IPL 2022 is just around the corner, meaning it’s time to start looking for betting sites that offer great IPL odds and attractive markets. There have been slight changes in terms of teams and players, but the good news is that this year you’ll have the opportunity of betting on 74 matches rather than the usual 60.

We understand that the IPL world is massive and it can be a bit difficult to keep up with every little thing. So we’ve put together this short guide that will hopefully help you find the best IPL betting odds and place your bets without breaking a sweat.

Top Sites With The Best IPL Betting odds IPL Betting Odds

IPL betting odds

Just like in other cricket tournaments, IPL odds keep fluctuating, so you must be vigilant and visit different betting sites to ensure you’re getting the best odds possible. Still, IPL betting odds are easy to understand and they are divided into three- decimal, fraction and American odds.

Decimal Odds

Decimal odds

Decimal IPL betting odds are the most popular in India and they are also the easiest to understand. For example, you might find CSK having odds of 1.55 and MI having IPL betting odds of 2.60. This means if you bet ₹100 on CSK winning and they do, your payout will be 1.55 x ₹100 which is ₹155.

Fractional odds

Fractional odds

The name tells it all here. These IPL betting odds are presented in fractions. For example, you might see odds of 3/1. This means you’ll receive 3 units of profits for every one unit wagered. If one unit is ₹100, you’ll win ₹300 and receive your initial ₹100 back.

Moneyline odds

Moneyline odds

Moneyline odds are always represented with a plus (+) or negative (-) sign. In these IPL betting odds, the plus sign means that the team is an underdog and you’ll need to bet ₹100 to win the amount shown. For example, if CSK has IPL betting odds of +120 and MI has odds of -140, you’ll need to bet ₹100 to win ₹120. On the other hand, if you’re interested in MI, you’ll need to bet ₹140 to win ₹100.

IPL 2022 teams

Competitive IPL betting odds aren’t the only exciting thing this year. This is because two new teams have been added to this year’s IPL and we are extremely excited to see their captains and players. There are seven teams that currently have captains and the remaining three teams will be relying on the IPL 2022 Mega Auction to find their new captain.

With that said, here are the captains that will be sailing their team’s ship to victory.

IPL Odds

IPL will kick off in April, so bookmakers can’t really create official odds right now. There are so many things that will happen between today and April that can significantly increase or decrease a team’s IPL betting odds. So we’ve taken a look at what bookmakers offered last year and consulted a few IPL betting masters to gauge which teams will have better odds. 

Below is what we came up with.

Mumbai Indians (MI) 4.50
Chennai Super Kings (CSK) 3.50
Delhi Capitals (DC) 5.00
Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) 10.00
Rajasthan Royals (RR) 8.00
Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) 6.00
Punjabi Kings (PBKS) 8.50
Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) 6.50
Ahmedabad 10.00
Lucknow 10.50

We expect Chennai Super Kings to have the lowest IPL betting odds since they won last year’s title and three other titles before that. Bookmakers may also favour Mumbai Indians since they’ve won five titles including 2020’s IPL. 

When it comes to Delhi Capitals, we’ve given them the third slot seeing that they’ve consistently improved over the years up to a point of securing runners up position in 2020. This automatically means they’ll have lower IPL betting odds

Kolkata Knight Riders will also be a top favourite for many betting sites due to their incredible performance last year that saw them go home with the runner’s up title. Last but not least, we expect the Royal Challengers to have IPL betting odds of around 6.50 since they came third last year and finished runners up on three occasions.

How IPL odds work in IPL betting?

When betting on IPL matches, you’ll encounter the three types of odds we mentioned earlier at the beginning of this guide. However, things can get a bit confusing if you’re not familiar with IPL markets. 

IPL betting markets are similar to any cricket match markets. For instance, you’ll find the outright winner market which means you have to predict which team will win the whole competition. You can also find the match winner market where you’ll have to select which team you think will win a single match. 

All these markets have regular odds. However, you have to be careful when live betting because IPL odds change every second. So place your bet quickly before the odds change and you end up losing or winning something significantly small.

How to place bet on IPL

We’ve discussed IPL betting odds, now let us talk about how you can place your bets on IPL matches. 

  • Visit an Indian betting site and create or log into your account.
  • Go to the site’s banking section and deposit funds.
  • After depositing, head over to the sport section and select cricket.
  • A new page will appear where you’ll be able to see all cricket events including IPL.
  • Select IPL and you’ll see the markets available. For example CSK Vs MI. Check the IPL betting odds and ensure they are satisfactory. 
  • Choose the market you want and click ‘Bet now’ and a bet slip will appear.
  • Confirm the details and click ‘OK’

Upcoming IPL Matches

IPL odds wouldn’t exist if there weren’t any teams and matches. Fortunately for you, 74 matches will be played in this year’s IPL and we’ve listed all of them below along with their dates and time.

No. Match Date Time
1 CSK  Vs  KKR 02-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
2 SRH  Vs RR 03-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
3 Ahmedabad  Vs  RCB 04-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
4 DC Vs  MI 05-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
5 Lucknow  Vs  PBKS 06-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
6 KKR  Vs  SRH 07-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
7 RR  Vs DC 08-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
8 RCB Vs  MI 09-Apr-2022 3:30 PM
9 Lucknow  Vs  Ahmedabad 09-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
10 PBKS  Vs  CSK 10-Apr-2022 3:30 PM
11 SRH  Vs  RCB 10-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
12 MI  Vs  Ahmedabad 11-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
13 DC Vs  KKR 12-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
14 CSK  Vs  RCB 13-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
15 SRH  Vs  PBKS 14-Apr-2022 3:30 PM
16 RR  Vs  KKR 14-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
17 Lucknow  Vs DC 15-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
18 Ahmedabad  Vs  CSK 16-Apr-2022 3:30 PM
19 DC Vs  SRH 16-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
20 RCB Vs RR 17-Apr-2022 3:30 PM
21 MI  Vs  Lucknow 17-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
22 KKR  Vs  Ahmedabad 18-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
23 PBKS  Vs RR 19-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
24 MI  Vs  CSK 20-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
25 KKR  Vs  RCB 21-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
26 DC Vs  PBKS 22-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
27 SRH  Vs  MI 23-Apr-2022 3:30 PM
28 RR  Vs  Ahmedabad 23-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
29 CSK  Vs  Lucknow 24-Apr-2022 3:30 PM
30 DC Vs  RCB 24-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
31 Lucknow  Vs  CSK 25-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
32 Ahmedabad  Vs  SRH 26-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
33 KKR  Vs  PBKS 27-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
34 RR  Vs  MI 28-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
35 RCB Vs  Lucknow 29-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
36 Ahmedabad  Vs  DC 30-Apr-2022 3:30 PM
37 MI  Vs  PBKS 30-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
38 RR  Vs  Lucknow 01-May-2022 3:30 PM
39 CSK  Vs  SRH 01-May-2022 7:30 PM
40 DC Vs  Ahmedabad 02-May-2022 7:30 PM
41 SRH  Vs  KKR 03-May-2022 7:30 PM
42 CSK  Vs RR 04-May-2022 7:30 PM
43 Lucknow  Vs  MI 05-May-2022 7:30 PM
44 Ahmedabad  Vs  KKR 06-May-2022 7:30 PM
45 SRH  Vs  DC 07-May-2022 3:30 PM
46 RCB Vs  PBKS 07-May-2022 7:30 PM
47 KKR  Vs  CSK 08-May-2022 3:30 PM
48 MI  Vs  DC 08-May-2022 7:30 PM
49 RCB Vs  Ahmedabad 09-May-2022 7:30 PM
50 PBKS  Vs  Lucknow 10-May-2022 7:30 PM
51 RR  Vs  CSK 11-May-2022 7:30 PM
52 PBKS  Vs  MI 12-May-2022 7:30 PM
53 SRH  Vs  Lucknow 13-May-2022 7:30 PM
54 RR  Vs  RCB 14-May-2022 7:30 PM
55 CSK  Vs  DC 15-May-2022 3:30 PM
56 Ahmedabad  Vs  PBKS 15-May-2022 7:30 PM
57 MI  Vs  SRH 16-May-2022 7:30 PM
58 RCB Vs  KKR 17-May-2022 7:30 PM
59 PBKS  Vs  DC 18-May-2022 7:30 PM
60 Ahmedabad  Vs RR 19-May-2022 7:30 PM
61 KKR  Vs  MI 20-May-2022 7:30 PM
62 Lucknow  Vs  SRH 21-May-2022 3:30 PM
63 PBKS  Vs  RCB 21-May-2022 7:30 PM
64 CSK  Vs  Ahmedabad 22-May-2022 3:30 PM
65 Lucknow  Vs  KKR 22-May-2022 7:30 PM
66 MI  Vs RR 23-May-2022 7:30 PM
67 PBKS  Vs  SRH 24-May-2022 7:30 PM
68 DC Vs  Lucknow 25-May-2022 7:30 PM
69 RCB Vs  CSK 26-May-2022 7:30 PM
70 KKR  Vs RR 27-May-2022 7:30 PM
71 Qualifier-1 29-May-2022 7:30 PM
72 Eliminator 30-May-2022 7:30 PM
73 Qualifier-2 01-Jun-2022 7:30 PM
74 FINAL 03-Jun-2022 7:30 PM

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We have a list of all the IPL betting sites that offer great IPL betting odds. These betting sites listed below are safe, reputable and have tons of other features that will make your IPL betting twice as exciting.


What is IPL?

Indian Premier League (IPL) is an Indian professional cricket tournament that’s held annually. This league was founded in 2007 by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BBCI)

How can I find the best IPL betting odds?

You can find good IPL odds by visiting different betting sites. Ensure these sites are reputable and have a valid license.

How many types of IPL betting odds are available?

There are three types of IPL odds and they include decimal, fractional and moneyline odds. Decimal odds are the most popular IPL betting odds in India.

Are Live IPL betting odds as good as regular odds?

Yes, Live IPL betting odds are just as good as regular odds. However, remember that they constantly change, so avoid getting distracted.

How many teams will be playing in IPL 2022?

This year’s IPL has 10 teams which will play 74 matches.

When will IPL 2022 scheduled to begin?

IPL 2022 will begin in April and end in June.

In which stadiums will IPL 2022 take place?

At the moment, IPL 2022 matches are scheduled to take place in Wankhede Stadium, M.A.Chidambaram Chepauk Stadium, Narendra Modi Stadium, Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium, M.Chinnaswamy Stadium, Eden Gardens Stadium & BRSABV Ekana Cricket Stadium.


We hope that by reading this article, you have learnt something that will help you bet successfully on IPL matches. As you’ve seen, IPL betting odds are not complicated and after all, most Indian betting sites only offer decimal odds. So you’ll be able to calculate your payouts easily and also see which teams your bookmaker favors. 

The only thing remaining now is for you to do thorough research on every team and wait for the action to begin in April. And when the day comes, remember to gamble responsibly and keep a record of all your bets.