ODI is a format of cricket known as One Day International. And it may be one of the most exciting events because the entire match is played in a single day. So for spectators, the excitement is riding on a rollercoaster. 

Today we’ll give you the most comprehensive guide to betting on ODIs online. We will explain from the basics to some more advanced points. 

And of course, we’ll leave you with our top online betting sites for ODI betting. All are sites that accept rupees, have excellent odds and accept players from all over India.

Best ODI betting sites in india

What is ODI betting?

ODI is a format of the game of cricket first introduced in 1971. It features 100 overs divided into 50 overs for each side. 

Most excitingly, this type of event takes approximately 8 hours to complete. And although you may think that’s a lot, the 50 overs makes the match dynamic and full of excitement with unexpected twists and turns thanks to the strategies that each team applies to score and win.

How to bet on ODI cricket?

Betting on ODI may seem like rocket science for such a long event. But it’s super simple! Just follow the steps below:

  1. Go to any of the online betting sites that offer ODI betting. If you don’t know any of them, check out our top picks! 
  2. Register using your real details and confirm your account.
  3. Go to the bank and deposit some money using your preferred payment method. 
  4. Now, go to the sports betting section, choose cricket and then “ODI matches”.
  5. Choose an option that appeals to you and click on it.
  6. Choose the market, the odds and define the amount to bet.
  7. Click the “bet” button to buy the ticket and you’re done! All you have to do is wait for the result.

Why is ODI cricket very popular among Indian players?

ODI matches have become popular among Indian players for one main reason. And that is the chance to enjoy a match and its outcome in a single day. This means less expense and less time to set aside for entertainment. Added to this, it has also become popular because of:

Wide variety of markets

There are more than 50 markets available on each match. For example winner of the match, top batsman, top wicket-taker, most sixes, most fours, etc.

Greater excitement 

While ODI is not as aggressive as T20, there is certainly plenty of excitement. And that’s because each team approaches the game with aggressive tactics to score. This means excitement at the highest level and every detail is well taken care of, which means more entertainment for the viewer. 

There is more information 

It may sound unbelievable, but the truth is that there is a lot of information about the teams that can help you put together your betting strategy. What it boils down to is that ODIs are an ideal format to get you started in the world of cricket betting.

Where can I find the best ODI betting markets?

We’ve left you with our top online betting sites that have ODIs among their betting markets. But the top 3 of our experts’ favourites are the following top 3:


Not only because of its focus on the Indian market. But because it has the most variety of options in ODI cricket. This site has more than 30 daily options available, local payment methods and availability in Hindi! 


Not surprisingly, Betway offers ODIs among the options for betting on cricket from India. But what we liked most was the ease of access. When you log in, among the quick links you will find it under “One Day International”. And when you click it, you’ll get the day’s ODI events that you can bet on. 

Royal Panda

Last but not least Royal Panda. This online betting site is undoubtedly excellent. It features International One Day matches, as well as ODI series. This guarantees a wide betting market. In addition, you can bet live or pre-match in comfort.

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ODI cricket tips for Indian players

Now comes a key point, and that is the tips that can help you win when betting on ODIs. These tips are what our experts have compiled over years of experience, trial and error. 

Register on various betting sites

The idea is to have several options where you can compare markets and odds. This way, you can make a decision based on first-hand information. A maximum of 3 to 5 sites is recommended.  

Create a budget 

This particular format can lead to you spending more than you can afford. Therefore, before betting ALWAYS set a budget. Make sure you invest only what you can afford without putting at risk the money you need to cover your needs and responsibilities.

Do your research

The advantage of ODI is that you don’t need as much research into the past as with other events. However, you do need to do a little research on the teams and their members. This will give you an idea of who to bet on. 

Live betting

Pre-match betting can be tempting to just sit back and enjoy the game. However, as the match takes place on a single day, it is best to bet while the match is in progress. In this way you can take advantage of the twists and turns in your favour and place successful bets.

ODI betting markets

This cricket-style format has super-wide markets. And while they vary from betting site to betting site, we want you to know the main ones: 


It may be the most obvious bet but it includes some of the following markets: 

  • Serie Winner.
  • Match Winner.
  • To win the coin toss.
  • If the match ends in a tie. 

Most of the game

In this market, the important thing is to try to guess whether you will be above or below the number indicated on the online betting site. Examples include: 

  • Most four/sixes.
  • Most runs outs conceded.


They often include higher odds because the idea is to hit the closest possible number. Some markets you will find are: 

  • Total run outs in the match.
  • Total ducks in the match.
  • Total match stumpings.
  • Total runs in the first innings are odd or even.
  • Any player to score a century in the match


If you don’t want to bet on a team, you can always bet on a player. Among the options you can choose from are: 

  • Top Wicket-taker.
  • Top Batsman.

Other markets 

There are markets that are not so common but are worth mentioning. These are: 

  • Highest opening partnership.
  • Highest first six overs.
  • Highest score 1st 15 overs.
  • Method of 1st dismissal.
  • 1st over runs.
  • 2nd over runs.
  • Fall of 1st wicket – 50 overs.
  • A fifty at the match.

Our recommended ODI betting site in India

ODI betting live stream

Although betting on pre-match may seem safe, betting live in ODIs is essential. Because there is a match day outcome, you can make wiser decisions.

That’s why sites like Betway and Fun88 offer you the opportunity to bet live. And you can also enjoy the live stream of the event. This way, you can watch everything, analyse in real time and bet on what is sure to have the best chance of winning. 

Plus, by betting live, you can enjoy improved odds. This is an attractive incentive and more exciting as you can increase your winnings exponentially.

Best tournaments for ODI betting

As you know, ODIs are one-day matches. And these can be played in between some tournaments. The most popular ones are: 

ICC World cup 

It is the world’s biggest cricket event. So no wonder, it may be the best event to bet on ODIs. There are more options, more markets, better odds and more teams to bet on. 

Big Bash League 

Big bash leauge is the ideal choice if you want to start betting on ODIs in an Australian domestic event. It has a similar format to the IPL, so you’re sure to find it easy to bet on. 

T20 Series

Whether in domestic or international events, the T20 format coupled with ODIs fills any fan with excitement to the fullest. The aggressiveness of the teams soars to infinity and any mistake however small makes the difference in who will win. T20 is recommended for ODI experts only. 


IPL in India is the biggest cricket event where national teams participate. It’s the perfect excuse to try your hand at ODI betting at an event where you are sure to know the teams and their squads.


No! You can place bets with little money. You just have to be organised to get the most out of it.

Yes! Some of these are: welcome bonus, reload bonus and even free bet.

Of course you can! You just need to register with a site that allows you to bet with Indian rupees and is secure.

Yes, you can! Some sites accept these options for deposits and withdrawals. An example of this is 22bet, where they accept over 30 cryptocurrencies as well as rupees.

Of course you can! Some sites like Betway or Fun88 offer live streaming of certain matches, so check them out and enjoy the ultimate thrill of live betting!

It depends on your preferences. However, the top players are one of the markets that always offer the best bets. Such as top batsman and top wicket-taker.


ODI betting is pure excitement. And with so many options and the ease with which it can be played out in a single day, fun is guaranteed.

And with this guide you’ve just read, you’re sure to now have the tools to bet and win. Just be aware that your actions are your responsibility. And that despite all the strategies, in the end, the outcome depends on your luck. 

But that only means one thing: that you could win money by making the right decisions. And that you can have fun at the same time.