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Bank transfer systems are convenient and some of the widely accepted banking channels when transacting at bookies. They provide breakneck convenience, limitations, coupled with free or lenient withdrawal and deposit fees. On top of that, the method gives bettors a chance to collect betting tokens repeatedly. 

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Much has been said about bank transfer transactions. However, some of the utterances are made-up stories. As a result, this writing will inform you of all the facts, bits, and pieces of betting online using bank transfers in India.

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How does a bank transfer work to bet online?

Bank transfer transactions use intermediaries to send and receive cash between financial institutions. Next are the aspects of the banking system and how the process works:

  • Remittance: Transactions between the receiving and sending institutions occur electronically. The depositing and withdrawing limits vary. However, most banking institutions have no minimum limit, but the upper limit is often 10 lakhs or above. 
  • Registration: A user must open an account at a banking institution before sending or receiving cash from a betting site. Notably, you must visit a banking hall with your National ID/ Passport, PAN card, passport photo, and phone number. But again, some institutions may demand more documents. 
  • Automation: Banks utilize swipe codes to transfer cash from one institution to another swiftly. Indian banks use an 11-digit number called the Indian Financial System Code (IFSC) to identify each branch. That way, funds circulate electronically and speedily, while ensuring it reaches the right recipient.  
  • Security: Transactions must contain the customer’s name and account number. A customer must undergo a verification process to affirm their identity and keep the funds safe. In a scenario where you lose cash, some bank transfer firms will compensate you since they are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).
  • Fees: Typically, there are no hidden fees while using bank transfers online. Thank heavens, most betting sites have zero charges for deposits and withdrawals of a specific limit. However, you may experience some fees, especially when withdrawing, but that depends on the land’s law and the financial institution you use.

Bet online via bank transfer with renowned sites

It is easy but fraught with danger and uncertainty to gamble online with bank transfer. As a result, you must be utterly keen before you put in money or sign up. Some bookies are rogue, which make it necessary to check the following to the fore of betting:


A decent betting site should boast excellent security mechanisms. An SSL encryption should be the first thing you check. To achieve that, look at the site’s URL to confirm it has a padlock. If it lacks, search for an alternative. In the same breath, evaluate the quality of the password after signing up. Also, remember that gambling sites must have a license that authorizes legal betting. One of the entities that you will be able to see in the casinos suggested by us is the MGA.

Games lobby

Online betting involves loads of competitions and leagues. Today, you can wager in numerous sports and, better still, In-Play betting. On top of that, you are the likes who like instant wagers and bets; you can take part in Esports betting of your favorite games. In a nutshell, ensure the site you are about to join has an excellent selection of sporting events.


Frankly, betting requires guts, strategy, and analysis. Nevertheless, the adventure can be more exciting if you win some cash without risking your hard-earned money. But again, the only way to achieve that is if you get bonuses and free bets.

For instance, our suggested platforms offers a 200% welcome bonus to newcomers and regular free bets to existing bettors. Consequently, never sign up at a site where you can’t get incentives.

Terms and conditions

Every bookie site has rules and regulations for signing up, betting, and, more specifically on the usage of bonuses. Remarkably, failing to heed the wagering requirements can be an enormous setback, especially when you want to withdraw winnings. Now, if you’re going to bet at a site with friendly terms and conditions, 

How to deposit money with bank transfer for online betting?

How you deposit cash with bank transfer boils to the bookie you join. However, the process is utterly easy at FUN88. Next are the steps you should follow: 

  • Step 1: Identify a Banking entity and visit it to create an account. Alternatively, some financial institutions allow online registration. Therefore, search but ensure you have all the necessary documents ready.  
  • Step 2: If you go the online way, open your preferred site and provide your credentials that will include but are not limited to your name, government-issued ID or Passport, Tax remittance document, date of birth, home address, phone number, email address, etc. Next, you should provide your e-signature. If you lack one, you will get directives on how to get it. 
  • Step 3: After signing up for a bank account, you will get an account number that you should use to make transactions. However, some financial institutions may demand an initial deposit to activate the account. 
  • Step 4: Log into your FUN88 account. Go to the cashier section to connect your banking account to the gaming site. Here, you should click on the deposit button and choose bank transfer as your depositing channel. 
  • Step 5: Enter the money you want to deposit in the available section. However, ensure the cash is above 1000 rupees since that is the minimum allowable limit at Fun88. Next, fill in your bank account ABA, account number, and any other needed fields. 
  • Step 6: Confirm the details and authorize the transaction. Next, wait for your bank to process the cash. After a few seconds or minutes, the funds will reflect in your betting account, ready for use in bets. You can then go back to the games lobby and choose a sport to bet on.
    You can then return to the gaming lobby and choose a sport to bet on. Join the best casinos suggested in this article, register, deposit and win it all.

Bank transfer – Withdraw funds online

The withdrawal process from FUN88 into a bank account is breezy. Next are the simple steps you should follow: 

  • Step 1: Log into your gaming account and head to the cashier page. 
  • Step 2: Choose Withdraw.
  • Step 3: Enter the amount and choose bank transfer as your withdrawal method.
  • Step 4: Enter the IFSC and account number before confirming the transaction. 
  • Step 5: Wait for cash to reach your bank account. That will vary from 2 to 5 working days.
online bank transfer

The average time taken by bank transfer to transmit funds

Bank transfer transactions have become easier and quicker, thanks to electronification and advancement in technology. Still, the duration for sending and receiving cash depends on whether the transaction is domestic or international. Similarly, the financial institution you use is a factor you should note.

Notably, banks authorize domestic transfers within 24 hours of reviewing them. But again, some delays may kick in if there are errors or mistakes about the recipient’s details. 

On the other hand, international bank transactions take between 2 and 5 working days. That will boil to the day and time you complete the remittance. Ideally, the cut-off time for most banks is 5 pm.

Therefore, if you submit your transaction past the time and it happens that there is a holiday and a weekend thereafter, you will wait longer before receiving the cash.

Perks of transacting with bank transfer

You stand to relish a lot by using bank transfers to bet online at bookies and other firms. Next are some of the benefits you should expect: 

  • Security: the security mechanisms adopted by banks are the first utilities you will enjoy. More so, all transactions must be followed by the account holder’s password/pin and a verification process to affirm identity. 
  • Speed: bank transfers are faster than a majority of other payment methods, especially when looking at depositing cash. That implies that gamblers can deposit at bookies and wager the same day. 
  • Availability: there is little to no bookie that declines bank transfers. On the other hand, banks and credit unions are numerous and easily accessible. That means you will always enjoy convenient payments. 
  • Flexibility: banks and other financial institutions allow account holders to set up several accounts, unlike e-wallets. That makes it easier to separate your betting cash from that of different use and avoid overspending.

Bonuses for betting online with bank transfer

You can earn a lot of tokens to bet on any of the platforms suggested here just by using bank transfer to deposit money. Surprisingly, some financial institutions can reward you for the first transactions you make. Here are the advantages you will get as a player on them: 

  • Welcome bonus: You can get it at both the bank and betting site or financial institution. In the suggested casinos, it comes as a 200% discount, while at the bank, it may be a few hundred rupees, depending on the Institution’s terms. 
  • Boosted odds: These offers are only available at the betting site. You get them as increased chances to win a bet.
  • Boosted reward: These perks are an enhancement on the prizes you win after a bet. 
  • VIP bonus: You can again get this at the bank and bookie, depending on the size of your transactions and status at either of the entities.

Bank transfer betting sites- Sign-Up offers

After signing up, most bank transfer betting sites give new bettors a bunch of welcome tokens. This gesture aims to attract more customers to join the site and bet on sports.

More so, the package may come in different ways such as promotional codes or coupons. Next are some of the offers you can expect after registering a betting account: 

  • Free bets: These are giveaway wagers you will stake without cash. They are, however, few and only available on specific days. 
  • Deposit bonus: You can get this offer at FUN88 and bank after loading cash. The bonus size will vary depending on a few factors such as day, competition, etc. 
  • Refund bonus: You get this token after betting and losing. Ideally, you receive back your stake for a chance to bet again and possibly win.

Other alternatives payment methods to bet online in India

If you want to enjoy the convenience of options besides using bank transfer, betting sites have a bunch of decent ways you can use. Below are the alternatives: 

  • Skrill: is an e-wallet transaction channel that works seamlessly. It has a mobile app you can harness to deposit cash for free at bookies. The online payment method allows transacting up to $2,500 daily and $10,000 monthly or the equivalent in rupees. More so, using it to load cash takes seconds, but withdrawals may be longer. 
  • Paytm: is an Indian payment channel that facilitates online transactions. The method is free to sign up and deposit cash. The maximum transaction limit is 100,000 rupees daily. To sweeten the deal, you can send and receive money up to 20 times a day. Again, you will always utilize KYC to speed up and secure transactions. 
  • MasterCard: is a swipe card payment method that is safe and convenient. It is free to use for depositing cash at casinos. It again utilizes a CVC number to protect funds and is offered by almost all banking institutions. Luckily, the card is accepted globally and in nearly all bookies. 
  • PayPal: is a digital payment method that is free to open an account. It operates globally and is accepted in many betting sites. One of its outstanding features is the typical transaction verification processes to ensure no unauthorized payments take place. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. If you download a mobile app, most bookies incorporate the fingerprint feature to enhance security and convenience.

Some financial institutions would compensate customers if cash swindled from the accounts. However, that depends on the financial institution’s terms and whether you report the incident in time.

It is impossible to cancel transactions, especially a deposit. That calls for you to be keen before completing your payment. 

More often than ever, a withdrawal takes between two and five working days. However, that is subject to the banking provider you adopt.

That depends on the financial institution and betting site you use.  Some will permit free withdrawals, while others will subject you to some charges.

Yes. Each bookie outlines how you can cash out daily or monthly. It is always wise to confirm the caps before signing up or making the withdrawal.


We have come to the end of this online bank transfer article. Now, it is undoubtedly easy for you to make deposits and withdrawals via the channel. Yet, it would help if you always purpose to utilize reputable financial institutions. In the same vein, sign up at secure betting sites and assess your statement regularly. If you ever notice suspicious payments, inform your bookie and bank staff to act immediately.

That said, please note that our site is not a bank transfer provider and isn’t attached to any financial institution. Consequently, always read the terms for opening an account and confirm if the bookie you join supports bank transactions. Nevertheless, if you do not yet have a betting account, our advice is to create one on one of the platforms on our list.

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