Cricket is a sport where not only a match is played but also the passion that unites the players of each team. The sport has great relevance for players from India and all over the world. 

And when it comes to an event like the Super Smash League, you need to know everything! That’s why here’s a brief look at what Super Smash is and some of its history. You’ll also get the latest predictions of the top 3 favourite teams, relevant news and you’ll find out what changes there are in each team. 

And to really get the most out of the information about the Super Smash matches. Pay attention to the predictions of this year’s favourite teams and, if that’s not enough, you’ll see which bonuses you should definitely accept.

U19 world cup teams

The Super Smash League is a high-level event where only professional cricketers participate. This tournament or championship has a Round-Robin format, that is to say, according to each match, the team that dominates will face the best team from the opposing match.

In Super Smash there are innings, and the game is played with a somewhat flattened bat and a ball. Unlike other similar sports such as baseball, Super Smash has breaks between innings as stipulated by the league rules at the time.

This is in order for players to take a brief breather or/and get directions from their coaching staff to win. The Super Smash is known as Twenty20 or T20, although its latest sponsor named it for the 2021-22 season until 2026 as Dream11. 

Each team is made up of a captain and a sub-captain (optional). In addition to goalkeepers, batsmen, bowlers,and all-rounders covering any position. 

Super Smash League teams

“Twenty 20” or “T20” is the official abbreviation for professional cricket, although there is women’s cricket, this article will focus more on men’s teams, the squads that make them up and of course, specific details to help you make the right decisions in every move you make.

These are the top six teams of the last T20 season at the professional level. Take note of the highlights and make your predictions for the season ahead, later this year!

“Wellington Firebirds”

Their team captains are

  • Number 6, 30-year-old Michael Bracewell has been with the team since 2018 and covers every position. His dominant arm is his left arm.
  • Number 33, Hamish Bennett, 34 years old, 1.91m tall and making his major league debut since 2010. He is an excellent left-handed pitcher.

Team crew


  • Number 32, Finn Allen.
  • Number 88, Devon Conway.
  • Nick Greenwood.
  • Number 2, Troy Johnson.
  • Tim Robinson.


  • Number 8, Jakob Bhula.
  • Number 26, Lucas Georgeson. 
  • Number 44, Jamie Gibson.
  • Number 50, Jimmy Neesham. 
  • Number 15, Rachin Ravindra.
  • Number 20, Nathan Smith. 
  • Number 27, Logan Van Beek.
  • Number 17, Peter Younghusband.


  • Number 36, Tom Blundell.
  • Number 57, Callum McLachlan.


  • Number 13, Iain McPeake.
  • Number 15, Ollie Newton.
  • Number 14, Ben Sears.
  • Number 83, Michael Snedden.

Canterbury Kings

They are considered to be the second best team of the Super Smash season. But don’t be fooled, this team has had an impressive track record since its inception, participating in various championships and being crowned in 2005/06 with the inaugural victory.  

Their captain 

Wearing number 88, 30-year-old Cole McConchie makes use of a powerful right hand in the field. He made his international debut in September 2021 against Bangladesh and is a player who covers all positions.

Team crew


  • Number 12, Jack Boyle
  • Number 77, Leo Carter
  • Number 8, Ken McClure
  • Number 27, Henry Nicholls
  • Number 3, Chad Bowes
  • Number 54, Tyler Lortan


  • Number 24, Todd Astle
  • Number 46, Henry Shipley
  • Number 47, Daryl Mitchell
  • Number 62, Sean Davey


  • Number 28, Cameron Fletcher
  • Number 48, Tom Latham


  • Number 22, Theo van Wörkom
  • Number 29, Funda Fraser
  • Number 21, Mateo henry 
  • Number 32, Eduardo Nuttall  
  • Number 13, Andrés Hazeldine
  • Number 23, Will Williams

Auckland Aces

They may be the most successful team, having amassed a massive 28 Plunket Shield titles.  If that wasn’t enough, they have also won the Super Smash 4 times up to the 2016 season.

Their captain 

Number 11, 27-year-old batsman Robert O’Donnell, was named captain in 2014. He has been considered one of the best players to go unbeaten for an entire century, helping his team then beat the UAE team by 112 runs..

Team crew


  • Number 4, Graeme Beghin
  • Number 31, Martin Guptill
  • Number 18, Colin Munro


  • Number 88, Mark Chapman
  • Number 14, William O’Donnell
  • Number 21, Ollie Pringle
  • Number 10, Sean Solia
  • Number 13, Kyle Jamieson


  • Number 15, Ben Horne
  • Number 6, Glenn Phillips 


  • Number 50, Jamie Brown 
  • Number 17, Louis Delport
  • Number 69, Lockie Ferguson
  • Number 94, Danru Ferns
  • Number 12, Benjamin Lister
  • Number 2, Matthew McEwan
  • Number 16, Ross ter Braak
  • Number 28, Will Somerville

Central Stags

They played a major role in the last Super Smash season, and were on the verge of winning the Plunket Shield for the third consecutive time. However, they only managed to finish runners-up in second place and with no chance to prove their worth due to the cancellation due to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2019/20.

Their captains

The batsmen, number 24 Greg Hay, 37, and number 42 Tom Bruce, 30, are the captains of this team. They are two players with many years of experience, capable of leading their teams to victory.

Team crew


  • Number 4, Will Young 
  • Number 12, Ross Taylor
  • Number 9, Ben Smith
  • Brad Schmulian


  • Number 6, Doug Bracewell
  • Number 23, Bevan Small
  • Number 10, Ben Wheeler
  • Number 22, Josh Clarkson
  • Number 17, Christian Leopard
  • Ryan Watson


  • Number 15, Dane Cleaver
  • Number 3, Bayley Wiggins


  • Number 7, Adam Milne
  • Number 12, Seth Rance
  • Number 13, Blair Tickner
  • Number 11, Ray Toole
  • Number 21, Ajaz Patel
  • Number 21, Jayden Lennox
  • Number 8, Joey Field

Northern Knights

This is one of Ireland’s top teams, and although they are not given as much prominence as they should be, they have won two seasons already, one in 2013/14 and the other in 2017/18. They are currently a solid team with a reckless squad, but according to last season, this team fails to reach the last 16.  

Their captain

He is 22-year-old right-handed right-arm off-spinner Harry Tector. At his young age he made his T20 debut in 2019 against the hard-hitting Scotland. 

Team crew


  • James McCollum 
  • Jeremy Lawlor
  • John Matchett


  • Paul Stirling
  • Mark Adair 
  • Luke Georgeson  
  • Ruhan Pretorious


  • Neil Rock


  • Graeme McCarter 
  • David Delany
  • Matthew Foster
  • James Cameron-Dow 
  • Ben White

Otago Volts

The Yellow and Blue Lightning are looking to position themselves as one of New Zealand’s top teams. Although it is a team that plays sporadically, it does not miss the opportunity to prove its worth in Super Smash T20 seasons.  Although we can highlight that in their last participation they finished at the bottom of the table.

Their captain 

Jacob Duffy, number 32 of the Volts team made his first appearance in 2011 and then his debut for the world in 2020. Duffy took part in the Plunket Shield, scoring an incredible 28 dismissals in eight matches. Duffy has already confirmed his participation with the team in the 2019-21 ICC finals.

Team crew


  • Number 4, Neil Broom
  • Number 17, Hamish Rutherford
  • Number 6, Kitchen Anaru
  • Nick Kelly
  • Number 19, Michael Rippon
  • Number 39, Josh Finnie
  • Dale Phillips
  • Llew Johnson
  • Josh Tasman-Jones


  • Beckham Wheeler-Greenhall


  • Number 14, Mitch Renwick
  • Number 12, Max Chu


  • Number 34, Matthew Bacon
  • Number 37, Michael Rae
  • Jake Gibson
  • Angus McKenzie
  • Jarrod McKay  
  • Travis Muller
  • Ben Lockrose

History of Super Smash League

The Super Smash league, or better known as Dream11 Super Smash until the 2026 season, is a professional cricket competition. Qualifying teams move on to a Round-Robin where they compete for the title of top ranked team.

The Super Smash held in 2020/21 was the sixteenth season of the T20 Cricket tournament. It was held in the amazing New Zealand and started at the end of December 2020 and finished in February 2021. The defending champions were the Wellington FireBirds under the determined leadership of captains Michael Bracewell and Hamish Bennett.

The final score against Canterbury Kings was as follows:

Canterbury Kings
Wellington Firebirds
175/8 (20 overs) 178/5 (19,4 overs)
Cole McConchie 44 (39) Devon Conway 93 * (63)
Logan van Beek 3/28 (4 overs) Edward Nuttall 2/32 (4 overs)

In this final game for the Super Smash title and victory, the Wellington FireBirds won the toss, so they chose the ground that took them to victory. This was the Basin Reserve winning with a lead of 5.

Latest predictions for top-3 teams of Super Smash League

By 2020, when the Super Smash began to be organized, there were high expectations about the teams that would participate. The reason for this is that perhaps every team that participated had a considerable winning streak. 

In most cases, the participants had won a title at least once, narrowing the gap between the chances of who would win that season.  To give you a much clearer idea of where to place your bets on Super Smash, keep this in mind about the top 3 for this season.

Wellington in T20

Wellington’s captain Micheal Bracewell is in the excellent physical condition and is in good form with his notorious experience, scoring 63 off 38 balls in his last match against NB. So he will be the highest run-scorer we expect to see.

Canterbury in T20

As for Canterbury, Daryl Mitchell made 68 not out off 39 balls in the clash against Otago Volts. He is likely to make the most runs for their next match.

Auckland’s in T20

This team has high expectations, but to hold on and win, captain Phillips will need to get back on that streak to be the team’s top scorer. Also, if they have the home ground advantage and the usual sunny days, their chances of placing increase..

Match predictions for Super Smash

We want your betting on Super Smash to be as accurate as possible, so we bring you some relevant predictions that you will have to take in mind to win your bets on this important Cricket Round-Robin.

Northern Brave vs. Canterbury Kings

In this Super Smash 2021-22 final, the NB Cricket team is looking to take home their third title. While CK are trying to take their first title home since 2006.

Predicted winner

This contest will be a complex one as both captains have a similar run score. In CK, Daryll Mitchell scores 333, and NB captain Tim S. is not far behind with a total run score of 300 runs. Everything points to NB being the undisputed winners.

Why do we think so? CK’s score in their last T20 against W-Firebirds with 7 wins and 3 losses has had an impact on the overall mood and has affected them negatively. 

Climate and venue

The venue will be Seddon Park, pleasant temperatures under cloudy weather.

Wellington Firebirds vs. Northern Brave

One of the matches you probably don’t want to miss in this Super Smash, and where you’ll need to place your bets with determination.

Predicted winner

The match between these teams will be extremely even. In the last five games, the WF team has 3 wins and 2 losses, while NB has only won 2 times and lost 3.

Michael B. for the WF team has a total of 334 runs and an average of 83.50. With these stats he plans to finish and win the rest of the matches. On the other hand, in NB, Tim S. stands with a total of 300 runs.

Climate and venue

The meeting place will be in Basin Reserve and is expected to be rainy with slightly cooler temperatures. 

Central Stags vs. Auckland Aces 

The AA team with only 16 points on the board and a negative net run percentage (-0.548). They need WF to be defeated and this will be difficult to happen. CS on the other hand only has 12 points on the table and a net run percentage of -0.252.

Central Stags are bottom of the table and are unlikely to recover, having lost all five matches in a row. While Auckland have won 4 and lost just 1, I feel they are the sure winner of the match.

Predicted winner

AA’s batsmen are in pretty decent condition, averaging 150 runs in total. Although CS has good stats the team does not find the synergy needed to win and position itself, making it perhaps one of the least favourable Super Smash bets.

Climate and venue

The meeting place will be in Eden Park, possibly with perfect weather.

How to place a bet on a Super Smash team?

If you are ready to place your bet on the cricket teams of your choice for the 2021-22 Dream11 season, you need to know a bit about the betting process, but the main thing is to have a valid, safe and reliable Super Smash betting site

You need to know a bit about the betting process, but the main thing is to have a valid, safe and reliable Super Smash betting site. Still don’t know any? From this blog you will find the right betting platforms for you.

Super Smash betting step-by-step process

  1. Select the betting platform.
  2. Register and log in.
  3. Go to the Cricket section and select the league you want to bet on.
  4. View the upcoming fixtures, choose your favourite team to bet on.
  5. You will have different types of bets; single match bets and compound bets.
  6. Select the amount you wish to bet and generate a ticket.
  7. Enjoy the match and hope your prediction is the right one.

Super Smash schedule

Here is the schedule of matches, where they will take place and who will play against each other for you to formulate your winning strategy.

  • WF = Wellington Firebirds
  • CK = Canterbury Kings
  • NK = Northern Knights
  • OV = Otago Volts
  • CD = Central Stags
  • AA = Auckland Aces
Date and day Match Venue
Nov 26,2021. CK Vs. WF, 1st match Hagley oval, Christchurch
Nov 27, 2021. AA Vs. NK, 2nd match Tbc
Nov 28, 2021. OV Vs. CD, 3rd match University oval, Dunedin
Dec 03, 2021. NK Vs. OV, 4th match Seddon park, Hamilton
Dec 04, 2021. CK Vs. AA, 5th match Hagley oval, Christchurch
Dec 05, 2021. WF Vs. CD, 6th match Basin reserve, Wellington
Dec 10, 2021. CK Vs. CD, 7th match Hagley oval, Christchurch
Dec 11, 2021. AA Vs.WF, 8th match Tbc
Dec 12, 2021. OV Vs. NK, 9th match University oval, Dunedin
Dec 17, 2021. NK Vs. AA, 10th match Seddon park, Hamilton
Dec 18, 2021. CD Vs. OV, 11th match Mclean park, Napier
Dec 19, 2021. WF Vs. CK, 12th match Basin reserve, Wellington
Dec 23, 2021. NK Vs. CK, 13th match Bay oval, Mount Maunganui
Dec 24, 2021. WF Vs.AA, 14th match Basin reserve, Wellington
Dec 26, 2021. CK Vs. OV, 15th match Hagley oval, Christchurch
Dec 27, 2021. CD Vs. AA, 16th match Fitzherbert park, Palmerston North
Dec 28, 2021. OV Vs. WF, 17th match John davies oval, Queenstown
Dec 29, 2021. OV Vs. AA, 18th match John davies oval, Queenstown
Dec 30, 2021. CD Vs. NK, 19th match Pukekura park, New Plymouth
Dec 31, 2021. CD Vs. CK, 20th match Pukekura park, New Plymouth
Jan 06, 2022. WF Vs. OV, 21th match Basin reserve, Wellington
Jan 07, 2022. AA Vs. CK, 22nd match Tbc
Jan 08, 2022. CD Vs. WF, 23rd match Pukekura park, New Plymouth
Jan 14, 2022. NK Vs. CD, 24th match Bay oval, Mount Maunganui
Jan 15, 2022. AA Vs. OV, 25th match Tbc
Jan 16, 2022. NK Vs. WF, 26th match Cobham oval (new), Whangarei
Jan 21, 2022. CK Vs. NK, 27th match Hagley oval, Christchurch
Jan 22, 2022. AA Vs. CD, 28th match Tbc
Jan 23, 2022. OV Vs. CK, 29th match University oval, Dunedin
Jan 24, 2022. WF Vs. NK, 30th match Basin reserve, Wellington
Jan 27, 2022. TBC Vs. tbc, elimination final Tbc
Jan 29, 2022. TBC Vs. tbc, final Tbc

Who won the previous matches of Super Smash League

While this year the roles seem to have changed between each team, the Super Smash season passed with Wellington Firebirds as the winners, who defeated the Canterbury Kings by 56 runs in the final. 

This match was held in New Zealand under the name Twenty20 Cricket for professional teams. Six teams competed:

  • Wellington Firebirds
  • Canterbury Kings
  • Otago Volts
  • Auckland Aces
  • Central Stags 
  • Northern Brave

The winner of the 2020-21 season takes home the title for a fourth time. It is a great opportunity to keep that streak going.

Who has more chances to win this year?

The teams with the best batsmen, bowlers and experienced players needed to compete are undoubtedly the Wellington Firebirds, Auckland Aces, Canterbury Kings and Northern Brave.

Why are CS and OV not in this perfect prediction? Because of the teams’ inconsistency and lack of balance in terms of hitters and pitchers hitting the target.

The odds of winning go to the victorious team of the 2020-21 season, yes, the unbreakable Wellington Firebirds, however, everyone was in for a surprise with Northern Brave.

Super Smash betting bonuses

 Like any other game on the betting platforms, Cricket is not exempt from allowing its players to get amazing bonuses for participating, betting and of course Winning!

The first thing you should bear in mind before thinking about getting and claiming any of the bonuses we will mention. You will undoubtedly need to be registered with a solid platform. If you don’t know any, check out our links where we recommend some of them like Fun88 and Betway.

  • First deposit bonus. This is undoubtedly the bonus that brings the best remuneration. Especially if you are a new user. Enter the main website of the betting site, register your details and make your first deposit. By doing so, you can get up to 150% of the deposited amount. 
  • Reload bonus. If you are already an existing user of the platforms, take advantage of this bonus every day. For each reload you make, you can get a percentage of it. 

Note: Each bonus has its own conditions depending on the platform you are on.

Super Smash odds

The betting odds indicate how much you could win on Super Smash if your prediction is correct. This is usually as follows:

The higher the odds, the lower the probability. Therefore, the event may not happen.

Odds are better for live betting. It is usually a strategy of the platforms to make players feel that they have a better chance of winning. 

The odds are usually low for matches that are scheduled on certain dates.

Each betting site defines the odds for Super Smash League Dream11 cricket.

Payment methods for Super Smash betting

Place your bets with confidence and win all your predictions on Dream11 2021-22. To do this, you need to know which payment methods are effective, fast and almost instant so you can enjoy the moment and place the perfect bet.

  • NET Banking. This electronic banking will allow you to make payments manually through virtual banking. Fast and secure.
  • UPI App. Make your payment instantly using UPI ideal for Indian players.
  • G-Pay. Use your Google account to make Cricket payments to your favourite teams. All this with the security provided by the Google brand.
  • Credit cards. MasterCard and Visa are the ideal choice. These payment methods are the most reliable due to their reputation. 
  • Electronic wallets. StickPay and ecoPayz will make your payments an easy way to win at Dream11 this season.
  • Virtual pre-loaded cards. AstroPay, avoid providing personal information. Pre-load a card and use it to bet on your favourites.


Who won most matches Twenty20 2020-21?

New Zealand won 23 matches of which 13 were victories.

Which Super Smash 2020-21 team came out on top of the leaderboard and established as the winner?

The Wellington Firebirds won last season.

Can I bet live on the Dream11 Super Smash from India?

Yes, there are bookmakers that offer live betting and cover all Super Smash matches. Some of them are Fun88 and Betway.

According to statistics and predictions, which men's cricket team will win this Super Smash?

Everything points to Northern Brave being the winning team for the fourth time. Although you will certainly have a tough road ahead of them.

In this season of Super Smash can it be taken regularly or are there measures against Covid-19?

This year it will be held without any inconvenience as the contingency and prevention measures are already in place.

Is it important to know the statistics about players, wins and losses of a team in order to bet on this sport?

They are! Because the predictions are usually accurate and depend on the player squads of each team.


Cricket’s Super Smash league, and named until 2026 as the Dream11. It will be the most passionate matches that will result in a winner.

Don’t miss any of the predictions, tips and statistics shown in this blog. With them you will be able to place your bet on the winning Cricket team. Also, keep an eye on bonuses, future matches and odds.