Spread betting is a fast-paced form of sports betting where bettors stake their money above or below a certain range. So, what makes it more exciting? It’s the odds that keep on fluctuating in spread betting. Cricket, Football, horse racing are some of the best forms of sports spread betting in India.

In this article, you’ll get to know how to place spread bets on sports and how to earn huge profits in spread betting. Check below the best sports spread betting sites in India featuring the best cricket betting odds, and welcome bonuses for the new users.

Top Indian Sports Spread Betting Sites in 2022

What is Sports Spread Betting?

Spread Betting is an interesting form of betting where the player has to wager on above or below the spread point. The upper and lower range is pre-decided by the online bookmaker. This range is referred to as the buy-sell range.

Sports spread betting allows you to place back bets i.e. in favor of the outcome or lay bet i.e against the outcome. 

The benefit of placing spread bets is that winning chances are far better than fixed-odds betting. The percentage of profit or loss depends on the accuracy of your prediction.

There can be two situations in sports spread betting:

#1. When to Buy: For example, if you are placing a back bet on the outcome that India will win the match. You’ll have to wager within the upper limit of the spread bet. In other words, if you think the final outcome will be greater than the buy range, you’ll buy.

The closer you are to the spread point, the higher will be your winning payouts. 

#2. When to Sell: Similarly, if you are placing a lay bet that India will not win the match, you’ll have to wager on the lower limit of the spread point. That means if your prediction is that the final outcome will be lower than the sell range, you’ll sell.

The farther you are from the spread point, the higher will be your losses.

Pro tip: “This buying-selling concept may seem complicated to some but is quite simple to understand. Once you have experienced placing spread bets online, you can easily earn profits by a huge margin.”

Is Spread Betting Legal in India?

What if I say it’s legally illegal in India? Confused?  Hehe…!

It is very essential for all Indian bettors to understand that all gambling activities are regulated under Indian gaming law, PGA 1867. As you can see, it’s clearly around 150 years old. As per this law, any game of chance that involves money is illegal in the whole county. Horse racing betting is the only exception.

But, don’t worry! There is always a loophole. This law doesn’t mention anything about online sports betting, or online casinos. Well, that gives us a fair chance to play and bet on our favorite sports and that too on a single click. How’s that possible? The credit goes to the Internet and technology. So, what do you need to do?

  • Choose a licensed sports spread betting site based out of India
  • Make sure it accepts Indian currency and doesn’t violate FEMA.

Well, that’s all it requires to spread a bet on your favorite sports games in India without any legal repercussions. Fortunately, we have listed the top spread betting sites that accept Indian players.

How does Spread betting work?

As we discussed earlier, It allows the bettor to wager on their favorite sports above or below the point spread pre-set by the online bookmaker. Let’s take an example of football spread betting:

Suppose, you are wagering on total runs in a football match between New Zealand and Australia. 

Now, if the market is high scoring, you’ll buy each goal at a certain price decided by the bookie. On the contrary, if the market is losing, you’ll sell the goal at a specific price.

You bet Rs.100 per point for 2 goals, The quotation is 2 to 3 goals will be scored.

If 6 goals are scored, the payoff will be (6-2 x 100= Rs.400/-)

If no goals or 1 goal is scored, you’ll lose 2x 100= Rs.200/-

How to place a Sports Spread Bet?

Step 1: To choose a sport to spread betting site

You can’t just pick any random betting site on the internet. Make sure it’s legal, certified by top gaming authorities like MGA, Curacao, etc. Plus it should feature a betting exchange, a live betting feature.

Step 2: Register and Deposit money

After you have created an account on the betting site, the next step is to make an initial deposit of the minimum amount as instructed by the online bookmaker. 

Step 3: Click on your favorite sports tournament

Choose from various live or ongoing cricket, football, basketball, or other matches to place a spread bet.

Step 4: Choose the spread betting market

You can also click on the ‘i’ symbol to know more about your bet. The bet is automatically added to your bet slip.

Step 5: Enter the stake amount

Select whether you want to buy or sell the bet. Now, move the slider on the minimum & maximum point and know your potential profit/loss.

Step 6: Confirm your bet.

After you have clicked on the confirm option. The amount is automatically deducted from your betting wallet. Now wait for the final outcome or watch your bet to close the bet at any point.

“Pro tip: For best betting experience, create an account at any of our licensed and verified bookmaker sites, Make hassle-free online payments via UPI/BHIM, Paytm, Phone Pe, G-Pay, or credit/debit cards.”

Difference Between Sports Spread Betting and Conventional Betting

Some may find sports spread betting intimidating as it is not as popular as the traditional form of in-play/ pre-match betting. Let us tell you that spread betting is a fun and exciting way to gamble on your favorite sports. Overall, it is more profitable.

Compare and check below how sports spread betting is different from regular betting:

Sports Spread Betting

  • You have to wager in favor of the spread point by buying at a higher price selling at and bet against the spread point by selling at a lower price.
  • When the betting market is in your favor, You can opt to close out at any point taking out your profits.
  • The winning payout depends on the accuracy level of your prediction.
  • The payout depends on how close or far you are from the point spread.

Regular Betting

  • This is Moneyline or fixed odds betting where you can place multiple bets as per your budget.
  • Once the bet is confirmed, you can not back out. That means you have to bear the profit or loss.
  • As odds are fixed, so is the potential winning. Once you have confirmed the bet, no change in the decision is allowed.
  • Payout is obtained by multiplying your stake with the odds.

Spread Betting on Individual Sports in India

Spread betting is available for a range of sports in India. Our shortlisted sports spread betting sites gives you access to a wide array of betting markets, high-value odds, and free betting tips & predictions  Checkout some of the popular sports in India with spread betting facility:

  • Football Spread Betting: Place the bet on goal times, the total number of goals, corner bet,  Player Goal Minutes, Bookings, Shirt Numbers,  Match Performance, etc.
  • Cricket Spread Betting:  Put your stake on the Best batsman, Total score in 1st inning, 2nd inning, Best bowler, Match performance, Next Wicket fall, Number of, 4s, 6s, and much more.
  • Horse Racing Spread Betting: Bet and earn a profit on Jockey Performance, Winning Distances, SPs,  Favorites, Best horses, Match Bets, Double Numbers, and others
  • Tennis Spread Betting: Get the opportunity to wager on Total game rounds, Total Points, Supremacy, Index-based bets, Cross Courts and others.
  • Basketball Spread Betting:  Make predictions on Points Supremacy, Total Points,  Supremacy Plus, Binary, Team Points, best player, match performance, etc.
  • Formula Racing/F1 Spread Betting: Don’t miss the chance to wager on drivers’ Championship Index, Live Index, Match the bet, Podium numbers, Race Index, etc.

Sports Spread Betting Welcome Offer

Do you enjoy placing spread bets? All our listed gambling sites have a lot to offer to the new and existing players. Register today to become a verified user and claim your welcome bonus & other promotional offers. Let’s discover how you can win maximum payouts from sports spread betting!

First-deposit Bonus

Welcome bonus is credited immediately to the new user’s betting account after they have made their first deposit. Most of the time it is a 100% matched value deposit bonus. For example, 22Bet offers a 100% matched deposit bonus as a welcome bonus.

Free bets

Some of the betting sites like Betway reward you with free bets worth Rs.500/-. Free bets usually come with certain odds requirements. You need to deposit the minimum required money to claim your free bet.  

Reload Bonus

Fun88 is the best sports spread betting site that features a 30%  reload bonus to its existing users. Eg: you deposited 1000/- in your B2B wallet; you’ll get an additional 300/- for spread betting on sports of your choice.

Standard Terms & Conditions of the bonuses & Promotions:

  • The welcome offer is valid for a maximum of 30 days.
  • One needs to deposit money to claim the free bets.
  • You can’t cash out the qualifying bets.
  • For withdrawal, you need to fulfill the rollover requirements.
  • The player must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Free bets are not eligible for sports spread betting.

What Are The Benefits Of Sports Spread Betting?

Honestly, spread betting is a kind of high-risk betting as compared to fixed odds betting or Moneyline betting. But with the high payouts and better odds, it’s all worth it.  

Payouts depend on your accurate predictions

Winning odds are far better in sports spread betting than traditional betting. You are definitely going to get some profit instead of nothing. The size of the payout depends on how close you are to the spread point. Better judgments will reward you the better winning payouts. 

A Great selection of Sports to bet on  Spread Betting Market

All our recommended online bookmaker sites give you the opportunity to place spread bets on sports. Whether it’s cricket, football, tennis, or golf; online punters have a huge sports spread betting market to wager on. 

Opportunity to place Lay Bets

Sports Spread betting allows you to place lay bets with a betting exchange facility. Lay bet means placing bets against the outcome that the team or player will not win the match. It increases your winning odds as you are betting against other live players at the same odds.

Pre-match & Live SPREAD BETTING

Nowadays, many sports betting sites allow you to place pre-match or live spread bets on sports with fluctuating odds. Register today to bet on 100+ sports with cross-checked data, live feeds, live scores with massive market coverage.

Wager on Whole Sports tournament

With spread betting sites, you can place bets on the entire tournament rather than placing individual bets. Such as outright winners of IPL matches, World cup, winning distances in horse racing spread betting.

Bet on your favorite Players Or Jockeys

With sports spread betting sites, you can also place bets on individual players,  cricket matches, or jockeys in horse racing.

Live Streaming

Place live bets on our recommended betting sites through the HD-live streaming facility. You can also download the betting apps compatible with iOS and Android smartphones or directly access the gambling sites through your mobile browser.

Betting Exchange

This unique feature allows you to place lay bets against other players instead of the online bookmaker. The profits and payouts are far better than in the conventional form of betting.

Bet Builder

This exclusive feature at spread betting sites allows you to create personalized bets or parlay bets with fixed and variable odds. The benefit is better chances of winning.

Sports Spread Betting Tips

In this section, we’ll share different tactics to settle your bet immediately if you are on the losing streak. Let’s start!

Margin call

It’s an alert to the bettor that occurs when your losses reach 10% of your original bet. The spread betting firms may ask you to deposit more money before closing out the position. It’s not a safe way to ensure losses if you are not an expert bettor.

Stop Losses

An effective way to limit your losses. It lets you define the limit on a certain amount that you can bear to lose in any bet. But you need to be careful about gapping stage where your losses can exceed the specified amount. It’s a situation when a group of people has placed a bet and the market moves at a fast rate.

Pay the Broker

It may cost you additional money but is the safest way that guarantees to stop losses. As you are dealing directly with the broker so there won’t be any gap.

Paper Trading

Simply keep a track of your bets, profits, and losses to make the next smart bet. It’ll be easier for you to analyze and understand how spread betting works.

DYOR (Do your own research)

The best way to learn more about the market trends. Gather as much data about the latest betting market with better winning odds. Read the reviews and customer feedback to find the best sports spread betting sites in India featuring the best odds.

Risks involved in Sport Spread Betting

Volatility In Different  Betting Markets

The first thing you need to understand is not every sport betting market is the same. Some of them fluctuate more while the volatility rate is lower in others. For example: To predict the outright winner in a football match is more volatile than in a cricket match.

Consider the worst scenarios/ bet losses

Before you wager on a point spread bet, it’s better to think and decide what if your losses are exceeding the deposit amount? For example, if you bought the 2 goals at the rate of Rs.1000/- when the market was high scoring and you suddenly lost all the money as n  goal was scored. So, always start with a backup plan.

Manage your Bankroll

Think twice before you stake a big amount of money. Understand each betting market with pros and cons. Always risk the same or lower amount of your deposit in the betting account.


What does a +7 spread mean?

It means placing a bet on an underdog player with +7 odds. That means the player needs to win the game by at least 7 points. Whereas -7 odds represent a laying bet.

How does a point spread bet work?

Also referred to as handicap betting, sports spread betting offers a massive betting market for different sports games. It is based on the buy-sell concept range where the players can either back and lay bets.

Why does point spread keep on changing?

There are various reasons like player injuries, weather conditions, changes in playing XIs, number of bets that result in fluctuating odds.

What Is An NFL Point Spread?

This is a special spread bet available in the national football league where you just have to pick an outright winner.

What are the results of spread betting?

There can be three possible outcomes in sports spread betting: Win, lose, or a Push(Tie). A tie will reward you with the original bet without any profit or loss.

What does PK mean in point spread?

Pick’em(PK) means that your prediction is very close to the underdog or favorite player. So, you have to pick a money line to place the bet.

What is so exciting about Sports spread betting?

Several sports spread betting sites are available online. But it’s better to check the risks involved and make sure your losses do not exceed your first deposit. 

Spread Betting is a kind of short-term betting that can help you make a good deal of money. Not to forget that winning and losing are two sides of the coin. In case you lost the bet, that is going to be huge. So, you need to be careful.