If you find cricket as exciting and soothing as we do, then you will understand our appreciation for any online cricket betting site we come across. Cricket is such a satisfying sport, so satisfying that just betting on it is a bonus. Individuals, supporters, or not can partake in these betting pleasures from anywhere in the world through online betting sites. However, because there are tons of these sites available, it’s nearly impossible to indulge all of them. Not only is this a waste of time, but it’s consequently a waste of money too. 

All you need is one highly celebrated site with a lot of credibilities to bet on and this piece is highlighting just the best online cricket betting in India in 2021. Here we go.

Online Cricket Betting Sites

Top Cricket Betting Sites For Indians

Cricket Betting India – A Guide For Indian Players

With a vast supply of options, there’s a need to dig deep to discover which of these sites function in the best interest of Indian players. You see, some online betting sites do not accommodate players in certain countries. This exclusion could be because the betting company doesn’t have jurisdiction to operate in those countries or it could be for security reasons. 

Regardless of the reasons, the priority here is Indian players hence, the site of choice should not only be open to Indians but should also act in their best interest. This means, their currency should be accepted, the methods of payment and withdrawal should be available to their financial institutions, and they should also be eligible for all bonuses and games. 

With the mentioned criteria, there’s only one apparent online cricket betting site that’s best for Indians and this is Fun88 casino.This casino has so much to offer not just Indians but players of diverse nationalities as well. Like the name implies there are so many fun games to play, mouth-watering bonuses, ease of transactions, live cricket betting options and a responsive customer support system to mention a few, at this site. Click here to get your share of the fun at Fun88 casino

What To Look For Before Choosing The Best Cricket Betting Sites?

Because there are so many options to choose from, bettors should have pointers that they look out for when vetting a best live cricket betting sites in India. These pointers determine the credibility and authenticity of the site and prevent you from registering on a scamming site camouflaging as a cricket betting site. They include;

Best Online Cricket Betting Sites


All authentic betting sites have different licenses from the various licensing bodies available to their jurisdiction. These licenses, track records, and reviews by players whether good or bad can either amplify the trustworthiness of the site or smudge its reputation. Also, because some sites make use of falsified licenses to lure players, you might want to double-check the mentioned issuing companies.



This has to do with the support system of the site. Often, online gamblers have complaints or issues related to their experience with the site and in such an event, a responsive and reliable customer support system is crucial. Hence, reliability facilitates the resolution of a player’s registered complaints which is why it’s a criterion when choosing a betting site.



Bonuses are so important in the online betting world that brands design marketing strategies around them. Hence, as a player, the number of real bonuses a site offers should also influence your decision when choosing the best betting sites in India



What’s an online casino or a betting site without an extensive collection of games to choose from? Boring. A betting site is supposed to be well equipped with options like games, matches, tournaments, and leagues from different countries and teams to maximizes the bettors’winning chances



Navigating the different pages of a betting site should be as seamless and as swift as possible. No one wants a site whose pages take too long to load or whose icons require too much scrolling to find. Hence, always go for a site with an easily navigable design.

How Much Can You Earn By Placing Bets On Cricket?

Aside from the derived entertainment or experience of playing games on an online casino, people play to earn. Players mostly earn by placing bets on the best live cricket betting sites and most of the time there’s no limit to how much you can rake up. For cricket, it’s been said that the odds mostly favor the bookie, however, players still make a killing with each bet so it’s all about knowing your onions. 

However, there’s no universally fixed amount of money that players earn by placing bets on cricket. The amount of money earned depends on the type of odds, the value of the odds, the amount staked, and of course, the betting site used. In essence, bettors can win anywhere from $10 to $1,000,000 and more depending on either of these dependents. In the same vein, they can also lose within and outside this range of money. 

This is mostly why some players partake in a betting arbitrage to even their odds of winning. Arbitrage is an activity where bettors place bets on all possible outcomes of an event at odds that guarantee a profit regardless of the result. So, in essence, an arbitrage is a safety net for bettors. Click here to begin earning on Fun88.

Best Cricket Betting Tournaments To Place Bets Online

Just like any other sport, cricket has its tournaments which features matches from different teams around the world. This is usually a great opportunity for bettors as they get to bet on their prediction of the winning team. Here are some of the best tournaments which give rise to the best cricket bets online. 

T20 World Cup

T20 World Cup

This is the most popular cricket tournament and it’s also the shortest one. This tournament is usually bustling with excitement, uncertainty, and entertainment. Hence it’s usually the most rewarding one to bet on. India carted away with the first T20 World Cup in 2011 and this impacted the country.



This is known as the most prestigious cricket tournament. Hence, you can expect massive bets. It occurs once in four years and is the world’s most viewed cricket event. The ICC Cricket World Cup is an event with four stages which are inclusive of the semi-finals and finals.

Asia Cup

Asia Cup

As its name implies, this tournament is synonymous with the Asian continent. Countries like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, the UAE, and many others come together to battle it out for the cup.

Test Matches

Test Matches

These are matches played between national teams as conferred by the ICC. They have the longest duration and are considered to be of the highest standard.



This is India’s most viewed sports phenomenon and it’s quite the unifying tournament. It goes on for about two months and it’s always exhilarating.

IPL Betting Options In India

Although a handful of gambling activities have been banned in the country, betting on sports like cricket, horse racing, football, etc. is still legal. Sports betting is such a culture for Indians and the IPL is one of their most celebrated tournaments primarily because it’s synonymous with their country.

The matches from the Indian Premier League are known to be nerve-racking, intense, and filled with emotions. These are usually the best kinds of matches to bet on as the odds are mostly good value. Now, there are a lot of options where one can place bets on the Indian Premier League in India. Some of these options have to do with land-based bookies while others are online betting sites like Fun88. 

For Fun88, Indian users and virtually all users will have to sign up, deposit an amount which will serve as a wager, then place their bet on the IPL. The best IPL betting sites in India are those that are easily accessible online, convenient, and credible and this is exactly what this site offers.

Mobile Cricket Betting

Speaking of convenience, it’s a major competitive advantage that a cricket betting site like Fun88 has over the traditional bookies and casinos. Now, to experience this convenience one needs to access the site, and to do this, internet connectivity alongside a smart device like a computer is needed. 

However, not many people can travel with their computers as they’re not so portable. This is why mobile devices are essential. The site has a mobile version that can run on any smart device from a smartphone of any operating system be it Android, Google, Windows, or iOS, to a tablet or pad. By utilizing either of these devices with the constant internet connectivity, you can access the resources of the betting site from anywhere in the world, on the go and at your convenience. 

Hence, all the games, tournaments, leagues, and matches are available to you at your fingertips and you get to play at your own pace. Apart from that there are list of live cricket betting sites are available that you can play on your mobile. So what are you waiting for? Download the site’s mobile app at your preferred application software provider and let the games begin. 

What Are Cricket Betting Odds And How Does It Work?

Assuming it’s the Asia Cup and India is playing against Sri Lanka and India has a 1.67 odds of beating Sri Lanka. What does this mean? Well, betting odds are simply a representation of a likelihood or it’s the implied probability of the occurrence of an outcome. The odds for every match is established by the betting site’s team of bookmakers, based on their assessment of a team’s chances of winning. So if one wants to calculate the chances that India has to win this match against Sri Lanka, the implied probability is needed. But first, there are different types of odds.

Decimal Odds

Decimal Odds

Decimal odds are a representation of the total amount of money a bettor would walk away with for every dollar he/she bets. Thus, with odds of 1.67, this simply means that a bettor would recover $1.67 for every dollar staked.

Fractional odds

Fractional odds

These odds are represented by a slash (/) symbol. They represent just the profits a bettor would make for every dollar staked. Thus with odds of 5/1, a bettor would rake up to $5 in profits for every $1 staked. However, the total amount will include the wager so the bettor would recover $6 in total.

American Odds

American Odds

Represented by either a (+) or a (-) prefix. The positive odds reflect the amount of money that’s to be recovered per $100 staked while the negative reflects the amount needed to be wagered to win a $100 profit.

Moving onto the real chances here. Assuming a bettor wants to find out his/her exact chances of winning when betting for or against a team, he/she will have to derive the implied probability. For India with odds of 1.67 against Sri Lanka, the chances of winning would be;

Implied Probability = 1 / decimal odds

                                = 1 / 1.67

                                = 0.5988 which is 59.88%

Therefore, India has a 59.88% chance of beating Sri Lanka.

Why Cricket Betting Odds Are Beneficial For Regular Players?

Cricket betting odds are highly important because, with the best odds or the understanding of what makes odds the best, players can recover obscene amounts of money in winnings. Now, here’s the truth. Some cricket betting odds are great, there are some you’ll come across that are no-brainers and there are others that are just implausible. Either of these odds can favor a regular player. This is because a regular player has the foresight, experience, and knowledge about the teams, leagues, and odds. 

Regular players have the wealth of experience

Regular cricket bettors have had a lot of betting experience. They’ve been able to make countless betting mistakes and have not only learned from them but have risen above their mistakes and their losses too. Their intuitions have progressed and this is why it may seem like their chosen odds are always beneficial to them.

They have garnered the knowledge

You can say regular players have paid their dues in the world of online cricket betting. This is because, before they became tagged ‘regular players’, they were once ‘novices’. Hence, they have learned the reins of the trade as they have developed and perfected their ability to identify and select the best odds which they bet on.

Cricket Betting Tips To Win Real Money

Well, there are a handful of tips that can propel you to your first win. One of these is the betting arbitrage. Other pointers are as follows;

  • Bet on the toss: Every cricket game begins with a coin toss. You can start your journey to wins by betting on the first event of the game, the coin toss. Here you’re betting on which team wins the toss and the odds here are 50/50.
  • Bet on the match-winner: Every match has a winner and a loser, so you can also bet on the team that wins the match. This is what almost every online cricket bettor bets on.
  • Bet on the man of the match: Every game has one of these and you can increase your chances of winning by betting on which player would be chosen as the man of the match.
  • Bet on the top bowler: This is where you place your bets on which team’s bowler takes the most number of wickets. 

You can also decide to bet on the top batsman, total runs, most match sixes, or other minute events during the match. However, the most important tip to winning your cricket bets is to educate yourself on the odds, its value, and the teams to figure out your chances of winning before you even place the bet. 

Bet On Cricket & Claim Bonuses

Fun88 online casino has a handful of betting bonuses that players are entitled to claim. These bonuses include a welcome bonus of £28 which is redeemable by following its terms and conditions, some bonus codes, a sign-up bonus, and lots more. 

Now to claim or even be eligible to receive either of these cricket betting bonuses which still apply to other sports you’ll need to create an account on the betting site. Creating a betting account on this site is quite easy. All that’s required is a few personal details including email, username, address, name, password, and maybe a phone number. 

After this, you’ll be required to check the age requirement box and the promotions box, check both. Once your account is confirmed, you’ll receive the £28 welcome bonus. This bonus is available to only new players. The sign-up bonus is a £200 bonus and a minimum deposit of £10 need to be made before it’s bestowed on the player. However, this bonus is a free bet and only its profits will be credited to the player. 

With all these betting bonuses and even more promotions available on this betting site, what more are you waiting for? Click here to claim yours.

How Can You Fund Your Cricket Betting Account?

Once you’re a registered member of an online betting site, to place bets, you’ll need to fund your betting account. This part is mostly straightforward and hitch-free. The site accommodates multiple options for payments and withdrawals of winnings and this is appealing to foreign players in their diverse geographical zones. 

The financial institutions which the site accommodates for either transaction include Visa, Mastercard, Neteller, and Skrill. The currencies that are also accepted here include the Euro (EUR), Great Britain Pounds (GBP), and a host of Asian currencies. 

Deposits can be made by bank transfers or online payments through either financial institution and it takes about 0-3 working days to reflect, depending on the method. Also for this betting site, a minimum deposit of £10 is to be made. 

Withdrawal of winnings on this site takes about 3-5 working days to complete. This also depends on the method. However, the same method used for deposits will be used for its withdrawals. The maximum amount a player can withdraw in a 24hour period is £5000. 

Finally, depending on the financial institution of your preference, when making withdrawals or deposits, transaction fees do apply. Although the rates may not be the same for all methods or institutions.


Being the best cricket betting site in India, there are multiple questions which potential members or even present players would like to ask. Here are a handful of such questions as well as their answers.

A tournament in an online betting site is a sport in its game series which awards its winning team with trophies or plaques. There are also casino tournaments in which players partake to win major prizes. Some online casinos offer prizes anywhere from $3000 – $100,000 or more.

These are bonuses that are designed to get players to familiarize themselves with the games. They feature free rounds or spins and players can even win up to $300 via a free play bonus provided they make the minimum required deposit.

Absolutely. To get the best experience, you should try out different top cricket betting sites and find the one that offers the best value.

There’s no limit to the amount of money you can win from betting. However, the odds you bet on, your wagered amount, and the betting site you’re on will influence your winnings.


Cricket betting is such a satisfying activity as there so many tournaments and events to bet on. However, to be a successful cricket bettor one needs to be fully groomed on its diverse betting odds and their application. Nevertheless, even with this knowledge, one cannot reach his/her true potential as a cricket bettor without a credible betting site. This is why this piece has highlighted the best online cricket betting site for the year and it’s none other than Fun88. Featuring major promotions, an extensive collection of games, effective support, and excellent user experience, this site checks all the right boxes. So, do not delay. Click here to start your journey to unending wins at this site.