The Indian Premier League is scheduled to begin in April 2022 and you can already feel the excitement brewing. Indians have always enjoyed watching IPL matches through local Television channels. However, our local channels don’t always show the games we want. 

Fortunately for you, there are several IPL live streaming sites that will help you watch every second of this year’s IPL action. 

This guide will list all the best cricket live streaming sites and also tell you where you can do a bit of IPL live streaming betting. After reading this, we are sure you will never miss any IPL action regardless of whether you’re in India or residing in another country.

Best IPL live stream bookies in India 2022

Watch all the available/upcoming matches on live IPL streaming sites

Are you ready to learn where you can watch your favourite cricket teams go against one another? The IPL live streaming sites we are going to discuss below are the best in the business and we can guarantee you a smooth experience free of buffering and technical glitches. But first, let us discuss some of the main features that IPL live streaming sites offer.

Features of IPL streaming sites

  • Cricket streaming sites are often free but others require a monthly subscription.
  • Most IPL streaming sites are compatible with both computers and mobile devices. 
  • You will also get to enjoy HD IPL live streams on all sites.
  • IPL streaming sites also offer international cricket tournaments and matches.

Best IPL streaming sites in India

Disney Hotstar

IPL live streaming betting is fast and smooth with Disney Hotstar. Here, you can watch almost all Big cricket tournaments including IPL, ICC World Cup and ICC T20 World Cup. To watch IPL matches on Disney Hotstar, you’ll need to join a monthly subscription plan. 

This subscription plans will provide you with high quality streaming and a vast analysis of matches. You will also be able to watch highlights of all cricket matches played in the past 12 years. 

Below are the plans you can choose from.

Plans Price Validitiy Period
Super Plan ₹199 One Year
Premium Plan ₹299
30 days
One Year

Sony Liv

Sony Liv has been delivering top tier IPL streaming services since 2013. You can watch almost every major cricket match on this platform and you’ll also be provided with schedules for upcoming matches. Sony Liv also offers score sheets for ongoing matches, which makes it absolutely perfect for IPL live streaming betting.

If you’re interested in streaming your live IPL matches, here are a few plans you can get.

Plans Price Validity Period
Sony Liv Special ₹199 One Year
Sony Liv Special + ₹399 One year
Sony Liv Premium ₹299



30 days

6 months

One year

Willow TV

Willow TV is another platform that will help you achieve a seamless IPL live streaming betting experience. Every cricket match happening around the world can be found here and viewers are given the option of choosing different screen resolutions. Through this site you’ll also be able to keep up with the scores of other matches that are being played as well as watch previous match highlights.

If Willow TV sounds like a good option, here are the plans that you can subscribe to.

Plans Price Validity Period
Willow TV monthly plan ₹999 30 days
Willow TV Yearly Plan ₹6000 One year

Unofficial IPL Streaming Platforms To Watch For Free matches

Paying a monthly fee to watch your favourite IPL matches may not appeal to everyone. That is why apart from the popular licensed websites, there are other unofficial IPL live streaming sites that offer matches for free. 

These IPL live streaming sites are unlicensed so they shouldn’t ask you to pay a single penny to stream the matches. However, the quality may not be as good as what you would find at a licensed provider. To make sure you get the best experience, ensure that you have a stable internet connection and also try using your mobile phone instead of your computer.

IPL live streaming betting may also be a bit difficult when using these unofficial sites, so before joining, check whether your bookmaker offers any live streaming services.

India’s Top IPL Live Stream betting sites 2022

IPL live streaming betting is something many Indians enjoy. But the question is which betting sites offer the best cricket streaming services? Well, here are three sites that you will definitely like.


As one of the most popular betting sites in India, it comes as no surprise that Jeetplay offers excellent IPL live streaming betting. Their schedule is great and above else free, so there’s no need of paying a monthly fee. You’ll also find great odds here as well as a diverse range of betting markets. 


LeoVegas recently launched an excellent platform where you can do all your IPL live streaming betting. This service is free and one of the best when it comes to navigation and user-friendliness. It is also worth mentioning that LeoVegas offers a well-rounded IPL live streaming service on both computer and mobile. 

Royal Panda

Royal Panda is where you can find supreme IPL live streaming. This bookmaker delivers a surprisingly high number of cricket matches that are all available in HD. You will not be disappointed by the betting markets either and their odds are also competitive.

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lPL Live Streaming Channels For Non-Indian Residents

If you don’t live in India, there are still other IPL live streaming platforms that can help you catch all the cricket action. Below are the best ones that are currently offering global cricket coverage.

Sky Sports

Sky Sports is a worldly renowned channel that UK and Ireland residents can use to watch their IPL live streams. This channel also has a mobile application that provides high-quality videos and you’ll also receive news as well as match fixtures and the results of other matches. 

Willow TV

If you’re living in the USA, you can enjoy an exciting IPL live streaming through Willow TV. This channel is solely dedicated to offering International cricket events, so you can expect plenty of Indian cricket matches. Willow TV is also the only channel that streams cricket matches 24/7 and it has partnered with companies such as Sling TV to bring live streams to those without cable. 

Foxtel Sports

IPL fans in Australia can watch IPL matches on Fox Sports. This channel delivers the best cricket streaming service in Australia that is also accompanied by match highlights, commentaries, and news. When you sign up you will get a 10-day free trial and you will also be able to watch the matches on your mobile phone.

Other Ways To Get Free OTT Platforms Access

There are many ways of achieving a stress free IPL live streaming betting and one of them is through Indian telecommunication companies. These telecom companies offer exciting deals where you can get a free limited-time subscription of OTT platforms where IPL matches are streamed. 

For example, as a Jio user, you can get a JioTV subscription with fixed recharge plans or a Disney Hotstar subscription. Meaning, you will be making regular calls and enjoying data plans but still get a free subscription for IPL streaming. 

The only thing you need to remember is that recharge plans are always changing so you may get a good deal today and a completely different deal next week.


Where can I watch IPL matches in India?

You can live stream IPL matches through Disney Hotstar, Willow TV, Sony Liv, Sky Sports and BCCI TV.

Are IPL streaming sites expensive?

IPL streaming sites are generally affordable. However, there are a few operators that have high monthly subscription fees, so do thorough research and compare prices before settling on a site.

Can I stream IPL matches from overseas?

Yes, you can watch IPL matches from overseas. Simply use sites such as Sky Sports, Willow TV, ESPN, Foxtel, and SuperSport TV.

What are the benefits of live betting on IPL matches?

Live betting gives you an edge over the bookmaker. You’ll be able to see the action unfold and place bets that have a high chance of becoming successful.

What makes Disney Hotstar great for IPL streaming?

Disney Hotstar offers HD streaming. You can also access your account through 5 mobile devices, which makes it great for sharing with your friends and family.

What are unofficial IPL streaming sites?

An unofficial IPL streaming site isn’t licensed to offer any live IPL matches. These sites are free and quite popular. However, they do not offer high quality videos.


There are more than enough IPL live streaming sites in India. So don’t worry about missing out on your favorite teams batting. With sites such as Disney Hotstar and Willow TV you’ll be able to keep up with each and every match and also get enough time to place your bets. 

For the best IPL live streaming betting, we recommend watching the games on IPL betting platforms. This way, you won’t have to keep shifting from one site to another. However, if your bookmaker doesn’t offer live streaming, feel free to watch the matches on the sites we’ve recommended.