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Best Cricket League

SportsBook That Allows Betting On The Cricket Leagues

Cricket Betting Leagues’ Structure

The BCCI is the public overall boss and overseeing body for cricket competitions and leagues in India. However, the board works under the Indian Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports’ jurisdiction. But how does the organizational structure appear? Stay put, and let’s jump right into it.

First-class competitions

These types of cricket events take place in three or more days. The competitions include:

  • Ranji Trophy: This competition started in July 1934 and involved teams from each Indian. Currently, some states have more than one club. The event adopts a structure where two elite teams face-off those from the plate league. 
  • Daleep Trophy: This event takes place in a round-robin format before the finals. It involved five teams but has three currently: India Red, India Green, and India Blue. The current champion is India Red, having won the finals against India Green. 
  • Irani Trophy: This is a one-off competition between two teams that qualify from the Ranji Trophy. It offers gamblers an excellent chance to evaluate foreign cricket teams before betting. The current winner of the competition is the Saurashtra squad. 

Limited Overs competitions

Initially, the Limited Over Competitions took place with four trophies. Nevertheless, the NKP Salve Challenger Trophy and the BCCI Corporate Trophy ceased. Let’s dig into the other two.

  • Deodhar Trophy: This is a one-day competition featuring three teams: India A, India B, and India C. It takes place in four days with one match daily. India B won the 2019-2020 season.
  • Vijay Hazare Trophy: This event has 38 participants. A total of 169 matches take place in about one month. However, the teams are ranked based on the number of overs, ranging from forty to sixty innings.

Twenty20 competitions

These events host several tournaments and teams. The leagues are named according to their country of origin. The tournaments include top-rated competitions such as the T20 Blast, Big Bash Leagues (BBL), Pakistan Super League (PSL), Champions League Twenty20 (CLT20), The Indian Premier League (IPL), among others. 

The Indian Premier League has 8 teams and takes place between March and May. The BCCI oversees the competition through a double round-robin and playoff format. Currently, there have been 13  seasons, and the Mumbai Indians have four titles.

Popular Cricket Betting Leagues In India

Cricket leagues are growing exponentially. Below are the popular Cricket betting leagues in India:

Indian Premier League

Indian Premier League (IPL)

IPL T20 (Indian Premier League)  the most loved and watched cricket league was established by BCCI in 2008. Generally, it is contested between mid-March to May each year. IPL follows the double round-robin format and consists of 8 franchises with local and overseas players. Till now 14 IPL seasons have been premiered. Mumbai Indians (5-time champions) is known to be the most successful IPL team. IPL is ranked at 6th position as the most popular tournament worldwide.


Karnataka Premier League

Karnataka Premier League (KPL)

The Karnataka State Cricket Association oversees this competition. It began in 2009, but adopted the Indian Premier League structure. Frankly, the league has produced many players who feature in the IPL, making it one of the best franchise-based local club leagues.

KPL  nurtures new talents from the outskirts of Karnataka and allows them to prove their worth on the big stage. Nevertheless, the event features seven teams from all parts of Karnataka.

Big Bash League

Big Bash League (BBL/Big Bash)

The Big Bash is a Twenty20 cricket league, and it is purely an Australian professional competition created in 2011. The competition features eight. On the other hand, the event is top-rated together with the Premier League. It commences in mid-December and the Australian summer holidays. Did you know that BBL was a gift from the Australian Cricket Board to its citizens? Now you know.

Bangladesh Premier League

Bangladesh Premier League (BPL)

The Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) began in 2011; Bangladesh Cricket Board formed it after the National Cricket League Twenty20 suspension. Nevertheless, the league consists of seven teams, making it one of Bangladesh’s professional cricket leagues. Each squad faces two teams in the group stages before four teams proceed to the playoffs, two qualifiers, and the finals. It is also ranked 16th most attended premier league globally.

T20 Blast

T20 Blast

The league is popularly known as Vitality Blast (due to sponsorship reasons since 2018). It was started in 2003 by the England and Wales Cricket Board and was the first professional T20 event globally. However, it features teams from English and Welsh first-class counties only. The 2021 T20 Blast will occur between 9th June and 18th September. The first match is expected to be between Gloucestershire and Sussex Sharks.

Pakistan Super League

Pakistan Super League (PSL)

The PSL is one of the professional Twenty20 cricket leagues in India, and the participants are six teams representing the six cities in Pakistan. It happens annually between February and March. The franchise-owned competition, solely controlled by directors, was founded on 9th September 2015 and now operates as a single entity. The matches take place in a double round-robin format where the top four teams proceed to the playoffs, then the league’s final.

T20 Mumbai

T20 Mumbai IPL

The T20 Mumbai competition was started in 2018 by the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA). The goal was to nurture local cricket players, bring them together, and build an event that brings the future superstars together.

In the league’s first finals, Triumph Knights Mumbai North East played Shivaji Park Lions; they won by three runs, Shivam Dube was named the player of the series. The participating teams were six in total.

Where To Bet Online On Cricket leagues?

Feeling lucky and want to try out betting? How about we guide you on how to go about it online? We’ll also slide in a few pointers to ensure you maximize your winnings. 

  • Sign up: The first thing you’ll need to do is create an online casino account, but you’ll need to consider a few parameters to guide you choose the best site to maximize your gains.
  • Bonuses: It would be best if you prioritize a casino that offers a wide array of bonuses. The bonuses can be a welcome bonus, deposit bonus, no deposit bonus, Loyalty (VIP) bonus, cashback bonus, and many more.
  • Game variety: It is a wise and lucrative idea to create an account at a bookie with a broad range of cricket betting markets and matches.
  • Security: Your data and money should be safe. It is wise to make sure that the casino is licensed, legal, and takes online security seriously.
  • Free bets: Some casinos give free bets to their customers. That will enable you to start betting immediately when you have created your account; this will provide you with some free experience with online casinos.
  • Good odds: Huge winnings come from lucrative odds, research, and ensuring your preferred bookmaker maximizes your rewards significantly.

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Consider These Points Before Placing Bets On 2021 Cricket Leagues

So, you have already created your FUN88 casino account and wonder where to place bets on 2021 cricket league games. To maximize your winnings, consider the league with the most predictable results.

  • Please consider a league with few or no corruption cases to boost your confidence level in a cricket league. This will increase your league’s trustworthiness to conduct free and fair matches.
  • Analyze the cricket league’s fixtures. Compare the cricket league teams. If you notice strong teams set to play against an underdog, go for it and try your luck.
  • Understand the leagues’ teams’ current form by analyzing their position and point difference in the domestic league table. More so, select cricket competitions with significant point margin differences between teams. Remember, the bigger the margin between the teams in a cricket league, the easier it will be to predict the results.
  • Please get to know the head-to-head records by analyzing the league’s teams’ historical performance; you’ll need to understand the teams’ clashing trends to guide you to choose a cricket league with the most predictable results.
  • Analyze the league teams’ home and away records; this will give you an insight into how teams from different leagues perform at home and away matches. Notice the trends, analyze the predictability of outcomes in all cricket leagues, and then choose a cricket league with a predictable direction.

Consider a league with fewer or no match-fixing cases. This will assure you of a league’s confidence before placing your bets. A cricket league with a history of match-fixing will be a risky option for your bet slip.

Online Cricket Leagues- Bets And Strategy

The key to getting value from betting on online cricket leagues is developing a strategy. Plan and know your game; let’s get into three expounded points for creating a killer strategy.

Research on likely conditions

Cricket is a sport that is often affected by multiple conditions. Wonder how? Well, let us dig a little bit deeper.

When there’s rain on match day, the condition can favor a team while causing havoc on the other. It is essential to research the venue and the location to find out how much play  and chances might be lost. 

Research on the team forms 

You will need to know if the team is in a perfect trend of play. If the team has been on a losing trend, it is most likely to lose the next match, and chances are even higher when the team plays against a stronger team.

Research on the players

How is the performance of the players? Is there any key player who is injured? These are the questions you need to be answered before placing a bet. When a star player has an injury and cannot play, it affects the team negatively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Virat Kohli, however, the rank changes from time to time.

Trent Boult, however, the rankings occasionally change.

No Indian player plays in the PSL.

Ranjitsinhji Vibhaji II, born in 10 September 1872 Sadodar, Kathiawar, British India.

Sachin Tendulkar is undoubtedly one of the most loved names in the history of Indian cricket.

Virat Kohli.  He is the Indian Cricket team’s captain.


India is a cricket country. The Board of Control for Cricket in India is the general overseer of all local competitions. With the vast list of league games, online bettors have an extensive pool to choose their preferable betting leagues. The information is widely available for analyzing statistics to help you place bets online with websites such as FUN88 casino. It is essential to create a betting strategy before placing a wager to maximize your returns. Do thorough investigations to understand the game’s flow, then make a timely kill bet and be sure to win big. Click here to bet at FUN88.