Cricket leagues are extensive. Today we will talk about the WBBL, also known as the Women’s Big Bash League, which is the Australian cricket tournament that has become increasingly popular. 

The format is the same as the men’s Big Bash League, i.e. it is a Twenty20 competition. And although it is played by women, it is certainly an event worth watching and betting on. 

So to get you started, we’ll leave you with our top WBBL betting sites. All of them are available for Indian players. 

Besides, we’ll leave you with a super comprehensive and accurate short review of this women’s cricket tournament. Including predictions, betting tips, history and much more, so keep scrolling!

When did the Women Big Bash League begin?

Let’s go back to 2007, when the first Australian Women’s Twenty20 Cup (WT20) event started as exhibition matches to see if it was feasible to have a cricket tournament with women’s leagues in Australia. 

These matches were a success and in the summers of 2009-2010 the first edition of the WT20 took place. But with the intention that female athletes would gain a more professional and elite profile, it was decided to replace the competition with the Big Bash League but with a women’s edition. 

And in January 2014, the first stages of the Women’s Big Bash League were confirmed. This was to take advantage of the growing popularity of women’s cricket and the success of the first BBL TV broadcast.

Some important factors of Women Big Bash League

We want you to know all about the WBBL so that your cricket betting is data-driven. So we will tell you some important and curious facts worth mentioning about this Australian domestic cricket league: 

  • The league’s inaugural match was in 2015 and was lined up in the same way as the men’s BBL. 
  • The same eight city-based franchises that make up the Big Bash League compete. 
  • In the 2019-2020 edition, the WBBL became a standalone format. 
  • Matches are held in each state’s capital city.
  • The Sydney Thunders have been the most successful team in the league, winning 4 of the 7 editions. 
  • Brisbane Heat is the second most successful team, being two-time champions two years in a row (2019-2020 and 2020-2021).
  • Beth Mooney is the record holder for most runs in the WBBL with 3674 in total.

Format of the WBBL

The format of the Women’s Big Bash League is a mixture of double-round and knockout finals. In this sense, each team plays against 7 other teams to accumulate points. 

When these matches are over, the top 4 teams in the table are the ones that will go to the knockout finals. And how do they pick which teams will play each other in the semi-finals? On the basis of the scores and the order in which they have reached the table. 

The winners of that round go to the finals, while the losers go to another match to decide the third and fourth place.

Women Big Bash League teams

  • 1

    Adelaide Strikers

    They represent the city in northern Australia known as North Adelaide. Their home ground is Karen Rolton Oval. Their coach is Luke Williams and their captain is Tahlia McGrath. They’ve not yet won titles, but they did reach the semifinals in the 2019-2020 edition.

  • 2

    Brisbane Heat

    Representing Albion in Queensland, this’s the second most successful team in the league. Their home ground is Allan Border Field. Their coach is Ashley Noffke (who’s been playing professional cricket since 98) and their captain is Jess Jonassen. They’ve been two consecutive champions (2018-2019 and 19-20).

  • 3

    Hobart Hurricanes

    They represent Bellerive, Tamania. Their home ground is Blundstone Arena. Their coach is Salliann Beams (a cricketer who has played mostly for England and has helped shape the Under 19 programme in England). Their captain is Rachel Priest. This team has only reached the semi-finals twice.

  • 4

    Melbourne Stars

    They have had an up and down performance, reaching first place in the 20-21st edition but the rest of the editions finishing between 5th and 8th place. They represent St Kilda, Victoria and their home ground is the CitiPower Centre. Their coach is Jarrad Loughman. The captain is Meg Lanning who’s also the captain of the national team and has led Australia to victory in the ICC T20.

  • 5

    Melbourne Renegades

    They have finished in the semi-finals twice (18-19, 19-20 and 21-22) and finished between 6th and 8th place the rest of the season. They also represent St Kilda, Victoria and have the same home ground: CitiPower Centre. Their coach is Simon Helmot and their captain, Sophie Molineux, a left-arm orthodox bowling all-rounder.

  • 6

    Perth Scorchers

    Representing Western Australia, the city of East Perth, this team won the 21-22 edition. They have finished as semi-finalists in the 16-17 and 17-18 editions and have generally performed well. Their home ground is WACA ground. Their coach is Shelley Nitschke and their captain is Sophie Devine.

  • 7

    Sydney Sixers

    Moore Park in New South Wales is the city they represent. Their home ground is North Sydney Oval. Their coach is Ben Sawyer and their captain is Ellyse Perry. They have been two consecutive champions in the 16-17 and 17-18 editions.

  • 8

    Sydney Thunders

    This’s the last team. They’ve been champions twice (15-16 and 20-21). They represent Sydney Olympic Park in New South Wales. Their coach is Trevor Griffin and their captain is Rachael Haynees.

What are the previous winners of the WBBL?

To give you an overview of the WBBL, we will tell you who the champions and runners-up, and semi-finalists have been over the years: 

  • 2015-2016: Sydney Thunders. With Alex Blackwell as captain and Joanne Broadbent as a coach. 
  • 2016-2017: Sydney Sixers. With Ellyse Perry as captain and Ben Sawyer as a coach. In this season, Sarah Aley achieved the league record of most wickets with 28. 
  • 2017-2018: Sidney Sixers. They repeat the crown. The coach and captain of the team are retained. In addition, the league record for the best Win-Loss in a regular season (10-4) is achieved. 
  • 2018-2019: Brisbane Heat. They made it to the third-place play-offs, but thanks to the captaincy of Kirby Short and coach Peter McGiffin they managed to finish first in the league.  
  • 2019-2020: Brisbane Heat. They won their second crown at the event. Here they had better performance and a Win-Loss ratio of 10-4. 
  • 2020-2021: Sydney Thunders. They managed to retake the crown after 4 editions with an up and down performance. The coach was Trevor Griffin and the captain was Rachael Haynes. Their Win-Loss ratio for this season was 7-5.
  • 2021-2022: Perth Scorchers. They won their first crown after struggling to finish between 4th and 2nd place in past editions.

Who will win WBBL 2022?

You may be wondering which of the WBBL cricket teams will win this year. And while the answer is not simple, we have four options and we’ll tell you about them below: 

Perth Scorchers 

They have yet to win a crown, yet their performance has been the best and most stable throughout the seasons. In addition, their entire team (captain, coach and other players) have shown more cohesion when playing, which leads to better results. 

Brisbane Heat 

Semi-finalists in the 20-21 edition and having finished champions in past editions, this is a team worth keeping an eye on. 

Sydney Sixers 

Although in the last editions, their performance has been more than disappointing, this team has been twice champion and has reached the semi-finals twice more, so they could surprise us this season and retake the crown. 

Sydney Thunders

This team has been two-time champions in two editions and although they have had an up and down performance, they are our fourth choice.

Betting tips for Women Big Bash League

To bet on the Women Big Bash League and be successful, here are some tips from our experts that are sure to help you:

  • Register with 3-4 online betting sites and evaluate the odds before you bet. This way you can choose the best one.
  • Set up a budget and a strategy before you bet. 
  • Get to know the players, as well as the teams and their performance before you bet.
  • Take advantage of bonuses and offers in your favour and use them first to bet. This way you will be able to meet your rollover faster.

Women Big Bash betting odds

When betting on cricket one of the things to look out for is the market odds. And while a higher odds means the event is less likely to happen, a higher odds means the event is less likely to happen. The truth is that it also means that if it does happen, you will be able to get more money for your bets.

When betting on cricket, especially on events like the Women’s Big Bash League, nothing is guaranteed. A team that has lost in previous years has every chance of winning in the new edition if they have a good squad, a good coach and most importantly: they work as a united team where all points are covered. 

Finally, there are some markets that have better bets than others. Especially if they are live. So our options include recommending you to bet on: 

  • Winner of the match.
  • Cup Winner. 
  • Best hitter of the event.
  • Most sixes. 
  • Most fours. 

WBBL Betting bonuses

If you are wondering if there are bonuses for betting on women’s cricket, the answer is: yes! Although the availability of these varies from site to site, here are some of the offers available on the betting sites we have listed for you: 

Welcome bonus 

Welcome bonus an exclusive promotion for new players. And it’s the casino’s way of rewarding you for being encouraged to deposit for the first time. It’s often a bonus that matches your first deposit at 100% or even more. 

Free bets

Free bets hard offer to get, but when it comes along, you have to take advantage of it! It is usually a free bet of a certain amount to be used on markets with special odds. 

Deposit bonus 

Deposit bonus is an exclusive offer for regular players and is the online gambling site’s way of rewarding you for every time you choose to deposit. The bonus can range from 5% up to 100% and has special conditions for claiming the bonus. 

Register bonus 

Register bonus is a TOTALLY FREE offer. And it is usually a small bonus as a reward for registering on the platform. This bonus can be used to place a single bet on the event of your choice with a special odds. This bonus can only be claimed once and is for new players.

How to claim a WBBL betting welcome bonus?

Claiming a welcome bonus is super simple. And while the steps may vary from one online gambling site to another, we’ve written them down so that they’re general and you can apply them anywhere. So let’s get started:

  1. Go to the official website of the online gambling site. 
  2. Locate and click on the registration button. 
  3. Complete the form by filling in the data such as name, surname, date of birth, gender and email. Some sites will ask for more information and you will need to fill it in as well.
  4. Read the terms, conditions of use and privacy policy. If you agree, click the box.
  5. Read the terms and conditions of the voucher and click the box where you confirm that you wish to claim the voucher.
  6. Click the confirm button.
  7. Open your email and click on the confirmation link sent to you.
  8. Go to banking, then to deposits and choose a method you like.
  9. Complete the transaction and wait a few seconds for the page to reload. 
  10. You are done! The bonus should appear on your balance, as well as the money you deposited.

Payment methods for WBBL betting sites

To bet on the WBBL or any other cricket event, you must use real money. There are a variety of methods available to you. We have selected the 3 best ones and we’ll leave you with them below: 

Bank cards

Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, RuPay, Diners Club International, Amex, are just some of the options available. The best part is that they credit instant deposit and are available at almost all online gambling sites. 


Yes, although the WBBL is an Australian league, you will be betting in an international casino. That means, you will be able to bet using rupees and local methods such as UPI.


Finally, this super popular wallet across India. With Paytm you can not only deposit, but also withdraw your earnings with great ease and at a very low cost.

Score table of Women Big Bash League

In the following table, we will give you a summary of the totals of each team throughout all the WBBL 21-22 season:

TEAM Matches played Won Lost Tied No result
Adelaide Strikers 102 48 51 0 3
Brisbane Heat 103 61 41 0 1
Hobart Hurricanes 97 31 64 0 2
Melbourne Renegades 98 43 53 0 2
Melbourne Stars 97 40 54 0 3
Perth Scorchers 104 57 45 0 2
Sydney Sixers 104 60 43 0 1
Sydney Thunder 101 54 43 0 4


Can I bet on the Women Big Bash League from India?

Sure! Although this is Australian domestic cricket, it is an event that can be bet on and watched internationally.

Can I bet with rupees on a betting site on the WBBL?

Yes, with rupees, cryptocurrencies and other currencies accepted by the online betting site.

Can I bet live on the WBBL?

If the betting site has the option, of course you can.

What are the best Indian online betting sites to bet on the WBBL?

We've left you with our top picks. However, the favourites are Fun88, 22bet and Betway.

Can I bet on the WBBL from my mobile?


Where will the WBBL be played this 2022?

In Sydney due to COVID-19 measures. But in other years it was played in the 8 cities of Australia.

Why are there no Indian players in the WBBL?

Because of BCCI rules. Since Indian players are not allowed to play in franchise tournaments outside India.

How many overs are there in the Women's Big Bash League?

20 overs as in the Men's Big Bash League.

How long does a Women's Big Bash League game last?

On average, it lasts 3 hours. Although it can be extended or shortened depending on factors such as weather.


Of the international women’s cricket leagues, the Women Big Bash League may be one of the most widely covered around the world. So our recommendation is that you don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy this game and bet on your favourite team.

All you have to do is register with any of the options we recommend, evaluate the markets and odds and put together your betting strategy. We assure you that you won’t regret it! Just play responsibly and assume all the consequences.