After making computers available for people to use personally on the tables in their homes, Steve Jobs and Apple Inc. would proceed to put those computers in our pockets. In 2007, the launch of the very first iPhone was announced, and the rest is fourteen years of remarkable history.

iPhone is renowned as one of the user-friendly mobile devices and this characteristic bleeds directly into what it feels like to play on a cricket betting app for iPhone in India.

Follow us in this iPhone betting guide as we explore what it’s like to bet in cricket using the revolutionary device. Beyond that, we’ll also explain best practices for how to keep winning in your betting sessions.  This guide will not be complete if we do not leave you the best online platforms where to bet, use our suggested list and win today!

IPL iPhone betting | Best iPhone (iOS) apps

What is iPhone betting?

iPhone betting involves making use of gambling apps and websites that have been designed for the iPhone mobile experience. It is perhaps one of the most revolutionary gambling developments alongside casino bitcoin betting.

And with the immense growth of the mobile gambling industry, most sports betting operators have developed Android and iOS betting apps for their users. Check out the pros and cons of betting on an iPhone device below:

Pros and cons of iPad betting


  • Mobility

The need for mobile devices like the iPhone, was so that you could take your computer with you wherever you went.

It’s still the same when it comes to mobile gambling on your iPhone device, as you’re able to play on the go wherever you find yourself.

  • Push notifications

You don’t have to wait till you’ve sat down with your PC to get any important notifications like new daily promos or games of the day.

Push notifications on your iPhone gambling apps will save you time and even possibly win you more money.

  • Bonuses

Promotions are one of the ways that gambling operators entice new customers to their site. This is because the competition in the online market is massive.

For instance, land-based casinos do not offer promotions while their online counterparts do. This is because, in the online space, there’s no way to build a huge building to intimidate your competitors.

Likewise, when it comes to betting apps for iPhones, operators try to draw users to their apps with bonus offers. This competition is great for users.

  • Compatibility

Asides from notifications, other features can be even more powerful on your iOS betting platform.

For example, the smooth integration of Apple Pay services into your sports betting site or app makes transactions simpler.

  • Security

Because Apple is strict with what kinds of apps you can use on your phone, you can be sure to avoid malware or APK files that riddle your device with ads when you install them.

Any iPhone apps that you’ll need to download will be available on the App Store.


  • Smaller viewport

Just like Android betting apps, iPhone apps will be rendered to you in a smaller viewport. This makes the experience less immersive than on a PC or an iPad online casino, for example.

  • Developer freedom

Due to the fact that iOS betting apps are only available on the App Store, gambling operators are often more suited to making an Android app than an iPhone app.

How to find the best iPhone cricket betting apps in India?

Cricket is one of the most beloved sports in India, so, its betting markets take priority in a lot of betting sites.

There are many Cricket betting sites to wager with your iPhone in India, but what we really want to know is how to get the best from the bad or the ordinary.

You’re in luck because we’ve highlighted 5 ways to help you identify the best iPhone Cricket betting apps in India. They include:


If you’re going to be wagering on a game that you love – any game really – you need to be doing it legally. The license of the iPhone sports betting operator reassures you that the activity is being offered to you by a regulated party.

Licenses from the Malta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commission, Kahnawake Gaming Commission, etc, are some of the reputable ones to look out for.

Beyond ensuring legality, an operator with a license has been found worthy to provide players with security, good customer support, and security of their payout funds no matter what happens.


It’s important that you can experience all the same features that you experience on the PC website when you switch to iPhone online betting. This also includes the smoothness of navigation between pages.

Banking methods

Just like the website features should be the same on your PC and iPhone gambling apps, so also should the banking methods be the same.

They should include swift and secure methods with low transaction costs like Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, Paytm, Maestro, Astropay, Phonepe and other iPhone mobile options like Apple Pay, Boku, Siru mobile, etc.


It’s incredibly useful to have a Cricket iPhone betting app with bonuses. These bonuses may include special offers for app users as well as general bonus offers.

Types of promos that the best iPhone apps will give you include match deposit bonus, no deposit bonus, loyalty programs, etc. The free bets online betting sites give to their users are some of the most common and popular as well.

Customer support

This includes a comprehensive FAQs section as the first line of defence for the site.

Other useful customer support channels to look out for in an online iPhone betting app include emails, phone calls, WhatsApp and Telegram messaging, and a 24/7 live chat representative for iPhone gambling apps.

Types of iPhone cricket bets and tournaments

Cricket Tournaments to bet on mobile

You can get into a Cricket tournament and bet on a wide range of events. You can find bets to support you if you’re a high-roller or if you like to wager conservatively, and you can find really high or fair odds.

Also, with Test tournaments, you can exploit live iPhone betting since the games last longer than T20 games.

Meanwhile, T20 tournaments provide you with faster games and better odds. Below are some of the best Cricket tournaments to bet on your iPhone in India:

The Indian Premier League

IPL betting in India is special because everyone looks forward to March to support their favourite teams. Getting to wager on these teams then makes the emotions even higher.

A proper guide to IPL Satta betting shows that the competition features eight teams from Indian cities playing in the fast-paced Twenty20 (T20) tourney style.

You should bet on IPL on iPhone apps with favourites like the Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians at the back of your mind.

ICC Cricket World Cup

The Cricket world cup is the height of competition in the sport. It takes place every four years and includes ten teams with plans to expand the tournament to fourteen by 2024.

Great iPhone cricket betting options present themselves during the qualification matches that take place before the tournament as well.

ICC World Test Championship

This tournament features some of the longest Cricket games you’ll ever see with way more innings than T20 games, thus, many betting options. Favourites for this tournament include England, Australia, or New Zealand.

Cricket iPhone betting types

  • Match outcome: predict which team wins a match.
  • Win the Toss bet: bet on the even outcome of a coin toss that will determine which team bats or fields first.
  • Highest Opening Partnership bet: bet on which team will score the most runs before losing a wicket. This bet is peculiar to T20 or One Day International (ODI) tournaments.
  • Top Batsman bet: bet on which batsman will score the most runs in a series, match, or inning.
  • Man of The Match bet: Predict who will be declared the man of the match.

Quick tips to win at iPhone cricket betting

Now, what you’ve been waiting for – how to beat the house at their game. One important thing you should know is that gambling operators of all kinds have an advantage on every wager that you place.

But besides that, you’re placing bets on a game of chance, therefore, winning has to be beyond the single bets that you place.

You can win or lose a single bet. The question is, “did you get a profit at the end of the gambling session?” You can take steps to make yes the answer to that question.

7 tips to get the best winning chances on cricket betting

  1. Place bets on the best iPhone betting apps by confirming they have the necessary features like bonuses, security, banking methods, and a license.
  2. Get a bankroll that is large enough for your iPhone gambling sessions. Yet, this should not be money that you cannot afford to lose. Responsible gambling is absolutely necessary to win.
  3. Research every sport and event that you want to place bets on. Be careful and try not to make impulsive bets. You can check out our other betting guides for whatever topic you want to know about.
  4. You should try as much as possible that your wagers have relatively low odds. Events with lower odds are events that are likely to hit. You should also try your best to avoid bet slips with multiple selections as these are harder to win.
  5. Make use of bonuses and loyalty programs (if available) to boost your bankroll and play for longer, or play with more risky wagers.
  6. Make use of a bankroll management strategy that helps you play for longer periods. These strategies help you know how to react when you win or lose a bet in terms of increasing or decreasing your bet size.
  7. Walk away when you have a good amount of profit over your initial bankroll. This is the hardest, yet, the simplest thing to do. It’s hard because one may not be sure what is enough profit, and extra winnings may be an enticing prospect. You can avoid this trouble by setting a realistic goal before you begin a session, and stopping when you hit it.

How can you play online iPhone betting?

With 5 quick steps, you can begin your journey to online iPhone Cricket wins:

  1. Search and download the app on the App Store
  2. Register to your favored gambling operator on the app.
  3. Log in to your accountant make a deposit with one of the many baking methods
  4. Claim any bonus offers available to you. But first, read the terms and conditions.
  5. Research the event you want to wager on and place your bet!

Frequently asked questions

The best iPhone sports betting app is the one that is licensed, will keep your details and transactions secure, has multiple banking methods, and will reward you with exciting bonuses.

Select your preferred app, register, make a deposit and claim any bonuses. Now, you’re ready to begin betting. Just make sure that you know how the game works and you know the experts’ takes on the likely outcomes for any events you want to wager on.

Depending on what you like, there are many sites that are great for you to bet on IPL. Some things are fixed though, and they include good customer support reputation, banking methods, and bonuses.

This is not possible, or it’s highly improbable if we’re being generous. However, it’s the wrong question to ask. The right question to ask is “how do I end my betting session with a profit?” And that’s something you can pull off when you follow the tips in our article like betting strategies, bonuses, and having a realistic goal for how much you plan to win.


As you can see now, iPhone betting is almost the same as Android betting. Both have many advantages that can help lovers of cricket enjoy taking a punt on the game.

You can do it on the go, and access security and banking options way more easily than almost any other medium.

If you’re one of these cricket lovers, following this guide will take your game to the highest level. Check our other guides for the best reviews on any gambling topic that you love.

Besides, we invite you to make one of the betting platforms found in this topic. Try your luck and win today!

But of course, always remember few things: number one, we’re no responsible for any of your actions or decisions despite encourage you for cricket betting through mobile devices, including using your iPhone.

Second, the apps must belong to legit gambling sites like the ones we recommended you, this way you will make sure have the best online mobile gambling experience ever.

And third, always play responsible, with a proper manage of your bankroll, using spare funds, and tracking record of every transaction, that’s the only way to really winning and not losing all during the process.