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Paytm is a digital payment solution that supports fast and easy money transfers to and fro multiple banking accounts.

Online casino India Paytm ensures that players can fund and withdraw from their casino accounts without any hassles or threat to their funds.

The popularity of online casino Paytm is fast-rising due to the excellent contributions it has made in the Indian Online Casino market.

This guide shall be discussing the practice and procedures of Paytm casinos in India.

Paytm Casinos In India

About Paytm

It has been found in the Indian online gambling market, that Paytm casinos are quite similar to PayPal casinos which has in fact led to a lawsuit by the latter against the formal.

Regardless, Paytm stands today as a financial services company established in 2010 by Vijay Shekhar Sharmaq, one of the youngest billionaires in India.

The company was originally a mobile banking platform until 2017 when it was fully launched as a multiple payment platform used by over 100 million users and 7 million merchants for different purposes.

That include booking tickets and travels, paying utility bills, servicing credit cards, and so on.

Paytm is one of the biggest and safest way to deposit and withdraw money not only from online casinos and bookmarkers across India, but through any merchant that support online payments.

How safe is Paytm for betting?

Indian betting sites have long made Paytm one of their banking options because it provides safe and secure procedures for Indian gamblers to pay online when playing online games.

Paytm offers privacy to customers’ information and keeps details of their online transactions locked away from intrusions of third parties.

For every transaction on a Paytm casino, a unique One Time Password (OTP) is issued by a network server secured by 128-bit SSL encryption technology.

As a result, Paytm online casino is protected from unauthorized access by hackers and therefore safe for Paytm gambling.

How to register a wallet with Paytm?

To bet at Paytm casino, you need to have a Paytm wallet which is done by creating a Paytm account. The following are the steps to follow in order to create a wallet with Paytm:

  • You can begin by downloading the Paytm App or by just going to the Paytm website on your web browser. Yet, you should know the app is faster and more convenient for casino Paytm betting. You can get the app either on Google Play Store for Android users or on Apple store for iOS users. The app is also available for download on the Paytm website.
  • Click the login button on the site or the “Sign” Up button in the app. 
  • On this page, you are to enter your necessary details including phone number and email address, after which you will be requested to create a unique password. Please note that a strong password should contain a mixture of numbers, letters and symbols.
  • Tap the “Create your Paytm wallet” button and you are expected to receive a One Time Password (OTP) on your phone number almost immediately. 
  • Enter the 6-digits OTP as soon as it is received, and you will be required to input your full name and D.O.B. (date of birth).
  • Tap the “Create Account” button and your Paytm wallet shall be fully set up. From this moment, you are allowed to add money into your Paytm wallet.

How to add money into Paytm digital wallet?

Paytm for online casino gambling, in one way, requires you to transfer money in your digital wallet to your casino wallet. To add money into your Paytm digital wallet, you should be guided by the following simple steps:

  • Login to your Paytm account with your details.
  • Link your bank accounts to your Paytm account.
  • Tap the Paytm wallet logo at the top right corner of the page.
  • Select your preferred methods such as debit/credit card, net banking, or UPI (Unified Payment Interface)
  • Enter your payment details on the secure payment page you have been redirected to.
  • You are taken to the bank’s page where you will enter the amount and the CVV number of the debit card of the bank to complete the transaction.
  • You are taken back to your Paytm wallet that has already been credited with the money.

Advantages and disadvantages of making payments with Paytm

Let’s be realistic, nothing is perfect, and Paytm isn’t the exception for online gambling and casino playing.

So, using Paytm for online gambling in India has different advantages and disadvantages which are enlisted as thus.


  • Fast and secure online betting payment.
  • Simple navigation and good web design.
  • Minimum transaction fees.
  • Great reputation for efficient service delivery.
  • Multilingual support.
  • Support of rupees.
  • Available across India.
  • Can be used not only for online gambling, but also at other merchants.


  • Not available in many countries, and that can be an inconvenient if you travel to a country where Paytm is restricted.
  • Delay in customer support.
  • Too many country restrictions.
  • 4% withdrawal fee.

How to deposit money into a Paytm casino wallet?

Paytm casinos online in India will allow you to deposit funds into your casino wallet using the Paytm app or website. Thus, to deposit at Paytm casino, it is important to follow these guidelines:

  • Login to your casino account using your details 
  • Go to the cashier section on the site and click on deposit. 
  • Select Paytm as your preferred payment method. 
  • Input the amount you wish to deposit. Please note that this can be influenced by how much the Paytm online casino allows you to deposit at a time. 
  • Select Net banking as your preferred deposit method. Net banking represents Paytm’s unified payment interface through which online payments are made. 
  • Then, you have to enter your Paytm VPA (Virtual Payment Address) ID. You could copy from the Paytm app and paste on the casino site or you could always jot it down and type it in carefully depending on what is convenient for you. 
  • You will automatically receive a transfer request notification on your Paytm account both via email address and the Paytm App. Accept the request and your transaction shall be confirmed on the Paytm app. 
  • The payment shall be reflected on the UPI portal. Wait a few seconds for it; do not cancel. 
  • Once the payment is reflected in the UPI portal, your casino account will automatically be credited.

How to withdraw money from your Paytm casino aallet?

Paytm withdrawals on online casinos are conducted in the smoothest and simplest manner. The following are the steps to withdraw funds from a Paytm casino online wallet:

  • Login to your casino account with your username and password or any other required details .
  • Go to the “Cashier” or “My Account” section on the page.
  • Click withdrawal and you will be led to a page containing all available banking options on the casino. 
  • Choose Paytm wallet. 
  • Enter the information of your Paytm account including the amount you wish to withdraw. 
  • Tap the “Confirm” button and your withdrawal will be processed quickly.

Paytm fees and limits

Paytm is the pace setter when it comes to instant money deposits online in India. Your deposit into Paytm casino is completed instantly without any charges.

Fees may yet arise depending on the policy of the bank which you linked to your Paytm wallet. Plus, you can only deposit a minimum of Rs. 500 in Indian online casinos using Paytm. 

Paytm account verification

It is a requirement to enjoy the full services of Paytm, in particular on Indian online casinos, that you must verify your Paytm account.

The steps for account verification on Paytm are not complex. Generally, all you need to do is:

  1. Click your Paytm profile.
  2. Tap the  “complete my KYC” button to receive a detailed list of Paytm KY-centre’s around your location.
  3. At KYC (“KYC means Know Your Cliente”), some government issued documents would be requested. These include PAN card, Aadhar card, voter ID card, etc.
  4. You are allowed to submit copies of any of these documents after which your Paytm account shall be verified.

It is also possible for a Paytm online casino to request for verification of your casino account. Yet, the circumstances are rare since it takes account verification to be a certified user of Paytm in the first place.  

There are other alternative ways you can complete your account verification on Paytm

You can undergo the online verification process. This requires you to click the KYC button when you login to your Paytm account.

There, you will input your Aadhar number provided you have an Aadhar card. Almost immediately, you shall receive a One Time Password (OTP) to validate your Aadhar verification.

There is also the offline verification process available to those who do not have Aadhar card

They are to login to their Paytm account and select ‘Completer KYC’. This will require them to input their valid home address. The address is where a Paytm agent will physically arrive to do their KYC manually. 

There are a number of inhibitions you will experience if you fail to complete verification of your Paytm account.

For one, you may be able to deposit from your Paytm wallet to your casino wallet but you will not be able to withdraw your winnings from your casino wallet to your Paytm wallet, unless you complete the KYC verification process.

Paytm betting frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Getting a Paytm wallet entails an easy and straightforward process. You will get a Paytm wallet once you have opened a Paytm account. To do this, click sign up on the Paytm website and follow each procedure carefully and thoroughly.

Yes, it is safe to bet on Indian betting sites using Paytm as a preferred banking option. Paytm digital payment network is secured by 128bit SSL encryption technology. Also, there are stringent requirements attached to making deposits on Paytm betting sites. These include VPA ID and OTP.

No, it is not illegal to gamble using Paytm. Paytm is registered and incorporated in India to provide online digital payment solutions to over 7 million merchants including online casinos. It is regulated by the Reserve Bank of India, the apex authority of Indian Finance. 

But, as Gambling regulations are not uniform across India, it’s always wise to consult a lawyer or a professional to know exactly how the gambling laws works in the jurisdiction where you live.

No, betting with Paytm is not expensive. Paytm offers seamless money transfers online at the cheapest rates. Paytm deposits are instant at no cost whatsoever. However, withdrawing from your Paytm wallet to bank account attracts an average 4% transaction fee depending on the bank policy.

Yes, you can play mobile casinos using Paytm. Paytm App is generally available on the Paytm website for download by users of all mobile devices including phones and tablets. You can also get the app on Google Playstore if you are using an Android device. Users of IOS devices can also download and install the Paytm app on the Apple Store.


Paytm is one of India’s leading digital payment solutions that has made wide contributions to the Indian online gambling market.

These include fast and secure deposits and withdrawals, cheap transaction fees, and so on. It is very easy to open a Paytm wallet and it is even easier when it comes to funding or withdrawing funds from Indian online casino wallet using Paytm.

Regardless, whenever you venture into Paytm betting, take note of all the above considerations enlisted in this Paytm casino guide.

And, if you’ve already decided that you want to gamble using a Paytm account, all you need o do is register at any of our legit casino for Indian bettors.

But always keeping in mind to bet responsibly, and more important, bearing in mind that all you do is own your risk.

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