IPL 2022 is around the corner and will be contested in April-May 2022. That means it’s the best time to shop around for IPL betting rates, analyze the teams, and IPL Satta bazaar. Lucknow and Ahemndabad are the two new additions. So this year, a total of 74 matches will be played by 10 teams.

Are you a dedicated fan of IPL tournaments and want to earn money placing bets online?  This guide will help you find the latest IPL betting odds and different betting options. Also, get to learn the online cricket betting strategies to place better bets and earn huge profits. Before that, check below the list of India’s top betting sites featuring the IPL betting rates of single or multiple matches.

IPL Betting sites with best IPL Cup Rate 2022

What is an IPL CUP RATE?

IPL cuprate or IPL betting rate are the betting odds for different IPL betting markets. High betting odds mean better chances of winning the bet and vice-versa. You can either bet on the individual player’s performance, match results, team scores, or the outright winner. It’s the betting rate that helps you decide whether you should place or reject the bet.

How Does the IPL Cup Rate work?

IPL cup rate changes every year depending on the team performance, the team & player price in IPL auction, quality, and quantity of local and international players in the team, and others.

IPL betting rate keeps on fluctuating every now and then as the season progresses. We suggest following the live IPL feed for better predictions,  and to know the right time to place the bet.

Check the IPL betting odds for 2022 on Betway: Outright Winner

Chennai Super Kings(CSK), the last year IPL 2021 champions remain at the top of the list followed by defending champions Mumbai Indians(MI). FYI, Kolkata Knight Riders(KKR) was the runner-up team last year. Check below the trending odds for all the IPL teams including the two latest entrants as Ahembdabad and Lucknow:

Chennai Super Kings (CSK) 4.50
Mumbai Indians (MI) 5.00
Delhi Capitals (DC) 5.50
Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) 6.00
Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) 6.00
Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) 7.50
Punjab Kings (PBKS) 8.00
Rajasthan Royals (RR) 8.00
Lucknow Super Giants 11.00
Ahmedabad 11.00

Different types of IPL Betting Odds

Before you start betting on IPL tournaments, it’s important to know the different betting odds available in the market. After all, it’s the odds that decide the size of your payout. Let’s discuss the three types of betting odds and how do they work in IPL betting?

Fractional /British odds

These cricket odds are represented by fraction or slash. For example, A 4/1 odds simply means you’ll get $4 for every $1 wager. 

Winning Payout = Stake X (Num/Den)+ stake

Decimal / European odds

Generally used to identify and place bets on favorite and underdog players. The number refers to the total payout you’ll receive whereas the decimal part represents the amount you’ll get for every $1. The stake is already included.

Total Payout = Stake x Decimal Odd Number

Money line / American odds

The odds are represented by + or – numbers. The + sign indicates the profit you’ll earn on every $100 stake and the – sign indicates the money you need to stake to win $100. The benefit of selecting these odds is a winner not only gets the total profit but also the initial wager.

Some Popular IPL Betting Markets

Match Handicap

An interesting pre-match IPL betting market with fixed odds. The bookmaker sets a handicap or IPL betting rate after the first inning is over. For example, if a team wins with 170 runs, and the bookmaker has offered a handicap of +30 for the second team. It means the bettor needs 30 runs to win the bet.

Futures Betting

A simple and popular form of betting for beginners. All you need to do is make future predictions on the whole event, awards, and series rather than on individual matches, team performance, etc. The fluctuating odds make this betting market even more exciting. Download our recommended IPL betting app for high-value futures odds 2022.

IPL Live Betting

The most exciting in-play betting market with lots of betting options. IPL live betting allows you to wager on almost any outcome in the ongoing match. From the runs scored in 1st over,  total 4’s, 6’s in 1st inning to Outright winner or a tie. Unlike money line betting, the IPL live betting rates are not fixed in this betting market.

Mobile Betting

Our shortlisted betting sites in India offer the best IPL mobile betting rates for bettors who love to place bets from their smartphones. Now, you can free download betting apps compatible with your iOS and Android devices. IPL betting from your smartphone is as easy and user-friendly as it is on a desktop or laptop.

Best IPL Betting Apps 2022


IPL PROP betting is almost similar to IPL live betting. That means you have more betting opportunities than just betting on future predictions (Who will win the match?). IPL betting rates for proposition bets don’t rely on the final outcome of the event.  Below are some most popular and profitable IPL PROP bets for 2022:

Prop Bets Description
Toss win Online bettors have to predict the team who will win the toss before the match begins.
Top team batsman Choose the current IPL betting rate and place the bet on the top-performing batsman of both teams.
Top team bowler Predict and place the bet on the top-performing bowlers from both the teams.
Man of the match It includes finding the value of your bet and wagering on the best performing player of the whole tournament.
Highest Opening Partnership: To bet on the first two opening batsmen of the single or both teams.
Score in 1st Inning Wager on the total runs to be scored in the 1st winning at present IPL betting rate.
Most 6’s Predict the total 6’s to be scored in a particular over, 1st inning, 2nd inning, or entire tournament.
Most 4’s Predict the total 4’s to be scored in a particular over, 1st inning, 2nd inning, or entire tournament.
Match Century It’s a simple bet where you have to predict whether any player will in the entire tournament hit a century or not.
Next Man Out Bet on the player who will out of the league in upcoming overs.
Player Milestones Wager that if a player will reach the milestone or will be out early.
Highest Individual Score It is a kind of over/under bet where you have to predict whether a player will reach the fixed target?

IPL Betting Tips

  • Fix your Betting Budget: Learn to manage your bankroll so you don’t bet and lose the whole money in one go. Always start with low-value bets.
  • Choose the IPL betting rates carefully! We suggest registering on 3-4 betting sites rather than relying on one site for the best IPL odds. It’s the most effective way to earn profits.
  • Gather the IPL Teams data: Collect as much data about team performances, player injuries, recent IPL winners, and T20 statistics to place smarter and better bets.
  • Focus on Skilled and Underdog Players: When in doubt, always bet on the favorite and high-performing players. If you are confident and have the potential to take risks, you can wager on underdog players for best payouts.
  • IPL live Betting: Take advantage of the HD-live streaming facility on our betting sites to get live feeds, statistics, and get free predictions from betting experts.


Where can I bet on IPL 2022?

We have listed the Top-rated betting sites for Indian players only after following the thorough verification process, customer feedback, and reviews on Google, Trustpilot, etc. Our list of Top#5 IPL betting platforms featuring best odds includes
1. Betway
2. Royal Panda
3. Fun88
4. Jeetplay
5. Spin Casino

Is it legal to place IPL bets online?

Yes, IPL betting is safe and legal. You can choose the IPL betting rates and place either pre-match or live bets in IPL tournaments.

Who will win IPL 2022?

It depends on various factors such as which is the high-performing IPL team, has the highest IPL odds, and underdog players. Follow the free IPL betting tips and match predictions for placing confident and smart bets.

How can I bet on IPL 2022?

1. Register on any of our IPL betting sites.
2. Make an initial deposit.
3. Claim your welcome bonus or free bets if available.
4. Choose your IPL Betting rate or betting odds.
5. Select the number of bets.
6. Confirm the payment.

Now, wait for the results. You’ll be sent an email or SMS notification whether you will or lose the bet.

How is the cricket betting rate calculated?

IPL Betting rates are calculated based on the following two factors:
1. Winning Probability of both the teams or is it a Tie?
2. The profit margin of the bookmaker.

Which is the best IPL betting app?

Betway, 10CRIC, Fun88 are the top#3 IPL betting apps with thousands of active Android and iOS users. Download for free on your smartphone and enjoy placing bets at the best IPL betting rates.!

Decided which IPL betting market you want to wager on?

No doubt, luck matters in betting. But it’s your skills, dedication, and sound knowledge about cricket that matters the most. If you think you have that confidence and potential to turn the sides, you are already there.  Fortunately, we have listed the most-trusted IPL betting platforms that offer the best live cricket Satta rates for Indian players. Check these betting sites for the last time and register today to get free IPL prediction and tips to ensure your win.