The app will prompt you to add your bank account or card details. After that, you will receive a verification code on your phone for authentication. Therefore, ensure your SIM card is on to receive the message.
  • Step 6: Once the verification process is over, enter a UPI PIN. Your bank account will be successfully linked to Google Pay. If you don’t know the UPI pin, click on ‘Don’t Know Pin and follow the guidelines that show up. From there, you can proceed to load cash into the Google Pay account from your bank.

Merits and demerits of betting online with GPay

Google Pay stands out among loads of e-wallets but still has downsides. Below are the merits and demerits you should know when using the payment method:


  • Confidentiality: unlike other payment apps, GPay does not share your data with other platforms for purposes of targeted marketing, targeted ads, or any other reason. At the same time, it does not exchange data with third parties.
  • Excellent security: you can rest assured that your money will be secure because Google Pay keeps funds in a virtualized account. Still, the channel keeps all your valuable information secure using the socket layer encryption and top-notch fraud protection system.
  • Bonuses and cashback: if you refer friends to join Google Pay via your link, you will get a bonus of between $2 and $10 or the equivalent in rupees. Besides, you will be awarded a cashback of between $2 to $5 for the first payment. Even better, you can receive up to $10 or the equivalent in rupees if you enter the platform’s reward program.
  • Easy deposit and control: all GPay deposits show up instantly. More exciting still, GPay gives you better control of any information in your account. Meaning, you can either add and remove any transaction details as you like.
  • Free: Google Pay is a free service, so you don’t need to pay fees when depositing money on a casino site.


  • Not always accepted: while Google Pay is quite effective and secure, not all online betting sites and banks allow users to deposit or withdraw.
  • Phone transactions limitation: you can only use GPay on your smartphone. You cannot use the app on a computer desktop. Imagine if your battery dies or you lose your phone, then you cannot make a payment.
  • Slow Withdrawal: depositing money into your Google Pay account typically takes a few seconds. Yet, GPay withdrawals from the same account to your debit card can take up to 7 business days, which can be quite inconvenient.

Google Pay deposit and payouts – Whole procedure

Using Google Pay is incredibly easy, fast, and secure. Apart from that, most financial service providers accept this payment method. As such, you will have a hassle-free experience when depositing money. Let’s take a look at the steps you need to follow when withdrawing and depositing money.

Deposit via GPay

  • Step 1: sign in to a betting site from your smartphone or desktop.
  • Step 2: click the deposit section and select Google Pay as your payment mode.
  • Step 3: enter the amount of money you want to deposit. Luckily, Google Pay will automatically prompt you to select the amount of money you want to load.
  • Step 4: finally, enter your Pin to validate the transaction.  If the Pin is correct, you will receive a message on your phone confirming you have made a successful deposit. One of the best things about GPay is that money will instantly reflect on your gaming account in seconds.

Withdraw via GPay

  • Step 1: log into your betting account.
  • Step 2: navigate to the cashier section and select the withdrawal icon.
  • Step 3: select the amount of money you wish to withdraw but ensure it is within the site’s minimum and maximum limits.
  • Step 4: choose GPay as your withdrawal method and confirm the transaction.
  • Step 5: the transfer will undergo verification and will be credited to your GPay account. You can then proceed to send the cash to your bank account or card for withdrawal. This process typically takes two to five business days, while transferring to a debit card takes 24 hours.

GPay betting bonuses and rewards

Apart from offering reliable payments, Google Pay betting sites also provide customers with multiple rewards and bonuses. Select the Google reward program to benefit from the following perks:

Welcome bonus

This is the first cash token you collect after joining a betting site and loading cash. The amount depends on the platform you enroll.

Deposit bonus

This is the percentage of the amount of money rack after depositing for the second time, onwards.

Cashback bonus

This is the money you get as consolation for losses in bets. The amount varies from site to site.

VIP bonus

This is an exclusive offer for special bettors. The package comes in different forms such as free bets or free cash. 

Google Pay – Security and licensing

Google Pay strives to ensure your money and private information stay safe with the fraud protection system, authentication transaction encryption, and built-in authentication.

As you can see, Google uses multiple ways to secure your credentials. Data security and cloud storage are the most common techniques used by online businesses to keep customers safe.

At Google Pay, a customer must create a PIN to secure his or her smartphone. Otherwise, if your phone does not lock automatically, Google Pay will not work. That aside, setting a strong password and Pin boosts your information’s security. 

On the other hand, Google Pay sends you a notification with the transaction details and location after every payment. As such, it is easy to detect any suspicious transaction. Still, Google Pay uses a Proprietary software license that allows the licensee to use data.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Yes, Google pay is typical fast as money deposit takes only a few seconds to reflect on your account. That said, withdrawing money from your Google Pay account to your bank account or debit card can take around 1-7 business days.

No, there is no limit on the amount of cash you can deposit. That said, some Google Pay betting sites have a maximum and minimum amount threshold. Most GPay bookmakers allow a minimum deposit of 1000 rupees, so it is recommended to confirm the terms and conditions before making a deposit. 

Yes, Google Pay accepts numerous currencies, including Indian Rupees.

You will not need to pay anything to deposit money to a betting site with Google Pay. 

Google Pay is a replacement for Android Pay, so they are technically the same. 

Yes, this service works perfectly with mobile phones.


If you are an online betting enthusiast, Google Pay will come in handy to deposit and withdraw cash. Frankly, GPay is one of the best payment methods today since it provides customers with reliable and quality security, privacy protection, easy control while still delivering a convenient experience.

Nevertheless, we would like you to remember that our site isn’t related to Google Pay and can’t take responsibility for the e-wallet’s operations. If it decides to withdraw its support at a betting site, you should be ready to look for an alternative payment option.

Now, join one of the best betting platforms listed here to bet on your favorite sport. These include the famous cricket, basketball, soccer, soccer, horse racing, rugby, among others.

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