BBL betting has been rewarding gamblers for numerous years. Ideally, the Big Bash T20 League, also known as the BBL, is one of the world’s best cricket tournaments you can win handsomely.  An interesting fact about T20 matches is, about 2 billion fans watch games globally.

The fame of BBL has led the competition to gain recognition in many BBL betting sites. So as more fans watch the BBL games, the same is reflected as loads of punters are seen placing their bets.

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This guide to BBL betting aims to loop you to how you can wager effectively and effortlessly. It will outline all the snippets, so read on.

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Big Bash League

History Of BBL Betting in India

The Big Bash League was formed back in 2011 and has been operational since then. It broadcasts on most free-to-air television channels, which contributes significantly to its popularity.

The big names of the local and international players have also led to more fans cherishing the event.

Frankly, cricket is one of India’s leading sports, and satta on BBL matches has been growing tremendously. Cricket betting has continued to evolve as technology continues to advance.

When cricket betting started, punters would place bets with street bookmarks, watch the game, and if their prediction won, they would go to the sportsbooks for their winnings. 

Yet, things have advanced today, and nowadays, punters wage online. In most online sportsbooks, there are various markets that a punter can bet as opposed to the ancient times, where bets were majorly placed on one market, that is, the match-winner.

Nowadays, betting has advanced to the extent that punters also play BBL live bettings.

Overview of BBL T20 betting team

The Big Bash League has eight great clubs which have continued to execute exceptional results since 2011. The preview below of these great teams will aid your analysis as you place your next bets.

Adelaide Strikers

Adelaide Strikers

This is one of the best teams, having won once in 2017. Its captain is Travis Head, while the coach is Jason Gillespie. The team’s signings have brought back a former Test opener Matt Renshaw and a swing bowler, Dan Worrall, with the hope of improving the squad.

Brisbane Heat

Brisbane Heat

This team won the league in 2012. Its captain is Chris Lynn, while its coach is Darren Lehman. Their last season started on a high note after new signings in the team were brought in, picking up batsman Tom Cooper and all-rounder Jack Wildermuth.

Hobart Hurricanes

Hobart Hurricanes

The team has not won any title in the league; however, they have managed to get to the runner-up once. The team’s coach is Adam Griffith, and its captain is Matthew Wade. An outstanding signing in the team brought in all-rounder and a bowl-off spin, Will Jacks.

Melbourne Renegades

Melbourne Renegades

The team won the League in 2018. Its coach is Michael Klinger, while its captain is Aaron Finch. The team is expected to increase its chances of winning after bringing back a faster bowler James Pattinson. The main advantage of this team is the many youngsters who dominate the squad.

Melbourne Stars

Melbourne Stars

This squad has not so far gained a championship in the league. However, the team has been in the runner-up in 2015 and the last two consecutive seasons. Its coach is David Hussey, while its captain is Glen Maxwell. The team has currently signed in an opening batsman Andre Fletcher and a beanpole Billy Stanlake.

Perth Scorchers

Perth Scorchers

The scorches are the most outstanding team in the league. It has won thrice in 2013, 2014, and 2016. The team also tops in winning the game in having the most runs and the most wickets. Perth’s captain is Mitchell Marsh, while its coach is Adam Voges. Notable signings brought in batsmen Jason Roy and Colin Munro.

Sydney Sixers

Sydney Sixers

The defending champions, Sydney Sixers, won the League in 2011 and the last two consecutive seasons. Currently, the coach is Greg Shipperd, while the captain is Moises Henriques. For defense and to strengthen their squad, the team has signed in all-rounder Carlos Brathwaite.

Sydney thunder

Sydney thunder

This team managed to top the league in 2015. The team’s coach is Shane Bond, and its captain is Callum Ferguson. The signing of the best hitter in the League, Ben cutting, is expected to be a game-changer.

BBL betting options for Indian players

The Big Bash League matches have various betting options that punters can wager. Below are some of the best choices you will see at Fun88.

A match-win

It is the most common bet for punters. Placing this bet is relatively easy and straightforward. You only need to analyze the different teams playing in the Big Bash League and choose the one you think will win the match. 

Player of the match

Just like any other sport, there must always be an outstanding player. So you can place a wager on the participant you think will emerge as the match’s best batsman, bowler, or all-rounder. 

The number of boundaries

Incredible growth has been observed in this market. Punters can now bet on the number of boundaries scored, either the fours or the sixes. Ideally, there is a team match up where on one side, players can hit sixes easily while the other side can have batsmen who can hit fours easily. Some bets are based on six or four hittings.

Top batsman

This is a straightforward bet where you place a wager on the batsman you think will make the most runs in a BBL match.

Top bowler

Here, you bet on a bowler that you think will have the most wickets, whether in a specific BBL match or maybe in the whole League.

Tied match

It is an exciting and easy way to bet where punter places a wager on a BBL cricket match to end in a draw. These types of bets are often offered in test matches since, in such games, ties occur regularly. 

Batsman contest

Although it is not a common bet market, it is an easy bet to play. The batsman contest involves two batsmen from both teams.

You should forecast which batsman will top in a chosen category. The most common groupings are most sixes truck or most runs scored.

The bookmakers we recommended at the beginning offer this betting market.

And believe it or not, it is one of the easiest to bet on. Although there are many stars that stand out in this area, often, the best bet is on those athletes who are in the teams that are believed to reach the final.

BBL betting tips that makes winning easy!

Great tips mean enjoyable betting, which typically incurs to the best winnings.

To be honest, using some strategies will help you win more and make informed decisions as you place your wager on the Big Bash League matches. Next are the tips you should use:

Assess the weather

Always check out the weather conditions before placing your bets on the BBL matches. For instance, overcast weather gives batsmen a hard time due to the ball swings. Yet, it is easier for a batsman to score more runs during sunny days.

Analyze the game’s stats

A key secret to successful bets lies in analyzing the games. A prodigious game analysis reflects on how a squad has been performing to minimize losses.

Before betting on the BBL matches, continually analyze the different teams and players. Going through the previous games’ stats and accessing their performance is all the information you need to win.

Analyze the pitch

As much as it might be ignored, the pitch’s status can alter the match’s outcome. A pitch with no grass or with hard soil is conducive for a noble bounce and pace. Still, with a ground full of grass, swing movements will give bowlers a hard time making their wickets.

Players in the match

The players present in a precise BBL match determine the match’s outcome. A key player’s absence or injury, either a bowler, all-rounder, or batsman, can elicit different game results.

The match location

While this factor can easily be overlooked, the match location often matters. Ideally, a home ground may favor a batsman or a bowler, while sometimes it may favor pace.

Bet responsively

Do not be enticed by the enormous winnings and place more bets than you can afford. You will end up using up all your savings. The critical point is to bet with money that you can afford to lose.

BBL live streaming

At times, you want to keep track of what is happening in different BBL matches playing simultaneously. As much as watching the game live is very enjoyable, it hinders the ability to manage different games simultaneously.

But you do not need to worry! Diverse technology and the internet have made BBL live betting possible. 

Nowadays, you can watch different games online through live streaming. Most betting sites offer live stream services of all BBL cricket matches.

More so, it may not be free to access the live streams, depending on the site you join. You need to sign up for an account, and either you must have funds in your account or have placed a wager in the last 24 hours.

Past performance of Big Bash League (BBL) team

The Big Bash League has had exceptional and competitive results in their matches since 2011. Here is the League’s past performance.

  • 2011: Sydney Sixers won the game by 7 wickets as Perth Scorchers attained the runner-up.
  • 2012: Brisbane Heat carried the championship home after it won against Perth Scorchers by 34 runs.
  • 2013: by garnering the most runs ever in the Big Bash League, 39 runs, the Perth Scorchers carried the day against Hobart Hurricanes.
  • 2014: by 4 wickets, Perth Scorchers won the match as Sydney Sixers took up the runner-up.
  • 2015: Sydney Thunder carried the day by 3 wickets against Melbourne Stars.
  • 2016: Perth Scorchers won by 9 wickets, and Sydney Sixers achieved the runner-up.
  • 2017: in this particular year, Adelaide Strikers gunned down the championship by 25 runs against Hobart Hurricanes.
  • 2018: Melbourne Renegades won the match by 13 runs as the Melbourne Stars attained the runner-up.
  • 2019: Sydney Sixers attained the championship with 19 runs against Melbourne Stars.
  • 2020: Sydney Sixers won the match by 27 runs while the Perth Scorchers achieved the runner-up.

How to deposit at BBL betting sites?

There are many deposit options you can use in betting in the Big Bash League matches. What you ought to do is choose a payment channel that is reliable and secure.

Listed below are the most commonly used deposit methods available for online betting on BBL in India.



Close to a decade now, the Skrill deposit option has been available in the market, offering reliable services in depositing funds.

It is a safe method for making your deposits; besides, many betting sites accept it. There is no minimum amount set for deposits, but the maximum limit allowed is ₹ 25 lakh.



Neteller is an e-wallet that one can easily open and navigate effortlessly. Its key advantage is, it accredits safety and free to deposit at FUN88.

The minimum deposit you can make is 1,000 rupees, while the maximum amount you can deposit is USD $50,000 or the equivalent in rupees.



Visa is a convenient card method for making deposits on any betting site. Unfortunately, this method is not an efficient deposit method in India as some financial institutions do not approve betting deposits.

Natheless, Visa has no limits on the minimum deposit made, but the maximum deposit limit is 35 lakh rupees.

Bank transfer

Bank transfer

Online bank transfer deposit option is becoming prevalent and conventional in most betting sites. It is an easy and efficient way to make instant deposits.

The main advantage of this method is there are no limitations in the number of deposits.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

You can either use the SonyLIV or the Hostar apps or websites to live stream Big Bash League matches. Either way, you can also use betting sites to live stream any of the BBL matches.

Yes! Betting on the Big Bash League matches is popular with most Indian BBL cricket betting fans. It is even gaining more popularity globally.

The BBL matches begin in December and either ends in January or February.

Just like any other sport, look for a reliable and safe betting site, sign in, make your deposits, choose your preferred BBL market and place a bet.

At the moment, there is a tie between the Sydney Sixers and Perth Scorchers. Still, Perth Scorchers has the most runs ever achieved in the BBL.


BBL betting is most familiar with Indian bettors, and you should be one of them. Most bookies offer the best and ideal markets for the competition.

Punters are also allowed to choose their preferred market and place multiple live bets. Natheless, it is advisable first to analyze the payment channels available on the site and those we have mentioned above.

Our site isn’t attached to any of them and can’t take responsibility for the transaction methods’ actions.  Well, now that you have the erudition on placing wagers on the BBL, what is now left is for you to choose a legit site and place bets.