T20IPLIndia was established in mid-2020 as a publishing house offering sports information related to professional cricket. This is provided by betting experts and sports professionals who give a clear and accurate opinion.

Here, you will have detailed and updated information about every match being played, the statistics of teams and data about their players which might make the difference in future matches.

We will also let you know which are the best online sports betting platforms this year, where Cricket is the main sport. Ensuring each of them are totally safe and secure for you to access it from anywhere in India.


For us, the passion overflowing in cricket matches around the country and now transcends borders captivating thousands of fans and bettors, needs a mediator who is responsible for bringing truthful information at the right time, being this, our mission!

For this, we have experts in charge of compiling reliable reports on each sporting event taking place. Apart from that, they are the ones who check every betting platform mentioned here to make sure it is really safe to bet real money in each one of them.

At the same time, we want to act as a channel that works as a support to those players and rookie users who join this exciting game, but maybe, do not know very well the rules, limitations and even legal aspects of betting on IPL Cricket in the country.


We want to climb as the #01 website where you can find everything about Cricket and sports betting of its kind. From match reviews, player stats analysis to detailed information on online sports platforms, live cricket broadcasts and even tips on how to bet like a pro.

So, to establish ourselves as one of the best publishers in India, we need to be transparent. But what do we have to gain by offering free information that can help you win bets? Recognition, prestige and trust.

Which translates into more users choosing us over other information publishers to the extent of being able to tie up with betting platforms and provide you with unique promotions.