What Is The Easiest Bet To Win

After football cricket is the second most popular sport in the world. In India cricket is a huge part of the country’s culture. The IPL is quite famous and most Indians these days are betting online, thanks to the rise of the internet. 

For you to know what the easiest bet to win is, you must first under the various type of cricket betting which we all discuss here! Here are the most popular cricket bet types!

Match Betting

This is one of the best know cricket bets of all time, it is very simple and concise. Match betting has three options that you can choose from.

  • That the home team wins the match
  • That the home team loses the match
  •  Or that match ends in a draw

This type of betting is mostly suitable for newbies or betters who are not so familiar with cricket.

Tied Match

This is another very popular cricket bet, mostly due to its simplicity. In a tied match bet, you simply place a bet on whether the match will end in a draw or not. Again, if you are new to cricket betting in india, then this option is stunning for you to check out.

Innings Runs

This type of bet is a sure way to win you some money if you can correctly predict the number of runs that a team is going to score in particular innings.

Top Bowler

If you are a fan of bowlers in the IPL, say a bowler like Bumrah, then this bet is for you. Here you get to guess the name of the bowler who you think will take the most number of wickets in a match.

Top Batsman

If you are a huge fan of the top batsman, like Jos Buttler, then you should give this bet a try. This bet lets you predict the name of the batsman who is likely to get the highest number of runs in a certain match.

Completed Match

A Completed Match bet is the easiest bet to win. For newbies and even someone who doesn’t know anything about cricket. This bet is only used for one-day cricket matches. All you need to do is bet whether the match is finished on a certain day or not. Here you need to check the weather forecasts, if the weather is cloudy, then you have a good chance of a winning bet.

What Is the Best Way to Calculate Cricket Betting Odds?

Cricket-betting odds refer to the chances of the one placing the bet winning back their money. When you know the odds, then your winning chances automatically go up.

Interestingly a small change in the odds might turn the table around completely. Calculating the odds is vital because the player will know how much money they are likely to earn and also where to place a bet.

The type of betting odd you prefer to use solely depends on you. Here are the 3 types of cricket betting odds

 Decimal Odds

This is the simplest but still very confusing odd in cricket betting. The value used earlier is changed to a decimal point to reverberate with the decimal odds.

Fractional Odds

This second type is used mostly in the UK. Most people here like to bet using fractions. It might be difficult for newbies but with practice, it gets easier.

For instance, if the odds are 3/1, this means that if you bet $100, the likely return is $300

American Odds

The American odds type uses whole numbers to decide the odd. It is easy to understand and the player uses the basic idea about the game or the team. The whole number always has a + or – sign in front of it.

Here are tips to win you money on cricket betting without losing

Like any other sports betting, winning at cricket betting requires a lot of skill, practice, and a hint of luck. Cricket knowledge is a must if you ever hope to win. Here are a few online cricket betting tips to win you money every time.


While luck plays a part in winning cricket bets, you can’t rely on it alone and expect to make any real winnings. You need to educate yourself and gather as much information as possible about the game if you want to place winning wagers.

You must equip yourself with knowledge about the players, their skills, formats, and how scores are given. You also need data on the past results of both teams, this will help you know about run-rate and innings total.

Analyze Rankings, Ratings, and Performance

Cricket teams are given ratings depending on performance just like in football. The ratings are important to decide the benefits of betting on a particular team. If you want to win money in cricket betting, you need to analyze the performance, rankings, and ratings.

Check the Weather

Weather conditions play an important role in determining the outcome of a cricket game. Sometimes a game might be postponed if the weather restricts gameplay. For example, a game might be postponed due to rainy weather.

The scorching sun might also affect the playing field significantly. It affects the movement of the ball, how it spins or even how it bounces. Cloudy weather could favor the bowlers while sunny weather favors the batsmen.

Never Bet More than You Can Afford To Lose

Similar to any other type of betting, you must know when to stop, because you don’t want to blow up your savings on cricket betting. Always avoid taking huge risks especially if you’re not an experienced better.

Start small and increase your wagers gradually until you gain enough experience. Once you become a pro, you can take some necessary risks but avoid falling into debt.