How To Win Cricket Bet Every Time

The countless number of cricket teams and betting markets available can make it seem impossible to bet on this sport and win. Luckily for you, we know exactly what you need to be a successful bettor. 

For you to make enviable profits when betting on cricket, you will need a few strategies and tips that will ensure that you beat the bookies and in this guide, we’ll be discussing these strategies in depth.

Find a reliable online bookmaker

You need to be cautious about where you choose to bet online. As an Indian player, you will find numerous betting sites available, but not all of them offer the best services. So ensure that the bookie you choose has a valid license. 

Finding reliable IPL betting sites means finding great odds and finding great odds ultimately results in large payouts.  So pay close attention to the licensing information and overall reputation of the bookmaker. You can also look for additional certifications from eCOGRA, just to make sure that no unfair gambling practices are tolerated by the bookmaker.

Know the teams in and out

A crucial cricket betting strategy is to understand how teams play. In this stage, you need to research the players and take note of their weaknesses and strengths. Before the match, analyze how both teams play in home and away teams. Also, take a look at how these teams perform when they are going head to head. 

Doing this will help you catch patterns. For instance, you will be able to see how the left-handed bowl differently from the right-handed players and therefore be able to decide which team will perform better.

Start with small bets

As a beginner, it is wise to avoid placing large bets. So set a bit of a limit. For example, you can begin by placing bets worth only ₹100 in a week, and as your skills grow then you can increase this limit up to a reasonable amount.

Also, don’t be in a hurry to win and forget that there’s a lot to master. Begin by betting on small cricket matches before trying your luck on large tournaments such as the IPL. By betting on smaller tournaments first, you’ll be able to see what works and what doesn’t. And this will help increase your chances of winning in the future. 

Research the venues

The venue of a cricket match plays an essential role in the performance of the teams. This is something that is often ignored by bettors, but we strongly urge you to be keen on the stadiums hosting cricket matches.

Stadiums are built differently. A large stadium makes it more difficult for batsmen to hit clean sixes, while small stadiums are perfect for runs. You can also evaluate how both teams perform at a particular stadium.

Know the different types of cricket betting markets

Understanding how cricket betting markets are structured is a sure way of becoming a successful bettor. There are many betting markets including match winner, outright winner, top batsman, first wicket, total match boundaries, and toss winner. 

We know that it’s easier to bet on the team that’s going to win the match. However, it is also good to experiment with other less popular betting markets. By doing this you’ll get better odds and be able to gradually improve your skills.

Don’t forget to check the odds

Before placing your bet, carefully calculate the possible payout of that particular event. You can do this by using the odds that will be provided by the bookmaker. There are three types of odds you’ll find when betting on cricket. They include decimal odds, money lines, and fractional odds.

Decimal odds are the most popular in India and they are extremely easy to calculate. However, just in case you encounter money lines and fractional odds, you can always go online and find tips to calculate cricket odds.