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AstroPay casinos are the future to transact cash at online gaming platforms. And while many players may overlook the prepaid deposit options, there are reliable, facile, and reasonable ways to make deposits without using credit cards and bank transfers. AstroPay allows players to enjoy online gambling in online casinos, especially when they can’t access other decent financial implements.

At this point we have to let you in on a little secret that will improve your chances of winning. The casinos suggested in this topic are friendly platforms that accept payments through debit and credit card systems.

On the other hand, they offer lucrative incentives and odds in the betting section. The wagering requirements of these casinos are also friendly and last for seven days. On a good day, you can pocket up to Rs. 10,000 with free spins on the site. Sign up today for free through our links.

Now, we want to help you understand how you can transact cash with AstroPay at online casinos. This article will also tell you about the benefits you will relish and the setbacks to expect. But first, analyze our other recommendable  gaming sites below and join any of them as you proceed to read on.

Top AstroPay Betting sites

What is an AstroPay card & How it is useful to bet online?

AstroPay is a virtual card payment system that first landed on the market in 2009. Its main headquarters are situated in London. The UK AstroPay LLP Group Company owns it. Nonetheless, the company has not limited its services to the UK only; it has also focused on remitting its services in foreign markets. 

Astropay services are mainly offered in Latin American and Asian nations. Yet, as days go by, the payment method is widespread in different reputable online casinos. Currently, AstroPay services are available in numerous countries such as: China, Brazil, Columbia, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Poland, India, only to mention a few.

That aside, AstroPay supports payments in multiple currencies such as EUR, GBP, USD, INR, JPY, BRL, TRY, THB, RMB, and ARS. Numerous benefits result from using the card, with the tremendous upsides being free deposits, data security, and customer privacy.

Luckily, the high-security standards set by AstroPay guarantee that your wagering site cannot access any of your details without your approval. Also, online betting sites that allow payment from AstroPay conform to the Global anti-money laundering guidelines. 

AstroPay only demands you sign up for a card to make instant online deposits at gaming sites. In the same vein, it is also viable to make withdrawals at some online casinos. More so, instant deposits mean players can enjoy placing their wages with no delays and timely receive their prizes after a successful wager.

The beauty of using AstroPay is you can limit and assess your spending. The payment method allows users to cap transactions but doesn’t offer credit funds.

Place bets online with the best AstroPay bookmakers

Continued global internet connection makes online gambling enjoyable and straightforward with an AstroPay card. Today, it is possible to deposit cash at an online casino and bet at your convenience.

Still, it is vital you first confirm the legitimacy and efficiency of the gaming site you join before making your deposit via AstroPay card. Achieving that saves you the risks of losing money and the waiting time before the payment is processed. 

Thank heavens, AstroPay is only available at licensed and reputable gaming platforms, despite being efficient and fast in depositing funds. The best thing is that it is available in the most important, reliable and secure betting sites. If you don’t know some of them, use our list of suggested platforms, these are authorized by entities of the stature of MGA.

And, before you can make payments, you must sign up for a gaming account and choose AstroPay as your preferred transaction channel. From there, you only need to head to the games lobby, choose a game, make your prediction, and place a stake. 

From there, wait for the game to commence and conclude. If your prediction is correct, you will receive a payout from the gaming site and can proceed to withdraw it or keep it for the next bet. Tap on our list to join and make free deposits and enjoy great odds and bonuses.

Register an AstroPay account to place bets online

AstroPay card registration is free, simple, and straightforward. Below are the steps you should follow to have your AstroPay account up and running speedily:

  • Step 1: First, Head to the AstroPay official site. You can quickly achieve that regardless of whether you are using a smartphone, a tablet, or a desktop.
    With a desktop/ laptop, you can access the website via your preferred browser. If you are using a mobile phone or a smartphone, the best way to sign up for an account is through downloading the AstroPay application from Google Play Store or the official site. 
  • Step 2: Regardless of the path you choose to use, tap on the “sign-up” button, and fill in your credentials. The information you provide includes your name, email address, personal address, and the preferred financial institution or bank.
    A point to note, is that you can only deposit your AstroPay account with funds between 70 rupees and 80000 rupees, and once paid, they are not refundable.
  • Step 3: Select the preferred transaction method to buy a card. Gamblers from eligible countries can pay from bank organizations, credit cards, or other online payment methods like PayPal.
    Although the option is only found in a few selected countries, cryptocurrency options such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are viable for use.
  • Step 4: After purchasing the card and loading it with cash, head over to the email you used to register your account and confirm the transactions. From there, you will receive your virtual prepaid card details. That will include the card’s number, code, and expiration date.
    Now, you should log into your gaming account and add AstroPay as your payment method. Next, deposit it into the gaming wallet and verify. From there, henceforth, you will be free to use your virtual card for casino deposits, online purchases, or transfers of funds based on your needs.

The wagering requirement to bet on using AstroPay card at online casinos

In most cases, when you register at an online casino, you receive a welcome token after depositing your first bunch of cash. However, you must meet some wagering requirements before you can withdraw winnings from the incentive.

Wagering requirements are terms and conditions from online casinos to prevent money laundering by gamblers. Ideally, if wagering terms never existed, many criminals would engage in unlawful depositing and withdrawing funds. 

That said, wagering requirements vary from one site to the next. Similarly, they come with different terms based on the game to be played. Luckily, you can access the guidelines for each game or bonus in the terms and condition section of the site you use to wager. 

Some of the bonuses you can get and use with Play Through Requirements include deposit bonuses, no-deposit bonuses, and refer-a-friend bonuses. However, some gaming sites allow gamblers to avoid wagering terms by opting out of taking up freebies. On the other hand, other brands set caps receiving- frequency on bonus to ensure players spend the needed amount and on the outlined timeframe.

Therefore, always be very cautious about reading the terms of use for any bonus presented to you before picking it. Similarly, evaluate your wagering time and expenditure to see if you can meet the deadline.

Place live bets online using AstroPay

Live betting technically means placing wagers on an ongoing match. At Fun88, you can stake on outcomes you think might happen in the next minute or seconds.

Unlike in ordinary online betting, odds in live betting tend to change rapidly as the game advances. Consequently, it would be best if you speedily analyze the chances before paying for your wager on your selected game via AstroPay.

The best thing about live betting is the ability to change your wager or even place a new one during the game. Ideally, online sportsbooks calculate the odds before the match begins and changes them, depending on the match’s happenings.

For example, if Team X was the favorite before the game started, but Team Y scored within the first minutes, the odds can change to favor Team Y. That is so since Team X’s winning chances reduce by a certain margin despite it being better.

In general, a computer algorithm updates the odds, hence the need to keep up with the changes to increase your winnings in live betting. See for yourself by registering today at the casinos suggested in this article for free.

Merits and demerits of using AstroPay cards for online betting

Like anything else in this world, AstroPay has strengths and weaknesses. However, you must know about both sides to make an informed decision. Below are the merits and demerits of using AstroPay:


  • Security: The platform ensures users’ information is safe, thanks to the utilization of SSL encryption on the site. AstroPay abides by the international set standards for financial institutions and banks to offer payment services.
  • Instant transfers: AstroPay provides swift depositing of money at online casinos. And although different gaming brands process their payments differently, your cash should reflect in your gaming wallet within a few minutes.
  • A variety of funding options: Numerous financial institutions are viable when funding the AstroPay card. Due to the Company’s continued growth and access to different countries, AstroPay supports multiple funding options depending on your country.
  • Privacy: One of the most outstanding features about AstroPay is that you do not need to provide your debit card or credit card details to an online betting site. You deposit money freely without worrying about someone finding out about the source of your cash or previous transactions.
  • Accepted at top-rated gaming sites only: AstroPay payment method is now acceptable on most reputable betting sites and online casinos. That makes it easy for players to use the card and enjoy the convenience and other benefits.


  • No withdrawal option: AstroPay did not support withdrawals on gaming sites when writing this piece. That is an unfortunate situation for gamblers who must look for other online payment modes to cash out winnings. Nonetheless, the Company is working towards the withdrawal option.
  • Restrictions in some countries: The card is restricted in some countries, demanding gamblers from such nations to look for other payment options. Frankly, such eventualities force most people to go for globally accepted channels like Neteller or Skrill.
  • Validity: The unfortunate fact about the AstroPay card is that it is only valid for 12 months. Once a year erases, you need to get a new card. When you deposit funds in the AstroPay card, the money is not refundable since there is no withdrawal option.
  • Viable currencies: It is often hectic to change your cash to another currency or, better still, send it due to the few currencies that AstroPay accepts. Currently, the platform supports seven currencies, which is less than what is available globally.

How to Deposit and Withdraw money using AstroPay?

Making payment at Online Casinos via a prepaid AstroPay Card is prompt and very easy. Next is how you can deposit cash at a site:


Step 1: At your Casino’s cashier sector, tap on the “deposit” icon and select the “AstroPay card” option. The page will direct you to a tab with the deposit details.

Step 2: Fill in the required information of the virtual prepaid card. It mainly includes your name, card number, CVV code, and expiry date of the card. Lastly, you need to outline the preferred amount of money you want to transfer to your virtual casino account. Remember, the minimum deposit amount is RS70, while the maximum deposit amount is RS 80000. Click on the “next” tab.

Step 3: Ratify the payment, and the money deposited will automatically reflect in your betting account.

Step 4: Start betting instantly. Yes, it is that easy!


Unfortunately, AstroPay does not have a withdrawal option. You can only make instant deposits using the card but look for an alternative for the withdrawal option. It is a significant disadvantage for this mode of online payment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Yes, you can. Whether you are using a smartphone, a mobile phone, or a tablet, you can access the AstroPay account, meaning it fits the mobile casinos.

The minimum amount you can deposit is RS 70, while the maximum amount you can deposit is RS 80000. Nonetheless, these rates may vary depending on the gambling platform.

Transacting cash via AstroPay is free. However, AstroPay online betting players may have fees enacted by their banking institutions or operators.

Yes, AstroPay is a safe mode of payment. It has higher security standards compared to the traditional credit card systems.

Unlike most online payment methods, AstroPay ensures instant deposits. It is one of the main benefits of this online mode of payment.

Every AstroPay card is valid for 12 months. Conversely, it is also important to note that you can only load the card once. Therefore, when you deplete the deposited funds, you will need to purchase another one to make other casino transactions.


AstroPay online payment is a convenient and easy-to-use prepaid service. It has significant advantages from the instant deposits, the excellent security feature, and the great bonuses offered, which attributes it to be one of the best online transaction modes when placing your wagers.

Yet, always check whether your country is eligible to use AstroPay since the platform is relatively new. Still, we would like you to note that we have no relations with the company or the services it offers. More so, gamblers are responsible for confirming its availability and terms before joining it.

Now, if you don’t have a gambling account yet but want to enjoy betting on a safe, reliable, lucrative and efficient platform, don’t doubt to enroll in one of the platforms suggested in our today’s Top.

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